The second batch of recommended directory new energy vehicles and batteries

The second batch of recommended directory new energy vehicles and batteries

On March 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the second batch of “new energy vehicles promotion applications recommended in 2017”.. The directory is a total of 201 new energy models, including 36 new energy passengers, 128 new energy passengers, 37 new energy special vehicles.

According to reporter statistics, there are a total of 40 new energy models in this total of 40 companies.. Among them, 36 new energy passengers accounted for 18%; 128 new energy passengers, accounting for 64%; new energy special vehicles 37, accounting for 18%.

There were 12 battery companies to enter the second batch of recommended directorys. There are 12 companies in which 69 models have selected CATL’s batteries, accounting for far more than other battery companies; 24 models are equipped with Chinese CITI-Taxi’s UNITA. Micro-macro power and Beijing Guoba are three, 9 models, which are selected to produce them.

. It is worth noting that compared with the battery system energy density of the first batch of models, the battery system of the power lithium battery equipped with the recommended model is significantly improved..

Among them, the energy density of the battery system of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is much higher than that of the ternary battery, and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery above 120Wh / kg is as much as 44, and only 4 of 120Wh / kg is only 4.. In a new energy passenger car, there are 29 energy densities in the battery system in 90WH / kg-120Wh / kg, accounting for 80.

5%; 4 of 120Wh / kg or more, can enjoy 1.2 times new energy subsidy, all Three-yuan battery, accounting for 12%. And at the same time, in the new energy passenger bus, there are 5 energy densities in the battery system in 85Wh / kg-95Wh / kg; 22 of 95WH / kg-115Wh / kg; there are 54 models of 115Wh / kg or more, You can enjoy 1.

2 times new energy subsidy, 4444 models above 120Wh / kg, all of which are lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. It has to be mentioned that in the power lithium battery of the 201 new energy car car, the lithium iron battery is more than 49% of the 100-yuan battery first..

From the 128 new energy passengers, the 128 new energy passenger cars has 87, accounting for 68% of the total number of passengers; 41 plug-in hybrid passenger cars, accounting for 32%; this batch is no fuel power. Battle bus. This also proves that pure electricity is still important for new energy passenger cars.

. 128 new energy passenger cars from 20 companies, Yutong once again ranked first, there are 41 models on the list; Xiamen Jinlong position is second, there are 20 models; after the Ankai car, there are 10 models; new entrant South Times and Yadang bus are listed in parallel, 9 models. However, after the “three yuan solution ban” announced, the new energy passenger car field has appeared in the three-yuan battery, in 128 new energy passenger cars, three models are equipped with a three-yuan battery.

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