The hydrogen fuel power cell will be in the next 3-5 years or in the outbreak period, these listed companies have arranged

The hydrogen fuel power cell will be in the next 3-5 years or in the outbreak period, these listed companies have arranged

National research formulates fuel cars to exit timetable, who will become alternatives of fuel vehicles? In addition to the current hot lithium battery, a more efficient, cleaner energy to become the “new favor” in the industry, is hydrogen energy. Recently, there have been many listed companies have layout, and the industry is expected to increase the national policy, and the technical progress will provide conditions for the speed of commercialization, 3-5 years may usher in the outbreak period..

The industry “old love” refers to new energy cars, many of many people’s first reaction is lithium ion battery car. The current market is also a pure electric vehicle with lithium electricity..

In fact, in the power of new energy vehicles, the advantages of hydrogen fuel vehicles are more obvious. It has broken through the energy density limit of the ternary battery, with the characteristics of high energy density, long range, zero emissions and non-waste battery secondary pollution, etc. The final solution known as “power lithium battery”.

For the industry concerns, hydrogen fuel power battery technology is not fresh, it is called industry “old love”. Its development is actually better than lithium-ion batteries..

Hydrogen fuel vehicles are divided into two categories. One type is a combustion vehicle. As long as it is slightly improved to existing internal combustion engines, it can directly combustion of hydrogen, with a three-fold heat value of hydrogen, and a hydrogen fuel power battery using a hydrogen fuel power battery.

Similar to the existing pure electric vehicle structure, using motor drives the car, compared to ordinary electric vehicles, the advantages of hydrogen fuels are longer, and only 3-5 minutes for longer hydrogenation.. At present, the Japanese, US, Germany is developing a hydrogen fuel vehicle industry.

California is considered one of the best development of the global hydrogen energy industry.. The US Department of Energy lists the national hydrogen fuel public filling station, including more than 90% of hydrogenation stations located in California.

However, in the stage, California has hundreds of hydrogen energy vehicles, and the construction of hydrogen station is basically satisfied with the driving fuel supplement in vehicles.. my country has initially mastered the core technology of key materials, electric piles, power systems, whole vehicle integration and hydrogen energy infrastructure, which basically established a technical platform with independent intellectual property rights, and realized hundreds of Level power system and production power of the whole vehicle.

Although the policy add code is late, it is seen from the frequent statement of the national and local governments. In recent years, the hydrogen fuel power battery industrialization is clear. In June this year, at the 19th my country Science Association Annual Conference, Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology, said that hydrogen has a wide range of sources, large-scale stable storage, sustained supply, long-distance transportation, fast supplement, etc.

, in future car energy, Hydrogen fuels and electricity will compile complementarily, support the development of new energy automotive industries, must strengthen cooperation in the new, accelerate the development of hydrogen energy fuel power battery industry. At October 20, Wan Steel inspected the company again, the hydrogen fuel industry was again, called “my country’s hydrogen fuel automotive industry must form a top-scale industry situation..

“According to” my country’s manufacturing 2025 “planning for fuel power battery automobile industry development, 1000 fuel power battery vehicles and demonstration operations in 2020. The goal of 2025 is to achieve the improvement of the supporting infrastructure of the hydrotation station. Some experts expect to promote the large-scale promotion of domestic fuel power batteries and hydrogen energy in 2030.

At that time, the annual sales of hydrogen fuel power batteries can reach more than million. , Related equipment investment size reached 50 billion yuan. At present, all localities are also actively promoting the development of fuel power batteries.

. In September 2017, Shanghai’s first hydrogen energy infrastructure investment and construction operation platform was established, and strive to build a “ring Shanghai Hydrogen Station Corridor” within 3 to 5 years..

The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shenzhen will also carry out the construction of hydrogen station construction and fuel power battery bus demonstration operations, organize relevant technical standards, based on the progress of fuel power battery automobile research and development and industrialization.. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Government also expressed the introduction of guidance on accelerating the development of new energy vehicles in the near future, guiding opinions will promote and guide the fuel power cells.

