The road to “lithium-electric capital” transformation: Company, talent accelerate into Ningde

The road to

This is an iconic sample due to the industry.. Ningde, located in the eastern part of Fujian, although the sea, but “eight mountains, one water,”, “mainly, hilly terrain.

Although there are three capitals, sand, Sand, Sansha and other natural deep water, but the economic development is slow. Once, here is one of 18 continental poverty in the country. GDP is located in Fujian, the second, “old, less, side, island, and poverty” is the impression of Ningde.

. In 2007, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

(ATL) enters Ningde. In the following more than 10 years, not only Ningde Times, SAIC, Greenmeal, Shanfu Co., Ltd.

also has in the Ningde investment, and more lithium-eM new energy companies are influence, so that this Minadong Xiaocheng has become a global world. Lithium electric energy. In 2020, Ningde lithium-ion batteries were produced by 100GWH, and market share has been ranked first in the world.

. From the barren land to the lithium-industrial industry, what is Ningde? What shortlines still exist in Ningde, how to make up in the future? Recently, the Securities Times reporters walked into Ningde, interviewed the Ningde Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Ningde Times, Ningdex Tungs, and the responsible persons of Tesco, explored the roots and future development of Ningde lithium-eM new energy industry..

The ground of the beach became the “lithium capital” car passed from the plain tunnel, the reporter came to the other side of the mountain from Ningde’s old city, as if entered a new Ningde City.. Ningde Times New Energy Base, New Energy Technology, Ningdezhi High-tech Materials, Ningde Tsi Tung Tung New Energy and other companies, a lithium-electric new energy plant, along both sides of the industrial road, a large number of trucks frequently and from all millions.

The newly built factory is working in the heavens and earth processing. Time is dial in 2007. At that time, Ningde City threw the olive branch to the new energy technology.

. In 2008, in order to cooperate with a significant increase in production, ATL gradually gradually developed production and research and development base to Ningde from Dongguan, Guangdong..

In 2011, Zeng Qun lead the team secondary entrepreneurship to establish Ningde era, rapid rise and occupy an important share of the dynamic lithium-ion battery market.. It can be said that Ningde’s lithium-e-electric energy industry started from ATL, and Xingde Times.

Dynamic lithium-ion batteries and consumer battery sector double-leading development model, also become an important starter of Ningde seizes the global lithium-ion battery market. The company’s feelings are most direct and profound. Zheng Ting, assistant, general manager of Shanghai Si Gusi Automation Engineering Co.

, Ltd.. In 2016 ~ 2019, the factory is still in Shanghai, and we rented two sets of civilian, general manager, engineer, worker, etc.

in the four rooms, all people in the Ningde Times, every day, to nearby hardware plants, sheet metal Factory staring at the factory, now our office area has reached 80 acres, and the company has gradually stepped up on the right track of the strong support of the Ningde Municipal Government.. Xie Jinsheng, deputy general manager of Ningde Tung Tungs New Energy Materials Co.

, Ltd., introduced to reporters. “In 2017, we just arrived in Ningde.

The conditions were very difficult. The factory is a wasteland, there is no hardened cement road, and the car comes in the mud. Not coming.

“As the surrounding facilities have been built, the company has played its own high efficiency. Under the support of the Ningde Municipal Government, the company’s market expansion has come out of Ningde..

Today, for the Ningde Times to Ningde, Si Guiqi has won the number of CTP batteries of Ningde Times with core advantages, and complete delivery, further consolidation of its leading position in the field of modules / Pack equipment. “We have developed around the head customers such as Ningde Times, can cooperate with its use of new processes, develop new technologies, develop new markets, and temper our process is also exercise our ‘muscles’. “Zheng Ting said.

With data comparison, it can be more intuitive to see the speed of Ningde’s development.. In 2010, Ningde GDP is still in the latter of Fujian.

The industrial output value is only 91.3 billion yuan, mainly based on traditional industries such as motor electrical appliances, food processing. The largest output value of motor electrical appliances is only 14.

3 billion yuan, stainless steel new materials, Industry such as lithium-electric energy and other industries is only 360 million yuan in the year.. In 2020 after 10 years, Ningde regulated the industrial output value of 346.

6 billion yuan, of which four major industrial output value of lithium-electric energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new materials, copper materials, etc. are 219.2 billion yuan.

. Among them, the lithium-electric new energy industry achieved a production value of 73.4 billion yuan, up 17.

8% year-on-year, and the production of lithium-ion batteries breakdown through 100GWH, market share continued for four years in the world. The relevant person in charge of Ningde Times said to the reporter, the company has established Fujian Ningde, Jiangsu Yanyang, Qinghai Xining, Sichuan Yibin, Guangdong Zhaoqing, Shanghai Lingang, Fujian Xiamen, Jiangxi Yichun, Guiyang, Guiyang, Germany, Ten Battery Production Manufacturing base, while in Germany, Paris, France, Japan, Yokohama, US Detroit, etc..

my country has the largest new energy auto market in the world, or the world’s largest powerful lithium-ion battery producer. At present, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery production is leading the world, and head companies are in the world’s first group in product development, technology, quality, marketing capacity..

