The high-nickel era accelerates the future or will become the mainstream of the power lithium battery

The high-nickel era accelerates the future or will become the mainstream of the power lithium battery

At present, my country’s new energy automotive industry is driving from policy-driven to market. After entering the new energy industry, the industrial chain company faces funds, technology, and market unprecedented pressure..

In the main environment, as the “heart” of the new energy vehicle “heart” dynamic lithium battery, after several years of rapid development, it is currently experiencing pain, industrial height concentrated, overprically produced, and is very homogenization. The competitive situation is increasingly fiercely forcing the industry to constantly seek new breakthroughs..

The positive electrode material energy density determines the energy density of a battery, so the domestic nickel three-yuan positive material represented by domestic (523, 622, 811) is increasingly concerned.. High nickel ternary positive electrode with silicone carbon negative electrode, the power lithium battery monomer can reach 300Wh / kg, which has been a substantive breakthrough.

However, the higher the nickel content, the worse the thermal stability, and the thermal stability is directly related to the safety of the battery.. In the speech report, Peking University, in the speech report, high nickel material is basically a lithium nickel acid, lithium cobaltate, and calculates a proportion of cobalt elements.

The new chemical structure, physical properties are not much changed, high nickel The safety of the material is also coming. The structure of the layered rock, in the state of charge, its structure is unstable, the experiment shows that between 200-300 degrees, it is very easy to decompose in the state of deletion, and the decomposition is to release a lot of heat..

Therefore, during use, this battery is more likely to release a large amount of heat.. As a pure electric car battery, the ternary material must pay attention to its fever problem.

. Further, the nickel element in the three-dimensional material is alkaline. It is easy to absorbs water in the air.

The higher the nickel material is controlled within 10%, the higher the pH of the nickel material, the worse the electrochemical properties and storage performance. In high-moisture environments, the attenuation of the battery will be very fast. In addition, battery safety of high nickel materials has decreased by battery safety such as lithium iron phosphate, so it is necessary to improve the battery design level.

. High nickel thermal stability is poor but why is there a place in the competition? Zhao Jun, General Manager of the Strategic Management Center of Ningbo Rongbai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, believes that this is a certain relationship with the national main policy.. With high energy density, the other actually uses 811 or NCA materials, and the comprehensive cost is not improved, but it is lowered.

. And as the high-nickel positive energy is increased, the overall cost will decrease. Although there are some problems in the 811 high-nickel material, such as poor thermal stability, safety will decline, this is the problem that the battery core manufacturer is generally encountered.

. But now the 811 material of the official car is a car produced by the Bac, like Jianghuai Automobile, Xiaopeng Auto has officially unveiled. It is still difficult to have a technical approach to the square and soft bag, but the country has spanning this threshold.

. The directional crystallization technology developed by Mercy has improved the life of the cycle, and the routine cycle is more than 2500 weeks..

At the same time, it has improved in doping and coating.. At the same time, high-nin-particle diameter tape technology has been developed, and the energy density is improved.

. At the same time, this industry is ultimately in the field of positive material, or to automate. From the process of the process to the corresponding process, the final packaging, full-scale automation can achieve the rapid development of the entire industry.

Liu Peng, director of Qingdao Blue Corps Blood Materials Co., Ltd. Research, said that under the premise of improving safety, increase energy density.

First high-nickel system is certainly higher energy to have better performance. However, there is a problem with structural problems and chemical stability, and the safety is a discount..

We talked from the perspective of diaphragm materials today to see if they can supply safety to high nickel systems.. The increase in nickel content, first of all, the capacity is significantly improved, of course, the problem is the security issue.

The existence of cobalt improves the stability of the structure, but the cost will be improved.. Manganese belongs to the inactive substance, which has a stable reaction to improve safety.

. Overall, the higher the content of the active metal component, the larger the material specific capacity, but the higher the nickel content, the more the safety problem is. With the increase of nickel content, the battery material has a higher specific capacity.

Therefore, from the safety angle of the diaphragm, supply safety assistance to the high nickel system. The diaphragm can have good mechanical properties, chemical stability, and high temperature self-closing properties, so it can be positive and negative from the isolation battery, allowing lithium ions to improve the comprehensive performance of lithium ion battery by preventing high-temperature battery explosions..

A new aramid coating diaphragm developed by Bluke, itself is more than 400 degrees, and after coating the diaphragm using aramid composite, it can improve temperature resistance and temperature resistance and Partial lifting intensity. In the whole, improve the infiltration of the electrolyte, effectively reduce the internal resistance of the battery..

