The pattern of the power lithium battery ‘three-pointed world’ will change, the European battery factory opens counterattack

The pattern of the power lithium battery 'three-pointed world' will change, the European battery factory opens counterattack

In fact, it has always been in the field of power lithium batteries. Everyone knows is nothing more than South Korea’s LG chemistry, Japan’s Panasonic Battery, my country’s CATL, which is almost all power lithium battery markets, and use “hegemony”..

However, I didn’t expect Europe’s power lithium battery company to be solemn, and the “long-lasting battle” related to the new round of power lithium battery is about to kick off.. European power lithium battery is about to enter the right track.

1 European dynamic lithium battery is welcoming the outbreak on May 19, the European Investment Bank announced that “will invest 1 billion euros for the European Battery Alliance (EBA) within 2020.. “This is the last month, the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt announced that the $ 1 billion equity financing will build the first large-scale lithium-ion battery, which will build Europe’s first large lithium-ion battery.

. In fact, it is also, has been behind the European market in Asia’s dynamic lithium batteries in the annual production layout of lithium-ion battery, is not as good as one tenth year of my country’s market, which makes the European market in the European market, although Before this, there was no market imbalance factor, but as the new crown virus spread globally, the European car enterprise supply chain was forced to break, and procurement was also difficult, “self-help” became the current European car enterprise Perfect prerequisites. The first to open self-rescue is still a public group with keenly.

. In March 2019, the Volkswagen announced that it will cooperate with the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt to establish a European Battery Alliance, ie EBU..

It is designed to provide funding for battery technology research, development and industrial application. Volkswagen’s prior to unplug the highlands of the European market power lithium battery, not only to reduce the excessive dependence of the Asian power lithium battery, but more important reason is from increasing European pure electric market. Volkswagen said in a statement that “the public new energy cars are in the crisis, because we can’t produce electric car batteries independently, battery-acting as the most important parts of electric vehicles, about 40 production costs 40 %, Both restrictions and promotion.

“The important goal of the establishment of the European Battery Alliance is to accumulate a broader battery production technology. In other words, reduce cost expenses, improve production efficiency, but rely on foreign accessories suppliers, forming a battery production chain belonging to its own perfect, one of the powerful means of efficient promotion of new energy auto markets in Europe. Obviously, this move attracted many alliance support.

I have always liked “there is a blessing”, European countries have ushered in a “hand in hand”.. Soon after EBU was officially established, the German government announced that it will invest 1 billion euros for domestic battery production, France also plans to invest 750 million euros; followed by Poland, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Sweden, Slovak, Spain, etc.

Established in the European Second Battery Industry Alliance, BMW, BASF and Valta have a participation and the project. 2 European pure tram type broke out, unlikely, the European market in the epidemic situation is not optimistic, but welcomes the small climax of pure tram type registration..

According to relevant data statistics, although the influence of the epidemic, the European market has halved, but the pure electric car market ushered in the number of registrations to surged 23%.. In the first quarter of this year, European pure electric car registration increased to 58%, reaching 130,000 vehicles, actually catching 77,000 vehicles in my country’s market.

. Among them, Germany’s pure electric vehicle sales was 26,030 units, up 63% year-on-year; 25,950 vehicles in France, up 146%; the UK is 18,256 vehicles, up 204%. Not only is the INC’s pure tram-type leading country, but in Western Europe, the total registration of pure tram type and plug-in models such as Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Greece has exceeded 200,000; Among them, the registration of pure electric vehicles rose by 56% year-on-year, an increase to 126,000, and the historical high.

Millions did not expect that European countries during the epidemic, the pure electric car market ushered in unprecedented sales. It is in such an increase in the production of batteries in their hands, it is really important..

Nowadays, when the global automobile supply chain, the components of parts is inadequate, the increase in the European pure electric market has made all major cars, such as the weight, and the strength is not possible to let the European pure electric market will fall into a dilemma.. This look at the forward-looking and kernel level of the Volkswagen is really better than other European brands.

Under the trend of global electricity, the European market must launch the localized power lithium battery so that it can be invisible to Europe. Market electric rhythm. It is also because the pure electric car has risen, and the latest provisions of the EU have developed the latest regulations are expected to reach the goal.