In the top ten companies in the 2020 global dynamic lithium-ion battery, my country has taken six seats.. Since 2017, the use of the power lithium-ion battery in Ningde Times has last four years.

. my country has launched a global mineral resources to ensure long-term stable supply of raw materials; at the same time, my country has the world’s most complete new energy vehicle full industry chain. The reporter learned that as of the end of October this year, Ningde lithium-e-electric energy industry completed the output value of 110 billion yuan, marking the second hundred billions of industrial clusters of Ningde after the lithium-eM new energy industry became the industrial industry of stainless steel.

. “The city’s lithium-e-energy industry industry is in Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

and Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the leader, accumulated more than 80 industrial chain projects such as Zhuo High, Shanxi, Xiaxia, Qingmei and Bangpu Covering key materials such as positive, negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte and battery components, mechanical equipment, packaging materials, etc.

have been built into production and total production of total production capacity, Ningde has become the world’s largest polymer lithium-ion battery. Production base. “Chen Yu, deputy director of Ningde Industry and Information Bureau.

Liu Yu, an Executive Director, an Executive Director of the New Energy Strategy Research Center, a New Event of Yinhu, my country (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute, is believed that in countries committed to achieving carbon neutralization goals, European energy crisis Under the big context, energy issues have serious people’s livelihoods, and the automobile is a minimum of industrial chain, coverage and industrial ecological pumbers. Because there are Ningde Times, and SAIC and other car companies to Ningde investment plant, and drive a lot of automotive components. The company has stationed in the surrounding, the leader has driven the rapid development of Ningde local economy.

. The person in charge of Ningde Times believes that the current carbon has become a global consensus, promoting energy cleaning in energy production, is a key to achieving double carbon objectivity in energy consumption..

The battery is the infrastructure of energy cleaning, traffic electricization, is a cow nose that realizes carbon.. A lead company drives a industrial cluster to visit, and the reporter deeply feels that Ningde’s urban development has been integrated with the industry.

. At present, Ningde tries to attract the cultivation of manufacturing leading companies, attracting the casting chain cluster, chain, and expands the scale of the investment, the investment efficiency, the investment structure upgrade, the investment structure upgrade, the promotion of the investment structure. Liu Yu believes that Ningde should further promote the “industrial entry, industrial agglomeration and industrial cluster”, and it is difficult to continue to continue to develop against leading development.

. A branch is not spring, Baihuaqi release spring. Ningde Times has created a good situation, cultivated a batch of upstream companies, but the proportion of local GDP is not particularly high, only lithium-ion batteries, new energy vehicles and other large-scale and medium-sized companies have grown, Ningde’s impact Li will be stronger.

Chen Wei introduced to the reporter: “We have a work specialization for the three major leading industries of lithium-e-electric energy, stainless steel, new energy vehicles, a development plan, a set of investment policies, a group of key tracking projects’ working mechanism , To build a strong support for the city of the world’s famous industries. “It is understood that all departments at all levels of Ningde City Industry and Information Bureau, the Development and Reform Commission, etc. Will, timely coordinate the relevant issues related to the development of industrial investment and project development services, go to the project site to investigate or convene 107 coordinates, convene 9 special conferences, coordinate nearly 400 points of key difficulties.

Through the “one hand” investment, with the business investment, industrial chain investment, “lead” investment, small trough investment, etc. And by strengthening political and enterprises, strengthening the city and counting joints, strengthening the joints of the city, ensuring timely, accurate supply of project landing services. “We will revolve around the development expert-level industry, realize the goal of ‘trillion industrial’, and fully promote the output of lithium-e-electric energy industry reached 350GWH, and the new energy automotive industry reaches 600,000 passenger cars production scale, and build new energy new materials industry experts.

Level landmark. “Chen Wei said. Liu Yu believes that in addition to the growth company, in addition to its own technical research and market expansion, if you can support the government, the company will accelerate growth.

. Lithium-eM new energy industry is a high-tech industry involving the broad and powerful. Ningde Times’s own strength is very strong, driving upstream companies to come to Ningde.

The reporter learned that from the “Twelfth Five-Year” to “13th Five-Year Plan” period, Ningde has gradually cultivated the new energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new energy, new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel Four major leading industries such as materials and copper materials. In 2016 ~ 2020, Ningde Times has an annual output of 14.7 billion WH new energy lithium ion motivation and energy storage battery, Ningde New Energy Hubong Digital Lean Factory Phase I Project, SAIC New Year’s Operation of 2.