. Recently, the reporter visited the country’s first commercial hydrogen station in the South China Sea of ​​Foshan..

Safety is the most important part of this hydrogen station. According to Mr. Qiu, a Hydrogen Station, Mr.

Qiu is strictly prohibited, entering the yellow line area of ​​the hydrogenation station, and the mobile phone should be turned off or stored in the service desk to avoid danger.. Hydrogenstones have a plurality of devices that can be eliminated.

Users touch the cylinders of static electricity to eliminate the safety hazards in static electricity. According to the regulations, after the hydrogenated vehicle enters the station, the driver should not enter the operating area, and must be operated by special staff..

At present, due to the industrialization of hydrogen fuel vehicles, the use of hydrogenation stations is not high in use, and the hydrogenation station is not used.. According to people in Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Foshan vigorously seizes the development opportunity of new energy auto industry, and the hydrogenation station is one of the results of promoting fuel power battery.

. The first issue of “Promoting my country’s Fuel Power Battery Automobile Commercial Development Project” by United Nations Development Program and Guangdong Tayros Automobile Power System Co., Ltd.

, Shangqi Datong Automobile Co., Ltd. and Foshan Fushang Automobile Manufacturing Co.

, Ltd. To 20 hydrogen fuel power batteries, 20 to 30 hydrogen fuel power batteries medium passenger car, 70 to 80 hydrogen fuel power battery logistics car ginseng and demonstration operation. Among them, the hydrogen fuel power battery bus is invested in Nanhai District bus line operation, opening “Danzao-Guicheng” and “Danzao-Shishan” demonstration operation line.

It is worth mentioning that the state is currently, the subsidy of new energy electric vehicles is withdrawn with average speed of 20%, but the subsidies of the fuel power battery will not only have a slope, but also maintained a large tiltness, the subsidy policy will always Continued until 2020. At the same time, the security issues and industry standards of fuel power batteries are also changing and upgrading..

Wang Jian, chief expert in my country’s future Bus System Research Center, China. The guidance of capital “new joy” national policy has also made the market to smell the wind, and listed companies have struggled to grab the market..

Fu Rui (300228) said that the company decided to terminate the upstream system related projects related to the original planned construction, and replaced it is the industrialization project of hydrogen energy vehicle hydrogen supply system.. According to the company, it will form a large-scale production in the automotive energy equipment that is good at.

. Xiong Shao (002733) also announced in September, in the past, the strategy of lead-acid battery is absolutely sold, and the lead-acid + lithium electricity + fuel-saving method is parallel..

Xiong Shares have established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the field of fuel power cells in Nanshan, which is about to become the only company in my country has a complete system of domestic hydrogen energy fuel power battery.. In the future, Xiong Shares will build a hydrogen energy industry platform, will cultivate at least 3-5 listed companies, and successfully promote 3-5 FCEV (Fuel Power Battery Power Vehicle) Demonstration City in the country.

. Ocean motor (002249) is prelined in the way foreign advanced companies..

Ocean motor has been revealed that in 2016, he has become a global hydrogen-fuel power battery company Brader, which has become its own shareholders.. In addition, the company established a subsidiary, R & D and production of hydrogen-fuel power battery systems and hydrogen-fuel power assembly systems in Shandong Liaocheng and Zhongtong Bus, and has obtained Barad’s technical license.

. At the same time, the company intends to produce 17,000 sets of hydrogen fuel power battery production base in Hubei construction..

The hydrogen fuel power battery test line in Zhongshan has also been initially built, and it is started. Future Shanghai Electric Drives will be integrated with fuel power battery generators, and the integration of fuel power battery vehicle systems through partners. The vehicle company, SAIC, Zhongtong, Yutong, Zhongzheng, Chery, Suzhou Jinlong, etc.

