The money has been in the position, why is the power lithium battery construction project?

The money has been in the position, why is the power lithium battery construction project?

Although the fundraising funds have been in September 2017 a year, in view of the large changes in the macroeconomic situation and the competition pattern of the dynamic lithium battery market, there is excessive output in the industry, and the Board of Directors (600152) will agree to the company termination. Annual production of 2GWH lithium ion power lithium battery construction project. On May 27th, Wikko Technology announced that the “proposal to change the funds and permanent funds for changes” and consent to the company to terminate the year-on-year 2GWH lithium-ion power lithium battery construction project, and will raise Fund 14,96.

149 million yuan and its bank financial management income and interest permanent complement flow funds. Sikko technology said that the reason for the change of the fundraising is changed, and after the importance of funds raised, the macroeconomic situation and the powerful lithium battery market competition pattern have changed, and there is excess production in the dynamic lithium battery market..

In order to further improve the efficiency of raising funds, safeguard the interests of the company, reduce the company’s financial cost. After raising funds permanently replenished flow funds, the balance of mobile capital will be further expanded to enhance liquidity..

The prior to Sibi Technology was approved by the non-public issued shares, the funds were not more than 800 million yuan, and the total amount of fundraising has been raised by 514 million yuan, with a net amount of 500 million yuan, and all in place on August 29, 2017.. According to this adjustment, the company’s fundraising projects intended to investigate the funds for the specific conditions: continued.

The industry is expected that the leading company will continue to increase the market and the advantages of technology, brand and scale will continue to improve the market share, and the concentration of industry concentration is expected to improve the market.. In 2018, the competition pattern has changed a large change over the previous year, and the industry concentration has increased rapidly, CR10, CR5, CR2 accounts for 85%, 76% and 63% respectively, respectively, with 13%, 16% and 19% from 2017, respectively.

Among them, CATL is in a definitely leader. In 2018, CATL has 23.5GWh, accounting for 42%, BYD accounts for 21% from 11.

4GWH, ranking second, and two totals, 63%, both market share Amplitude improvement. At the same time, the prices of dynamic lithium battery products continue to decline in recent years, so that the powerful lithium battery gross profit will continue, and the price of future power lithium battery prices is expected to further down from the short-term short-term short-term short-term production. , Relevant company’s profitability will also accept the test.

The powerful lithium battery industry is fierce, and the risk is increased.. Wikko technology combines itself, selecting the termination of related power lithium battery construction projects or not losing.

On the same day, Wikko technology also announced that in order to focus on the main business, the company’s asset liquidity is added, and it is proposed to hold the new three-plate company China’s investment (833880) 1.83% equity transfer, the transfer price is not less than 48 million yuan. Vike Technology said that this transaction purpose is important for the company to focus on the main business, and add company assets liquidity.

. It is understood that by the 1998 A-share listed in 1998, in 2004, the lithium-electric industry was entered in the lithium-ion battery, and the road from traditional textile companies transformed from traditional textile companies..

At present, in Ningbo, Dongguan, India Dhaman, etc.. According to the annual report of Wikko Technology, the company has achieved a total operating income of 600 million in 2018, an increase of 0.

3% year-on-year; the net profit belonging to the owner of the parent company is 54.58 million, up 241.6% year-on-year.

. During the reporting period, the company’s gross profit margin was 14.2%, which reduced 3.

8 percentage points from the previous year, and the net interest rate was 3.5%, and it increased by 2.9 percentage points from the previous year.

. Among them, the textile business revenue is 261 million yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 29.08%, and the polymer lithium ion battery revenue is 870 million yuan, up 1.

77% year-on-year; aluminum-shell lithium-ion battery revenue is 256 million yuan, up 4.33% year-on-year; other battery class Revenue 324 million yuan, up 373.46% year-on-year.

In 2019, Rico technology revenue for 207 million yuan in the first quarter, down 27.05% year-on-year; attributable to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies – 2.158 million yuan, which increased over the same period of last year.

In addition, Sibi Technology expects net profit from June to June 2019 to be losses.. The company has said that the company’s energy industry new company’s pre-production cost is higher in a short time, resulting in a high production cost in a short period of time.

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