The price of hydrogen is lowered, and my country will become the main battlefield of the international fuel power battery.

The price of hydrogen is lowered, and my country will become the main battlefield of the international fuel power battery.

Hydrogen retail price of Hydrogenstones is less than 10 US dollar air product companies recently announced that the company’s hydrogen retail station in California has reached a milestone of hydrogen retail prices. The current hydrogen price is low to $ 9.9 per kilogram.

. Advancement of Hydrogenstration Technology and the new number of fuel power batteries have an important factor in achieving this milestone. It is reported that there are currently 5 hydrogen meters in California to supply hydrogen from 10 US dollars per kilogram.

. These 5 Hydrot Stations are located in Si Los Angeles, Woodland, Fairfax, San Monica and Rondell..

These five stands of hydrogen from the air product company located in Wilmington and Carson’s hydrogen production equipment and transported to a hydrogenation station through pipelines.. The efficiency of hydrogen as a fuel is almost 2.

5 times that of the conventional fuel efficiency in the internal combustion engine, and the cost of reducing hydrogen will facilitate hydrogen this alternative fuel.. EDKICZEK, Global Business Director, Air Products, China.

The low hydrogen price will help achieve this challenge. Swiss scientists have discovered high-efficiency hydrogen solutions, although solar hydrogen production techniques have achieved corresponding progress, they have achieved good results under laboratory test conditions, but because the catalyst required to use this technique is high, it is difficult to achieve Large-scale commercial. Swiss Lausanne Federal Institute (EPFL) scientist recent research results, effectively solved this problem.

They have developed a device that does not rely on rare metals to do catalysts, but use low-cost nickel.. The results show that the solar hydrogen-hydrogenation conversion is 14.

2%, and the system can last for more than 100 hours in the test environment.. Really realized non-relying on rare metal hydrogen, and the hydrogen production process is high.

In addition, according to the research team, the system is over 25 years.. According to reports, through this hydrogen mode, a 12-14 square meter system has a hydrogen energy that can drive a hydrogen fuel power battery car for 10,000 kilometers.

. my country’s electric stack subsidies, attracting all milliculturies, my country has become the main battlefield of hydrogen fuel power battery electric stack. Following Baraard, Hydrogenics and Prag.

PowerCell becomes another strong competitor of many manufacturers. my country’s fuel power battery pile market is really a master gather. Swedish Gothenburg, leading Nordic Fuel Power Battery Corporation Sweden AB, in order to enter our market, develop and expand the fuel power battery pile Powercells2 in order to adapt to our users.

Due to the huge demand for fuel power battery stacks, in order to further consolidate its status of the original design 25KW Powercells2, it has increased by 40% of power, reaching 35kW.. Perwass¨¦n said: “Now we are making Powercells2 to 35kW, not the previous 25kW, which makes our fuel power battery very competitive.

“My Government’s net output 30kW fuel power battery stack subsidy policy, completely changed the power pattern of fuel power battery electric stack. May Futian 8 meters hfcb will go to the next month, Beiqi Futian’s 8-meter hydrogen-powered battery bus will be in Beijing in the form of group shuttle, so that the public experiences the feeling of green travel by fuel power battery bus..

According to the Vice President of Futian Motor Group, Futian Fuel Power Battery Bus will invest 60 vehicles in Beijing in May. In 2017, it plans to promote more than 500 vehicles nationwide..

The relevant person in charge of Futian Ouhui Bus said that the cost of a car is reduced by 10 million yuan to one-third, and the hydrogenation time is only a few minutes, the endless mileage and the traditional fuel car are very close, hydrogen fuel power battery bike products. Conditions with commercial scale promotion. More importantly, the safety of hydrogen fuel power battery cars can be guaranteed.

For example, the hydrogen storage bottle is open-placed, which does not form a closed space, and the hydrogen leaks can also evacuate in time.. It is reported that Futian Ouchao Fuel Bus Products planned 8 meters to 12 meters, 5 series products, meeting multiple demands such as bus and tourism.

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