. At present, the SAIC Group (600104) has become the first deployment of hydrogen fuel automobile full industry chain. Yutong Bus (600066) has earned the first fuel power battery bus qualification certification in the domestic business vehicle field as early as 2014.

. Dr. Gao Pengran, the Central Research Institute of Xionghu Group, said that the hydrogen fuel power battery industry is divided into upper, middle, downstream, where there is hydrogen, hydrogen preparation, transportation, related storage, etc.

, including fuel power cells Such as electrode materials, membrane materials, and integrated systems, etc.. Huachuang Securities believes that in the context of the fuel power battery automobile industry, the fuel power battery has a large-scale capacity of industrial production, and the future fuel power battery automobile industry will usher in the stage of rapid industrialization.

. Haitong Securities also believes that policy dividends have enabled new energy markets to find the next type, which is fuel power battery..

Different “battlefields” but in the industry, although the same “battlefield” is different for new energy vehicles, fuel power battery industries and current lithium-eM new energy vehicles. In October, at a show held in Shenzhen, the electric car vehicle production company Luzhou New Energy Electric Motor Group showed the latest developed new 8.3 meters of hydrogen energy new fuel power battery bikes.

. In addition, Jingwei Shares Co., Ltd.

-Shenzhen Wuzhou Dragon Auto Co., Ltd. also demonstrated the latest 10.

5 mhydrofuel power battery bus. “It’s all bus, the bus, this commercial vehicle, this characteristic of hydrogen fuel. Because the hydrogen reactor is on the back of the car, it is very convenient, and if the non-traffic car is hydrogenous, it is easy to unify, so that the hydrogen station is also built.

. However, the passenger car is small, the hydrogen reactor is not applicable, and hydrogen is also dispersed..

“The person in charge of the Land Bagnal Market said that the main battlefield of the hydrogen-fuel power battery will be in the field of commercial vehicle, and there will be no conflict in the field of lithium-electric passenger cars.. Haitong Securities also believes that light commercial vehicles will become the main battlefield of fuel power batteries.

. World’s famous car companies such as Toyota have announced the production plan of fuel power batteries, which will drive battery catalysts such as platinum..

In addition, the industry generally believes that the hydrogen fuel power battery is still in the early stages of commercialization, there are still many constant commercialization, and the industry should usher in comprehensive industrialization, still have to have a certain time.. Chen Jingmine, chief engineer of SAIC Group, said Cheng Wei, chief engineer of Fuel Power Battery, in an interview with reporters, fuel power batteries have started late for 15 years, starting in 2001, 863 programs and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have been promoted.

. Fuel power battery car involves the entire national scientific and technological, scientific research chain, has not really raised, and overall assessment is relatively poor, especially in basic materials and high-level components..

In addition, it is also possible to quickly realize scale commercialization within the manageable framework is also the challenge of the industry.. Gao Pengran also said that the fuel power battery industry has welcomed commercialization, but the industry has been prepared for a long time.

. And to really enter the large-scale outbreak period, it is not the time to complete one or two companies..

Instead, it is necessary to put and operate the whole society, in order to drop costs. The Huatai Securities Council believes that fuel power battery vehicles are composed of fuel power battery systems, hydrogen storage bottles, drive motors, vehicle control systems, and secondary battery systems..

Fuel power battery system accounts for about 63% of the vehicle, consisting of fuel power battery stack (catalyst, bipolar plate, proton exchange membrane), air circulation system, hydrogen / water / heat management system. my country’s fuel power battery key components (such as catalysts, carbon paper, metal bipolar plates, air compressors, 70MPa hydrogen storage bottles and hydrogen circulation devices, etc.) lack mass production mature products, industry chain supporting system is imperfect, many key zero Components and technology dependent imports, cost is difficult to control.

It is recommended to pay attention to both fuel power battery suppliers, fuel power battery system core parts suppliers, including ocean motors, SAIC Group, Jiangsu Sunshine, Snowman Shares, Hanzhao Search, etc.

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