The state began to do new energy car batteries’

The state began to do new energy car batteries'

Recently, a news has attracted everyone’s attention, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is about Jiangsu Zhihang New Energy Co., Ltd. is the quality problem of its battery products.

. It is reported that this is the first action after the introduction of the discussion of the car battery product announcement, and the first action after the continuation of the Department of Story Department, “Notice on the Investigation Work of New Energy Safety Hidden”. The problem and sales are rumored by the Sino-Stroller statistics show that from January to October 2019, the overall sales of new energy vehicles were 858,000 units, up 17% year-on-year.

. Among them, the pure electric sales volume is 666,000 units, up 22.63% year-on-year, 192,000 plug-in blending, 5.

17% year-on-year. According to the official website of the Ministry of Public Security, due to the first half of 2019, my country’s new energy vehicle has reached 3.44 million, accounting for 1.

37% of the total car, compared with the same period last year, rising 72.85%..

However, with the continuous increase in the amount of insurance, the problem of new energy car safety hazards has gradually revealed. Since this year, many accidents related to new energy vehicles have taken place, especially in the summer, new energy vehicles that have spontaneous fire in the event involve multiple brands..

According to the statistics of the Market Supervision, in 2019, the energy cars have implemented 5 recalls, including four brands, involving approximately 27,600 vehicles.. Among them, because the fire recalled is this year’s June 27th, and the ES8 recalls 4,803, and it is said that the voltage sampling harness in the battery module mounted in the model is inappropriate, extreme cases Wrath can cause battery pack heat loss and fire.

In fact, the reason for the frequent fire of electric cars is multifaceted, but the battery is undoubtedly important.. Policy is strive, the battery is concerned about such questions, and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Mingao has said that the problem of frequencies of electric vehicles frequently: the current electric vehicle is the high-energy density, cutting the diaphragm thickness in the battery, give Battery safety has caused certain safety hazards, which is easy to cause thermal out of control.

. In addition, the rapid adjustment of the national subsidy policy and the power lithium battery system development cycle are not coordinated, resulting in a full verification, and there is a safety hazard..

Reality is, under policy subsidies, large number of car companies and battery companies lack sufficient verification on the safety of electric vehicles and powered lithium batteries in order to rapidly.. And the new energy of Zhurhang is about this time.

First, there is a product quality problem in the power lithium battery production of the new energy production of Zhurhang, and eventually involve security issues; the second is to require the effective rectification of Idioma New Energy based on the issue. Confused, Zhihang New Energy is not famous in the dynamic lithium battery industry, but its existence is still discovered by the relevant departments, but also the first company that was disclosed by the competent department, should say that its own existence has the problem of Universal meaning, or not be the first case. In the face of the possible results, there is no choice for the new energy of Ivro, and you must have a correct way.

. We also believe that this is just the beginning, it is not the end point..

In fact, in order to strengthen new energy vehicle safety management, the Market Supervision Administration and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have been connected this year.. As early as March 18 this year, the Market Supervision State Administration announced the “Notice on Further Strengthening New Energy Automotive Product Recall Management”, and then, in view of many brands, electric cars have fired incidents, June 17, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also announced ” Notice on carrying out the investigation of new energy safety hazards, requires companies to launch accident surveys in time to carry out safety hazards.

On October 9, the Market Supervision Administration of China has announced the “additional notice on further standardization of new energy vehicle accidents”, requiring new energy vehicles to smoke, fire accidents, should be within 12 hours after the accident, Report the basic information of the accident to the General Administration of Market Supervision. In the future, relevant policies and regulations will continue to improve. And the relevant departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will talk about new energy car companies, power lithium battery companies or will become a work.

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