. In the provisions of the European Auto Market under “Strict”, from January 1, 2020, the carbon dioxide emissions emissions per kilometer will not exceed 95g / km per kilometer. All new registered cars have a low carbon dioxide emissions in 2021.

At 95g / km, if there is a non-standard portion, it will face a fine of 95 euros per gram per gram; to 2030, the standard further zooms to 75g / km per kilometer carbon emissions.. Regardless of whether the car enterprise can reach 2021 and 2030, the light is 2020, many car companies will pay high to approximately 34 billion euros (about RMB 259 billion) because it is difficult to meet the standard, of which The fines faced by 13 largest automakers in Europe will exceed 1.

45 billion euros (about RMB 111.1 billion). Therefore, under the harsh carbon emissions regulations, European countries can only sell forces to develop pure tram types.

. And the people of European people on pure tram type also let the car enterprises sees the dawn. The increment of pure tram type has also brought huge demand to the battery market.

. The European Commission said, “By 2030, the European market needs to reach 400GWH, equivalent to 15 times the current demand level; to 2025, the market value of the EU battery cell market may be as high as 250 billion euros (about RMB 1.9 trillion yuan).

“In such a huge interest, the European car companies have become more and more ambient and motivation for the establishment of their localized battery factories.. However, in the dynamic lithium battery industry, the current power lithium battery market is still in the Sino-Japanese and Korean countries in Asia, they have already extended their own “hand” to this European continent.

. 3 Power Lithium Battery “Competition” A few days ago, LG chemical power lithium battery installed in China has exceeded my country CATL, Japan Panasonic, the top of the list. LG chemistry can undertake the global power lithium battery installed capacity first, not only because the enemy CATL is affected by domestic epidemic, the sales volume of new energy models decreases, but the amount of installation is reduced, and more is from LG chemical well-ordered overseas layout.

. The current LG chemistry has been in the United States Michigan, South Korea, Poland, Poland, Wroclaw and my country’s Nanjing, but also have TSLA in the list of car companies, and the public, Audi, Jaguar and other European customers. And CATL is too much dependent on domestic independent brands.

The relatively limited CATL will lose the lead in the premise of the epidemic.. In fact, in July 2018, the coordinates of the Prime Minister of Berlin, Catlcatl and the German Thingen Government signed an investment agreement.

. According to the contents of the agreement, Catlcatl will invest 240 million euros, set up battery production base and intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center in the Federal Germany, Elfurt, Germany..

“The first step in Europe, we chose Germany. We hope to bring the world’s most leading power lithium battery technology to Germany..

Through the formation of localized power lithium batteries in Europe, we can further close European customers, supply a more timely and effective product solution, and better respond to customer needs and more quickly.. “Chairman of Catlcatl Zeng Qun”.

According to the plan, the CATL Thuringian Battery Production Base will be divided into two joint construction. It is important to investigate and produce the R & D and production of lithium-ion batteries. It is planned to be put into production in 2021.

After 2022, 14GWH production will be formed, and the production will reach 70GWH in 2029.. In this way, not only LG chemistry, CATL will continue to speed up the plan in Europe.

Factory has also worked in October last year.. In addition, honeycomb energy, chemical giant BASF, etc.

also planned or expanded. Soon, European dynamic lithium battery manufacturing lineup will be huge. It can be said that the emergency such as the epidemic is struggling to make everyone’s transformation.

. However, the trend of global electricity is no reversible, from the decision-making layer to the company, and then to consumers, the entire chain is “sprint” toward the electricity direction, and the supply of core technology is even more such. According to the relevant expected, by 2023, the European battery manufacturing capabilities will reach 198GWH annually, if this number is true, it will exceed 130GWH per year.

. However, by 2023, my country’s annual production capacity will reach 800GWH, which will account for two-thirds of global production, my country will continue to maintain the leading position of battery production..

But in any case, the potential of European new energy auto market is no longer questionable.. The big data of the demand can explain everything.

After the European power lithium battery market is slowly mature, more benign competition will appear.

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