The second batch of new energy recommended catalog 5 fast charge passenger cars are using CATL lithium iron phosphate

The second batch of new energy recommended catalog 5 fast charge passenger cars are using CATL lithium iron phosphate

On March 1, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the second batch of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommendation Types”, including 40 companies, including 40 new energy passengers 36 128 new energy passengers, 37 new energy special vehicles. And in the field of pure electric passengers, fast charge and non-fast charge two charging modes have been. In the second batch of recommended catalogs, what kind of competition is present in the fast charge and non-fast-fused pure electric passengers? 128 new energy passengers, there are 5 fast-filling pure electric passengers, respectively: Yutong Bus 2, Xiamen Jinlong 3.

This 5 quick-filling pure electric passenger car is fully charged for CATL (CATL) phosphate ion battery! So how is the 5 pure electric passengers of CATL phosphate fast charged battery, how is the subsidy? What is the case of the central financial adjustment subsidy, it is known that the fast-charged pure electric passenger car is divided according to the fast-compliant rate, of which the fast compartment is 1.4 times the subsidy, the fast charge is between 5 and 15c. According to 1 times subsidy, the fast charge between 3 to 5c subsidy is divided.

. Compared to 5 pure electric passengers can be found, 5 pure electric passengers’ fast charge between 5 to 15C, that is, 5 fast-fashioned pure electric passengers in the second batch of pure electric passengers can follow 1x Central Financial Subsidy. In fact, the fast-charged technology route flowers, the genres have, there are lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, multiple compound lithium, lithium manganganate battles.

From the second batch of catalogs, although the Catlenarspeedy super fast charge technology is later, it will eventually be approved by the market.. Wang Shengwei, head of the CATL fast charge team, as a complete fast charge solution, fast charging technology, in addition to the charging rate, it has to consider other four indicators, respectively, the energy density, life, safety, price, otherwise talk about charging rate separately it’s meaningless.

And these five indicators are in a relatively stable picture. How to not sacrifice energy density, does not affect the life of the cycle, safe and securely enhance charging speed is the ultimate pursuit of CATL fast charge team. In the positive, Catlenarspeedy super fast charge technology uses a better lithium iron phosphate, which is in line with the safety needs of new energy passenger passenger cars that are more inheritance.

. CATL makes the positive electrode conductivity stronger by creating “super electronic network” technology. In the negative electrode, CATL uses “fast ion ring” technology, and built a circle of highways on the surface of the graphite, greatly accelerating the embedding of lithium ions in graphite layers.

. In order to solve the overheating problem of fast charge and high temperature at low temperatures, CATL also developed a thermal management system and truly “climate” fast charge.

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