The more life, the better it, is it true?

The more life, the better it, is it true?

You often consider the most endless miles.. Can it be difficult enough to end your mileage enough, is anxiety can’t catch you? At present, the vast majority of electric vehicles at home and abroad have broken through 300 kilometers, 400 kilometers, and the leader even has reached 600 kilometers of endurance, from the number of single-room life, it is true that ordinary fuel truck is really How much.

So, is there anything else to persist in the endless number? First of all, it is the long-term water problem of electric vehicles.. The faster the speed, the faster the air resistance will also consume more electrical energy.

When the vehicle speed exceeds 80 kilometers, the air resistance is almost more than 60% of the total car resistance, which is equivalent to a double resistance, and the energy consumption will further New, life will also shrink sharply. At the same time, the temperature also affects battery life, and when the temperature is low in winter, the lithium ion activity of the battery will greatly reduce the power, so that the endurance changes, and the lower the temperature, the larger the battery low temperature decline..

In this way, pure electric cars can achieve 600 kilometers tend to be extremely limited to the current market, and it is 400 kilometers.. And if there is a new increase in the car, every one may continue to reduce dozens of kilometers.

. So this long-distance travel, obviously can’t be completely reliable. However, with the increasing progress of battery technology, the emergence of more advanced motors and electrical control systems, the comprehensive life-saving capacity of electric vehicles in the next few years is bound to 800 kilometers, and even more is not difficult, and more efficient motor output, Can reduce discount amplitude to a certain extent.

At that time, even if I was driving, the winter was cold, I was full of travel, and I can guarantee that the battery’s mileage concerns got a large extent to which the consumer’s mileage concerns got a large extent.. After all, most of the owners only have a lot of get off work every day, rarely drive more than 400 kilometers, and the average mileage of more than 100 kilometers is very small.

. Then when the battery is not affected by the primary objective factors, can it completely solve the endurance anxiety? In fact, in accordance with the battery technology route at this stage, everyone does not need to expect endurance without restrictions..

This is because the energy density of the battery is far less than gasoline, so if the battery capacity is added, the battery will take up a larger space, and the weight of the body will also increase significantly.. When the weight of the battery reaches a certain extent, the output of the output electric energy is used to counteract the negative impact of battery components, which is obviously not worthwhile.

. In addition, even if the battery technology at this stage is broken, the battery life is more than 1,000 kilometers, or even 2000 kilometers, then it must be equipped with a large-capacity battery, so charging time will also increase. After all, the speed of supplementation is actually constant, and the travel efficiency is also reduced, and the larger the capacity, the charging time is bound to be longer.

. At present, the current market is absolutely most electric cars, and the slow charge of home charging pile is generally 8 to 10 hours, almost always occupies the time of the night..

Although the fast charge is just 1 to 2 hours, the current residential area is difficult to achieve a wide range of fast charge, and the battery in the stage is simply could not afford a day-day fast charge mode, otherwise the performance will be rapid reduce. And if you want to achieve so-called 1000 kilometers, even 2000 kilometers of battery life, how much time is such a big battery full? In slow charging mode, it may be not enough for a whole day..

However, if we use electric cars just for daily commuting, a night 8 hours slow charging can be allowed to run for at least 5 days, then why do you want more battery and longer charging time? Therefore, it is a lot of actual significance to pursue a large-capacity battery.. That is, the life-fire mileage level of the electric vehicle is indeed adding to a certain extent, but it is not a new, and there is no new increase.

. When the technology of batteries, motors, electrical control systems reach a certain height, it can ensure that a car can reach 400 kilometers in the winter full of air conditioning, it is complete enough..

In addition, the problem of endurance anxiety is not only about the distance between the electric car itself, and the real anxiety of electric car owners is still in the present, and it is too unbearable.. At present, the long-selling distance of the traditional fuel car in the traditional fuel car is about 400 kilometers to 500 kilometers, but the fuel truck is not considered, because everyone can find the gas station nearby, and less than 5 minutes.

Can fill a box of oil. However, the current charging pile is completely fault to follow the progress of electric vehicles, and the failure rate is high, even if the charging time in fast charge mode is often more than 90 minutes, so that the travel efficiency is greatly reduced. This is the root cause of everyone’s anxiety.

. Therefore, if you want to solve mileage anxiety, the most critical thing is more important than just to improve the room to reasonably, the number of new charging piles and battery storage technology, and improve charging efficiency is more important..

And about electric vehicles, if it is just blindly stacked battery capacity, it is not only not conducive to battery flight, but it will be more anxious because further elongation time is more anxious.. Often everyone will fall into some kind of inherent thinking when encountering specific problems.

. We must first figure out the ultimate place of the new renewal navigation miles to eliminate mileage anxiety, or completely solve the problem of using the electric car owner..

With the advancement of the three-speed technology, the current battery capacity is no longer the largest bottleneck in the electric car field.. In fact, the effective construction of the charging facility is actually the primary way to improve mileage anxiety at this stage.

After all, “the smart woman is difficult for the rice”. .

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