The power lithium battery regeneration industry enters mature development

The power lithium battery regeneration industry enters mature development

Revereded, Lu Zhisheng has been difficult to forget the development stage of financial capital high enthusiasm in the 2018 movement of lithium battery circulating industry.. “Impression is very deep.

In 2018, I went to visit the new three-board listing company in a powered lithium battery regeneration industry. At that time, the company will receive 5-6 wave investment agencies. Each round has 20-30 people, which can be seen in the market atmosphere.

. He recalls. Lu Zhizi is the Director of Investment in Qingkang Fund and observed the dynamic lithium battery renewable industry for many years.

. Now, he is very clear that it is a period of less calm development..

In the second half of the year, until 2019, the entire industry quickly caused temperature due to changes in the internal and external environment.. However, it can be clarified that as the new energy car subsidy policy saves slide toward the market development stage, plus the depth adjustment of the previous round of the industry, the entire industry will enter the development stage of maturity period.

. “Next, I think the industry will experience the secondary development cycle, which will be more rational than the first development cycle..

“Lu Zhizi pointed out that there should be no further in the process of incorporation of industrial infection in 2015-2018, and the new round of development cycles have signs, and it is estimated that 2021 will be a critical node.. After the five rounds, we welcome the spring according to Lu Zhiji, the development process of the dynamic lithium battery circulation industry is not full and the cycle fit of new energy vehicles.

. So far, the industry has undergone five iterative cycles..

Before 2009, it can be counted as an industrial sprout.. In the context of no national standard, there is only a lithium battery that is engaged in ore processing or waste recycling regeneration.

. “For example, extract tungsten from alloy, extract cobalt sulfate in ore, lithium carbonate, etc..

But these companies have more facing the small market, because the upper volume is limited, the scale is small.. He said.

In the process of entering the initial stage, in addition to the standards, outside the standard, it is also affected by the new energy automobile industry policy and market driver, and the industry ginsee is rapidly increased to the future.. At the same time, the global financial crisis has led to a substantial decline in metal prices, and the market gradually enters the slow cow interval, part of the company is also eliminated in this background.

. However, some of the technical techniques of some power lithium battery circulation companies have been preliminary, and the industry has initially developed in the technology of dismantling, smelting and other links..

In 2015-2018, the industry is only the first time to enter the big development period.. In the second half of 2015, the new energy car product started, and the battery scrap was pushed quickly during this period.

. Under such opportunities, the company has established a company has been “smooth” harvested higher profits and revenue performance due to certain technical reserves. It also gave birth to more segment companies to set up more.

. External capital is active at the same time. First, industrial capital has started investment reserves in the power lithium battery cycle related production line.

In early 2018, financial capital has also begun to enter.. But in the second half of the year, until 2019, the whole market quickly dropped.

Standing in now, the cooling of the temperature is also related to this industrial heat. Lu Zhi said, at this stage, as the previous battery waste is consumed, the price of the upper reaches of the upper reaches is expensive..

In addition, the price of rare metal cobalt and lithium is obvious, the cost threshold from the raw material is flat, and the power lithium battery recovery industry is also pushed back to the cooling period.. What is the arrival of the cold winter, even the powerful lithium battery regeneration company began to adjust from the business model or development strategy.

. Of course, in the calm period, the industrial role is more abundant, and the pretreatment output begins quietly..

Technical capacity reserves will change industry status this year, the variable has appeared. “From our investment company, we found that they found that there were many companies to handle lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, which means that battery waste begins to rise rapidly; at the same time, although new energy vehicles rapidly cause rapid expansion of cobalt and lithium production, appearing Miants, but with some foreign lithium companies’s reduction in production, but let the supply and demand relationship will be balanced again, metal prices return to normal level. “Lu Zhi said, after the industrial cycle adjustment, the company and capital become relatively rationally.

At the same time, under some funds, policies, and industrial chain related factors, there is a sign of a new round of development cycles.. During this process, the power lithium battery regeneration company will undoubtedly change the past industrial status and go to the front end of the value chain.

. Lu Zhiji analysts, in the past, the price of selling to waste recycling company after retiring, but continued to transfer to battery renewable use of the company’s price is relatively high, this is often the powerful lithium battery production Limited impact. With the rise of the new energy automotive industry, the waste level is new, and the overflow effect will gradually appear.

. “At this time, the industrial chain barrier is higher, there is a more powerful voice, and you will get more value chain allocation..

“He analyzed the road, and the number of power lithium battery renewable uses the company has fewer number of waste recycling companies, the technical capacity is rich, and there will be no doubt that the industrial status will be changed, which will also change the long-term development of the entire industry.. This more promising the value of this industry.

Although the external agency is difficult to enter the list of investors in Bangpu cycles after CATL, this does not hinder its observation standard.. Lu Zhida pointed out that the Bangp circle is a company that has been established in the industrial sprouting period.

It is a certain industrial advantage in the industry in the industry’s upper reaches of the three-yuan battery in the industry.. “Of course, the core premise is still in that Bangpu itself is relatively complete in technical perfect, technical systemization, and industrial chain layout.

. “He renewed. He also believes that the current domestic dynamic lithium battery renewable industry still has a huge imagination space, compared to ferrite and ion batteries, industry companies in the three-yuan battery industry are more competitive, and will gradually usher in the development stage of the real industry.

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