The heat resistance of the separator is greatly improved, in addition, the aramid coating is excellent in oxidation resistance, which helps to achieve high potentialization, thereby increasing energy density. In response to the negative material, Ma Zhonglong, deputy general manager of Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, said that graphite as a more mature negative electrode material, its energy density has been fully utilized, and the industry generally believes that silicon carbon negatives are the best negative electrode material of graphite, he believes silicon materials Many problems. First, the silicon material has a very serious volume expansion problem..

During the charge and discharge process, the volume of silicon expands 100% to 300%, constant contraction, and expansion can cause powderization of the silicon carbon negative electrode material, which seriously affects the battery life; secondly, silicon constantly expands, there is a large Stress, this stress causes the polar sheet to extrusion, and the cycle may occur after multiple times; again, due to the internal stress of the battery, it is very likely that the internal porosity of the battery is lowered, and the lithium ion moving channel is reduced. , Causing precipitation of lithium metal, affecting battery safety. Ma Zhonglong also emphasized that the development of cobalt positive electrode is very important.

He said that the ternary material is nickel, cobalt, manganese, which is the highest price in this, is cobalt, the future demand is high, and the cobalt is more short.. From the perspective of material cost, the cobalt is less, the battery cost will fall.

. Experts in the forum also pointed out that the proportion of nickel in the positive material is constantly improving and the use of silicone carbon, new plasmids bring to the research and development and production of electrolytes. With the energy density of the power lithium battery, the voltage is also The higher the voltage, the higher the decomposition ability of the electrolyte.

. After the dissolved transition metal ion is reduced by the negative electrode, the SEI film of the negative electrode surface is destroyed, and the voltage will also increase the drain current..

In the face of new forms, if the company does not have enough research and development strength, it is difficult to do well with high nickel materials.. The electrolyte is like a human blood, whether a person is healthy, and it is almost understanding blood.

. Therefore, the electrolyte company should do the same electrolyte as the same as blood..

But as a company, we must consider costs, you must make product costs get more and lower, meet the market. Ni Shao Yong, deputy general manager and research, deputy general manager of Chery New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

, said that there is currently phosphate ion battery, there are ternary batteries, but also a large number of high-nickel terns and silicone-negative electrode lithium ion batteries, the future There is a series of solid-state lithium-ion batteries, solid-state lithium sulfonium batteries, fuel power batteries, etc., which is used for the vehicle factory? Battery with energy density in the future, use a cheaper battery or a battery that is easier to obtain, this is an opportunity for the whole vehicle factory..

First, the direction of the three yuan to high energy will be willing to go, because the car life is less than this matter, no matter what this is to solve.. Lithium iron phosphate will definitely become our choice.

Because lithium iron phosphate has its particularity, in small pending car, it is large to satisfy, just to be more suitable resources.. Because of the reasons for subsidies, more and more production of three yuan, each battery factory is adjusted to ternary, easy to use or bulk supply of iron lithium resources.

. In the next one to two years, it is possible that the amount of lithium iron phosphate will also strengthen. Gao Weiqiao, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Circular Technology Co.

, Ltd., said that with the gradual industrialization of new energy electric vehicles, the production of car power lithium batteries will increase significantly..

The power lithium battery contains various recyclable materials, an electric vehicle uses a positive electrode material 50 kg, an anode material 40 kg, and 40 kg of electrolyte.. Once the abandoned dynamic lithium battery does not receive effective recovery, it is not only very pollution of the environment, but also causes waste of resources.

. He said that there is a very clear requirement in the current national policy..

There are two ways to recycle power lithium battery: step utilization and regeneration cycle use. Of course, the battery is used to use the battery or return to the part of the recycling cycle..

He emphasizes the importance of recycling of waste power batteries to be related to the sustainable development of the industry.. The Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance said that my country’s lithium-ion battery full industry chain market entered the dynamic lithium battery-driven era, has a completely complete industrial system from basic materials, batteries, motors, electrical control systems.

. As the world’s largest new energy vehicle and power lithium battery production and sales market, my country’s voice in the world’s new energy automobile industry is increasing, and the dynamic lithium battery sector has formed a “Sino-Japanese and Korean” three countries, and also constructs a variety of technical routes. And materials system synergistic development, mutual supplementary patterns.


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