40,000 Passenger Chendide Yield Project, Ningde Bond New Materials Industrial Park project, a number of leading companies such as Leading Company, etc., etc., the times, the Anti-FAW Power Lithium-Ion Battery Project has started or put into production, effectively promoted the development of industrial agglomeration, attracting the landing of upstream supporting industrial projects.

. In addition, Ningde has also built a national unique, Asia’s largest electrochemical energy storage technology National Engineering Research Center, and the 21C Innovation Laboratory is one of the four innovative laboratories in Fujian Province, including material development, product development, engineering design, The research and development team in the field of test verification, manufacturing and other industries forms a “material-process-equipment-battery-module-battery pack-battery management system (BMS)-battery recovery dismantling-material circulation regeneration” full industry chain Technical layout, currently has successfully applied more than 6,000 patents, and the world’s first sodium ion battery. Chen Wei introduced to the reporter that Ningde’s lithium-e-energy industry chain project has extended to the surrounding area of ​​Guudata, Pingnan, Fu’an, Fuding, Xiapu, Shun Ning, and has initially constructed mutual support, series of mountain sea, and ladder layout.

, Forming industrial clusters with Ningde regional characteristics. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Ningde will focus on the construction of the Ningde Times Fuding Base, the era FAW and Active, Ningde Times Sanbu, the new area base, speeding up the consumer battery, power lithium-ion battery to light reservoir, etc. Expansion extension of integrated energy storage, scene application, key production equipment, etc.

, when the production of lithium-ion battery in the city will exceed 400GWH, the total output value of 40 billion yuan, build the core area of ​​the new energy new material industry, and build a lithium battery in the world. All. Talents, the company is invested in Ningde, the Ningde gathered in the Eastern Okate Development Zone, where the new energy company gathered, the reporter noted that the pavement of the street gathered from Hunan, Sichuan, Gansu and other restaurants, consumers who serve the surrounding mills.

. As the population accelerates into Ningde, the accent of the five lakes and the sea, Ningde, Ningde, has become a new immigrant city..

As a Ningde people, Zheng Ting, who returned to Ningde after returning his hometown, expressed surprised Ningde’s intelligent manufacturing development speed, “We left the hometown for 20 years later,” In the past, Ningde lacks industrial foundation, the development speed is very slow, Talents have not much job opportunities. With the rapid development of Ningde Times, more and more industrial chain leaders have entered the Ningde, Ningde has changed the earth-shaped change, and more and more talents have poured into Ningde..

“Compared with the Northern Dihanghang, Ningde’s economic volume is not big. Why have many talents are willing to come to Ningde? The relevant person in charge of Ningde Times said to the reporter that the work of the Ningde Times can participate in the forefront technology product innovation, do Out of the world’s most advanced products, serving customers, can fight with world excellent talents, jointly build world-class innovation technology companies. As of June 30, 2021, Ningde Times already had up to 7878 R & D staff, including 134 doctoral degree, 1524 master’s degree.

. The scale and strength of the overall R & D team are in the leading position in the industry..

The person in charge pointed out that talent is the foundation of innovation. The company actively dies the local talent policy, introduces a large number of technological innovative talents to the company; actively do a good job in logistics security, and retain talents through two-way training, build a family. In terms of equity incentives, 2018-21, the company awarded 10 million restrictive stocks, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, binding shareholders, companies, employees, and promoting company development.

At the same time, Ningde local governments are working hard to create a better environment, keep up with talent needs. In addition to talents, many domestic well-known lithium-eM new energy industry chain companies have also come to Ningde Jian Factory, set up office. In the Department of Lithium-Electrical Energy Industry Industry Supplier Service Center in the Dongqiao Development Zone, the reporter saw that this inconspicuous building gathered long-term precision, supersonic, Koiri technology, Yinbaoshan new car and other companies.

. The reporter learned that although the office space is not large, the company has a very high enthusiasm..

Since the trial operation of November 2020, as of September 2021, more than 100 supplier companies have accumulated more than 100 supplier companies, including 24 companies, including 8 listed companies, have supplied office venues for 24 companies including 8 listed companies.. The reporter learned that in response to issues such as the company, the use of land, the Easteo Economic and Technological Development Zone construction Human Resources Service Industrial Park, Lithium-Electrical New Energy Industry Supplier Service Center, standardized plant and other supporting facilities, to supply the company to the office service.

Among them, the Human Resources Services Industrial Park, which is operated in June, introduces 23 domestic well-known human resources companies, setting up recruitment services for four key companies such as Ningde Times, New Energy Technology, SAIC Group, Reading Group, and Using public service ribbon, medical insurance social security employment service self-service zones, live broadcast room, etc.. Industrial Park has also built 18 labor liaison stations, providing human resource services for Ningde City leading industries.

“This atmosphere in a city is a symbol of the industry is full of vitality and industrial innovation.. “Liu Yu said to the reporter.


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