The three quarterly report results have a maximum of 194%, and the blue lithium core will throw 25 billion fixed expansion.

The three quarterly report results have a maximum of 194%, and the blue lithium core will throw 25 billion fixed expansion.

Following the termination of the initial increase in September, the blue lithium-core (002245) has started a new round of non-public issuance, continuously encoding production.. In the evening of October 8, the company announced a new non-public offering plan, and it is proposed to contain not more than 35 specific objects including the real-controller chenkai, and the fundraising will not exceed 2.

5 billion yuan. It is used for the annual production of 2 billion AH high-efficiency new lithium. Ion battery industrialization project, high-efficiency new lithium-ion battery industrialization project (second phase) and supplementary liquidity.

In the 2.5 billion yuan funding proposed, the real-controller chenkai assigned the purchase amount of 70 million yuan to 2.5 billion yuan, and the shares are divided into 18 months.

. Train, in March this year, the blue-lithium core has planned to increase the incrementation, but after considering business development and capital operation plan, in September announced and withdrew the application document. At that time, the company said that they will submit materials to the SFCs as soon as possible after modifying and adjusting methods, restarting non-public issuance matters.

In January, the new fixed plan is as scheduled.. Compared to previously terminated funds, this recruitment amount is larger, from 1.

5 billion yuan to 2.5 billion yuan; fundraising project retains annual output of 2 billion AH high-efficiency new lithium-ion battery industrialization project, new project Phase II planning, and adding fundraising by 500 million yuan to supplement flow funds; the amount of real-controlled person’s subscription has changed, the previous 40 million yuan to 1.5 billion yuan adjusted to 70 million yuan to 2.

5 billion yuan. The plan has shown that the total investment of 2 billion AH high-efficiency new lithium-ion battery industrialization project is 2.35 billion yuan.

It is proposed to use the fundraising fund to invest 1 billion yuan. The construction period is 15 months. After the production, the new lithium-ion battery production is 2 billion.

AH / year, you can realize the annual operating income of 3.4 billion yuan. It realizes the net profit of about 500 million yuan.

The project investment finance is 18.16% after income tax; high-efficiency new lithium-ion battery industrialization project (Phase II) total investment The amount is 2.3 billion yuan, the amount of funds raised is 1 billion yuan, and the production of lithium-ion battery production is 2 billion AH / year, the project internal yield is 16.

15%, and the static recovery period of the project is 7.3 years..

The two major items are located in Huai’an, which is responsible for the implementation of all the company Tianpeng Lithium Technology (Huai’an) Co., Ltd..

As an important supplier of small powered lithium-ion batteries, the blue lithium core has more than 10 years of research and development and manufacturing related experience in the field of three yuan cylindrical power, important focus on electric tools, cranes, and household cleaning electrical appliances represented by vacuum cleaners. Waitages, customers cover TTI, Baid, Bosch, Dongcheng Tool, Dari Technology, Anhai, Mu Tian, ​​Bao Time and other domestic and foreign companies. Affected by “cordless, electricization and domestic alternative” double trend, the demand growth rate of the three-yuan cylindrical lithium-ion battery market is far more expensive, and the rise continuity is determined.

. In the field of electric tools, according to the technical research institute of the high-run research, the 2019 global power tool market is approximately $ 31.8 billion.

It is expected that the market is 41.7 billion US dollars in the 2025 market, the global market is huge; in the field of cranes, the largest The market is in Europe, in recent years, the market in Japan, the United States and other places is faster; in the field of vacuum cleaner, according to Euromonitor data, the vacuum cleaner in the United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, has reached 80 The above, and the hundred households in the mainland in my country are only 8 sets, and the promotion is also very considerable..

Faced with the powerful market demand for power lithium-ion batteries, the yield of the blue lithium core has been highly compressed. The company has not been said that existing production has not been able to guarantee the safety, expansion production of customers, and improve the service guarantee service capacity, has become the weight of the 2021 work..

At present, the company’s output is nearly 400 million, and the production line is full of production.. Zhangjiagang Factory has a new output of about 300 million, has entered the equipment installation stage, which is expected to gradually put into production in October, and the annual output of the company will reach 730 million.

. In addition, the first phase of Huai’an Factory is expected to be put into operation in the third quarter of 2022. The annual output of lithium-ion battery after the production will reach 1.

3 billion.. The company said that this fundraising project will be conducive to addressing the production of lithium-ion battery production, expanding the production scale of lithium-ion battery.

. Quite the scene is that the blue lithium core is synchronized in the evening of the eighth day, which is expected to exceed 497 million yuan to 517 million yuan in the first three quarters, up 182.78% -194.

15% year-on-year, of which 158 million yuan in the third quarter – 1.78 billion yuan, the year-on-year increase is 51.8% -71.

01%. The company said that the first three quarters of the lithium-ion battery service is the company’s largest source of profit, the overall is full of full-length, the performance has increased; and the LED business also turned into a profit..

In the first half of this year, the blue-lithium-core lithium-ion battery business achieved operating income of approximately 1.199 billion yuan, up 141.74% year-on-year, accounting for 40% of the overall battalion; the important carrier Tianpeng power supply of lithium-ion battery business achieved net profit of approximately 253 million yuan, accounting for Overall net profit over 70%.

In July, through my country’s listed company Association Industry Classification Expert Committee identified and approved by my country Securities Regulatory Commission, the company affiliated with the company has been changed to electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing. .

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