The price of cobalt rises behind the futures Daddy Ge Wei Dong’s stock 6000 tons

The price of cobalt rises behind the futures Daddy Ge Wei Dong's stock 6000 tons

According to the Hong Kong Wanxue News Agency, the price of cobalt has been close to the past three or four months.. With the price of cobalt rising futures, Gong Guodong returned to the rivers and lakes, aiming is the new energy car battery raw material – cobalt.

The fund manager’s global goods in the past three or four months, the price of cobalt has been close to the past. Multiple brokers institutions almost agree that cobalt will further increase. “There are too many factors that support price increase, scarce, supply and demand, oligarchy, small varieties are easy to speculate, and the time of the Congo, etc.

“. Global electric car manufacturers are competing to hoard battery raw materials – cobalt. According to the survey, while the price of cobalt has skyrocketed, the global large fund company has begun to sweep the goods worldwide, which includes Palainvestment and Ge Weidong’s chaotic investment.

. It is estimated that they have a total of 6,000 tons of cobalt, accounting for about 17% of the world’s total production, and the market price is approximately $ 280 million..

The demand for large fund companies betting new energy vehicles will greatly exceed the market expectations, and the price of cobalt as a battery is also high.. According to the latest data of the consulting company CRU, the 2020 new energy vehicle three-yuan battery will reach 356 million tons of metal equivalents in 2020, rising by 10 times in 2015, the demand for cobalt will reach around 150,000 tons.

. In 2015, the global cobalt raw material supply is about 110,000 metal tons. Even if the supply end is 7%, the supply and demand gap is still huge.

. An important reason for supporting rising is that the yield flexibility of cobalt is quite limited compared to rapid rising demand..

In the past few years, the traditional suppliers of cobalt can, Eurasian resources, and free ports have different degrees of discontinuation and production.. In addition, affected by child labor and excavation conditions, 50% of the Global Cobalt supplies 50% of the Congquid, resulting in reduced supply about 10,000 tons.

Since November last year, cobalt prices have risen by 50% to $ 21 / pound, and it is possible to further rise in the future.. Cobalt prices have risen to 50 US dollars / pounds in 2007, and then fall into the abyss all the way, with a minimum of 10 US dollars / lbs in 2015.

Glencore Group CeoiVangLaseNberg said “The future demand for cobalt mines will be more and more”. Jianeng can control about 30% yield of the global cobalt market. The price of cobalt rose 1 US dollar, Jianeng can profit $ 55 million.

However, there are also traders concerned that because more than half of the cobalt mines in the world are used to manufacture new energy automotive batteries, the cobalt market is very limited, the fund company is difficult to sell cobalt ore, but the release of new production will soon lower the price. my country’s malbon-fried cobalt price is only 80,000 tons of cobalt reserves in my country, accounting for 1.1% of the global reserves, and the hedge funds for the future trend of cobalt have to buy spot.

. Despite the Cobalt Price Contract (LME Cobalt) in the London futures trading, it is very small..

The current lithium-ion battery industry is the largest application area of ​​cobalt. After the new version of the new version of the new energy car subsidy policy, in order to obtain high-end subsidies, the vehicle factory has improved the energy density of the battery, the three yuan route is rapid, causing battery providers in a short time. Increased the demand for basic small metals in terms of nickel, cobalt.

Goldman Sachs estimates that by 2025, the demand for cobalt mines in my country’s lithium-ion battery industry will turn. In addition, cobalt ore has a high resource concentration, and the top six cobalt production in the world has exceeded 60% in the world. The giants have strong pricing rights.

. And because cobalt belongs to a small metal, the market speculative speculation is easier. African Congo (Gold) is the most abundant country in the global cobalt reserves, up to 3.

4 million tons.. In contraction, my country’s cobalt reserves are only 80,000 tons, accounting for 1.

1% of the global reserves.. This domestic scarce metal is easy to be speculated.

“Cobalt this product is relatively special, and it is not sensitive to price. Regardless of how high your price has risen, it is impossible to add, of course, if you rise to a certain level, the downstream company is really unbearable, demand That is another story. “A metal researcher in the Yangtze River futures said.


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