The ‘pain point of the charging pile is to truss new energy car travel

The 'pain point of the charging pile is to truss new energy car travel

In 2016, my country’s new energy vehicle production was 517,000 units, sales of 507,000 units, up 51.7% and 53.0% respectively from the same period of the previous year.

. Among them, the pure electric vehicle production and sales completed 417,000, 409,000, up to 63.9% and 65.

1% over the same period of the previous year, and the production and sales of new energy vehicles in Shaanxi Province reached 48,600, accounting for nearly one tenth of the country.. In fact, with the rapid development of the electric motor industry, there is a very important significance to adjust the industrial chain structure and mitigate environmental protection, achieving health and sustainable social and healthy development.

. However, the lack of charging pile has become a realistic issue in rapid development in electric motor industry in my country..

As new energy auto production continues to rise, its infrastructure construction speed, but it seems that it is not from the heart.. It also makes the charging pile may become a key factor in the system of restrictive system in the electric vehicle industry.

. The reporter found that more than a year, although the number continues to increase, “there is no brillion” “There is no electricity”, “there is no electricity” and other problems still highlight, these are both “stumbling foot”, which is convenient to travel, too New direction of cracked the development of bottlenecks in the industry. If you can’t find a pile, you can’t charge the “pain” of the car owner.

“Now the charging pile is indeed more than before, and most of the mobile phone APP can see.. But still ‘多粥’.

“Mr. Zhang, who is in Xi’an, said,” Love and hate “, although it costs two-thirds per month, but the money is not labor-saving, and it is still more troublesome..

“BYD Qin, I bought in 2015, is an oil-electric dual-use hybrid vehicle. At the time, on the one hand, because the government’s policy is powerful, on the other hand, it is indeed cost-effective, very moving..

“BYD electric car purchaser Liu Yan told reporters,” But I bought it after I found it, I still use oil, it is too inconvenient to charge, parking in the garage, I have to take the line, I can’t find the charging facility at any time. “. “After a few years, my country’s new energy vehicle has exceeded 1 million, accounting for more than 50% of the global market.

. At the same time, the development of the charging pile industry has developed rapidly. In 2016, 100,000 public charging piles were added.

It is 5.5 times in 2015, and it has built 150,000 public charging piles..

However, relevant to huge electric vehicles, the charging pile is not completely followed by quantity or operating levels. The reporter found that there is a hidden in the public charging pile, some installed positions, but found that the parking space is occupied; some charging sockets are not compatible, charge half of the crane; some seem to be aligned and bright, actually no Extraction, or always in maintenance; still in the parking lot, either you can’t enter, or you have an additional parking fee. From a private charging pile, although consumers buy electric vehicles, they will generally receive charging piles for free, but the community often uses “electric safety” “insufficient conditions”, etc.

. “There are re-purchase and light operation in some areas..

The charging facility can’t keep up, some degree has become the bottleneck of new energy automotive industries.. “The person in charge of BYD new energy vehicle promotion said.

Where is the electric vehicle charging “difficult”? Electric automobile charging puzzle involves aspects, some experts pointed out that including unreasonable planning, high building and distribution network renovation cost, investment operation is extensive, etc.. And private piles “do not make equipment” and public pile “unreliable”, the root cause or charging pile is still lacking clear operation mode.

The person in charge of a property company in High-tech Zone said, in the community to build charging piles, the property is neither profit and also bear a certain risk. Some community distribution facilities are old, the transformation money Who is? Even if there is a modified money, the quality of the pile is not good, who will ensure that there is no fire hazard? In recent years, the number of charging pile companies in my country has been rapid, but the level Unevenness. According to the national energy bureau, the average utilization of public charging piles is less than 15%, and the company’s profitability is generally low.

. “Light of electricity bill plus a small amount of service charge, the investment cost is definitely. “Xi’an Wei Xin’s new energy charging pile person in charge told reporters.

