The lithium battery industry is survived, and there are many mergers and acquisitions.

The lithium battery industry is survived, and there are many mergers and acquisitions.

In 2018, the incident of lithium battery termination acquisition exceeded 10. This adverse situation continues until 2019. According to the 2018 annual results report released by many dynamic lithium battery listed companies, most companies have declined significantly due to the impact of subsidies, the rise of raw materials, and tension.

. The power lithium-ion battery industry also hides many crisis and pressure, the industry depth shuffle has been opened, the concentration will be getting higher and higher, and there will be more and more. In 2018, including China Portugoon terminates the acquisition of Salt Lake lithium assets, Jingwei shares acquired Kawi remained failure, more than 5.

2 billion yuan in Gree Group to acquire 20% shares in Changyuan Group, and lithium battery ended more than 10 incidents. This means that from 2018, the lithium-produced failed case has reached 13. A number of battery companies did not expect that a analyst of Guojin Securities said to the Beijing News reporter that with the implementation of subsidy, the risks brought about by the power lithium battery industry have also been intensified.

. Under the scarce, the market competition is intensified, the power lithium battery mergers and acquisitions have gradually become rational..

And at the same time, due to the decline in new energy car financial subsidies in 2018, plus the price of upstream raw materials rises, the power lithium battery industry chain, the downstream company’s cost pressure continues to increase. Affected by this, many batteries in 2018 are poor, even losses. In the 19th announcement of the 19th year of 2018, there are 11 lithium-ion batteries in 2018.

. Among them, the net profit of the Swalls is the highest, 1530.10% year-on-year, the Eastern Seiko, sucking technology, * St Youv, Yawei New Energy, Zhuri New Energy and other companies have dropped 2-7 times.

. CATL net profit reached 3.58 billion yuan, and became the highest profit of battery company, but it also declined slightly.

. Power lithium battery faucet company in the previous year’s performance, Rilevoy can be 3820 million yuan in 2018. In addition, Tianqi lithium industry, the performance pressure of front lithium industry is obvious.

Performance, dynamic lithium battery company accelerated differentiation is also inevitable. According to the Statistics of the OFWeek Industrial Research Institute, as of August last year, domestic power lithium battery related supporting companies have dropped from 150 in 2015 to 100. This means that in less than 3 years, 1/3 of the power lithium battery company has been out.

The above analysts pointed out that with the government’s tightening of new energy car subsidies, plus Japanese and South Korea’s power lithium battery companies frequently in the domestic layout, in the fierce competitive environment of the inside and outside, my country’s lithium industry a new round of shuffle will be more Harsh. .

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