The power lithium battery industry enters the ‘knobs’ stage

The power lithium battery industry enters the 'knobs' stage

The subsidy of the resurrency battery installed is facing the waist. However, the current sales of new energy passenger cars has declined, seriously threatened by battery companies; while in the field of commercial vehicles mainly based on bus, commuter, battery demand will continue to be sluggish. “A new energy car expert who is unwilling to be famous means.

The latest data released by the China Auto Partnership has confirmed the expert’s point of view. In January of this year, the new energy car production and sales completed 40,000 vehicles and 44,000 units, down 55.4% and 54.

4%, respectively, and the market decline since the subsidy did not change.. Sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and largely affected the domestic new energy auto market.

The latest data of the passenger car market information shows that in February, the new energy passenger car wholesale sales in the country is 11,000 units, down 77.7% year-on-year; the new energy passenger vehicle power lithium battery installed capacity is 523MWH, compared with the same period last year Dropped significantly. The production and sales of new energy auto markets decline, directly affecting the survival of power lithium battery companies.

Relevant experts said that the sales of new energy vehicles plummeted, and the battery companies upstream of the industrial chain have direct impact. Accordingly, the battery installed volume will face the waist..

In addition, foreign powered lithium battery companies have announced the production of domestic expansion, with a more tough gesture to meet the new energy car subsidies, will make domestic companies face more severe challenges.. Industrial chain accelerated integration industry competition pattern variables new increase in industry research institutions, 2017, there are nearly 200 batteries in China to compete in the market; in 2018, it fell to 105; Only 30 left and right left.

In recent years, whether it is in my country or overseas, the trend of the power lithium battery market to the head company is increasingly obvious. The above experts provide a group of data for the reporter: the market share of the top 20 in 2018 is 81%; in 2019, this figure is 92%; in February this year, this number rose to 99%..

As the power lithium battery industry chain is rapidly rising, the market share gathers to the head company, the second, and the three-lading team’s power lithium battery company will grow larger. The reporter learned that in the past few years, my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry has made rapidly developing and developing in government policy guidance and regulating markets..

In 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “White List of Automotive Battery Industry” by the outside world “White List”, which has won valuable development opportunities for my country’s powered lithium battery companies.. Starting from November 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced four batch companies, including CATL, BYD, Guoxuan High-tech, etc.

. Related data shows that in 2018 and 2019, there were no foreign companies in the top ten companies in China’s power lithium battery installed..

The list of this year, as TSLA is put into production in China, LG chemical supporting domestic TSLA has achieved rapid rise in the installation, and the first ten first ten times.. The industry is generally believed that with the “White List”, foreign companies accelerate admission, the domestic power lithium battery industry enters full competition, the market pattern variable is also new.

Targeting Market Increase SMEs still have a chance to survive the Opportunities, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)” (Draft for Comment). According to this plan, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in 2025 is about 25%, which means that high quality dynamic lithium batteries still have large development space..

The new energy car expert said: “In the face of the head company to lock the market share, the small and medium-sized battery company must find its own positioning, grasp the development trend of the industry and discover the appropriate product line.. In the case where the vehicle company has also started the layout of the battery industry chain, strengthen the technology research and development of key links such as battery life, safety and reliability, and reduce costs through product advantages.

. “In the face of the installed landslide, the expert said:” Small and medium-sized battery company is the urgentity to stabilize cash flow, grasp the bank’s related policy opportunities, timely and bank communication and loan policies..

In the face of the population, it is especially important to make timely information updates and forecasts. The company should grasp the demand trend and operational status of the downstream vehicle company, and the next step towards the situation, timely adjustment of its own production process and product technology route..

“How do small and medium-sized batteries enhance competitiveness? Relevant industry insiders pointed out that the competitiveness of dynamic lithium batteries should support different dimensions, such as supply chain integrity, manufacturing process, production consistency, ***, etc.. The above experts suggested that the small and medium-sized battery company can also use the market mechanism to re-layout, and turn your eyes to the micro-electric motor market mainly based on the three or four-tier cities and rural areas, which will use it as a driving force for the rising battery demand.

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