It is understood that because the industry is in the initial stage, the threshold is low, and some companies are rebuilt, light operation, and lack reasonable arrangements on charging services.. Individual places have even appear “Runar” and “blind pavement”, which also caused the car incong, fault, cold and cold.

Some industry insiders pointed out that as an emerging industry, on the one hand, it is necessary to accelerate various norms and standards at the on-one, on the other hand, the industry should encourage industry exploration of commercial models, give full play to the leverage of financial support funds.. Sticking to reality is only for the future.

“From 2015, we have almost no day to make money.. “Xi’an Calaway Marketing Director Du Bing Cheng said.

It is understood that Since its establishment, Specialized Electric Company has built more than 700 sets of scattered charging piles in Shaanxi, distributed in Xi’an, Weinan, Tongchuan and other places.. According to him, the scattered charging piles built now are zero-crushed, because in addition to the bus charging station, the development of other markets is very difficult.

“We are now the most difficult to attack is the major cells.. Du Bing Cheng.

It turns out that most of the existing communities have fixed cable networks, and to establish a charging pile to introduce new cables, the community property cannot be profitable, nature is unwilling to cooperate with charging pile companies.. In this way, the largest market has greatly limited the expansion and development of charging pile companies.

. “We have already said that some subsidies are set up for the community to build a charging pile, and there is still no reception..

“Du Bing Cheng said that this status quo has helpless. Nowadays, the use rate of public piles is low, and the company is difficult to profit, relying on the government’s subsidy..

But do not build public piles, consumers are not willing to buy new energy vehicles. This seems to fall into the “first with chicken or the first egg”. Although the company is not in a small number of companies, the company is not in a small number of companies, but some charging pile companies in Xi’an are still in the state of “knocking the chicken blood”.

. Each charging pile company is not only actively built in the industrial park, but also establishes partnerships in the industrial park, party and government organs, and tourist attractions, and enthusiastically cutting a cooperation method, and strives to change the predicament of reality..

Obviously, today’s governments and many companies are clear, that is, in the face of the charging pile market, the only way out is the future, the future. “Our goal is to build a benign, healthy market, loss at all, the most important thing is to seize the market. Du Bing Cheng.

“We hope that one day can build ‘5 kilometers charging circle’, and effectively build a travel environment that follows.. “Convenience to travel” to build a pile “, behind a simple pile, not only” built “, but also related to planning, operation, security.

“The key to the next step is to choose the direction, expand effective investment, and put the residential community and the unit parking lot charging pile as a key development direction, while continuing to optimize the public charging pile layout.. “Zheng Gangjie, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, said.

In the past year, in the past, the notice of the residential area and the internal electric vehicle charging pile construction has been successfully issued, and it is clearly supported by electrification and transformation of the parking space in residential area, and urges government agencies, public institutions and enterprises and institutions to accelerate the construction.. It is foreseeable that in 2017, it will be a crucial year of this industry.

It is expected to add 800,000 charging piles, including 100,000 public piles; 602 communities in 18 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai are carrying out “one table a car” Electrical transformation, completed in the first half of the year; the interconnection of charging facilities and payment will also speed up the pace. “Interconnection, the real-time data of shared charging piles, is compatible with multiple payment methods, is an important way to build intelligent efficient charging infrastructure service networks..

“Guo Jianguo, general manager of National Network Electric Automobile Service Company, said. As the largest coverage of my country, the number of converted power service platforms, the company and the different piles of payment are expected to be realized this year..

In fact, the new technology of the charging industry, the new state is endless, especially in advance, such as increased the research and development and demonstration promotion of power charging technology, wireless charging technology, safety and fast intelligent charging payment technology, etc., which is more convenient for the future. Take the foundation.

At the same time, the industry also emphasizes that it is necessary to pay special attention to the improvement of industry safety, and the charging pile is directly related to the safety and property safety of the people. This is a bottom line that must be ensured.

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