The global charging lithium battery is only 5% for the US beauty government urgently electric car supply chain strategy

The global charging lithium battery is only 5% for the US beauty government urgently electric car supply chain strategy

A few days ago, Reuters quoted three insiders report that US government officials plans to meet in early May and US car manufacturers and lithium miners in early May this year, this will also be the first to launch a national electric vehicle supply chain strategy for the first time in the United States.. Reuters reported that despite the public, TSLA, and other manufacturers who focus on electric vehicles and batteries are expanding in the United States, and they have invested billions of dollars in this new technology, but they still depend on minerals.

Imported, there is no great development of more US domestic mines and processing facilities. The global lithium-ion battery is only 5% for the US to learn from the United States. At present, my country has dominated the supply chain of global electric vehicles.

. According to the data of Benchmarkmineralsintelligence, the Lithium and other commodity prices, my country’s production of lithium-ion batteries accounted for nearly two-thirds of the world, and this proportion of the United States is only 5%. Data of the US Geological Survey show that since 2014, due to TSLA, Skinnovationco.

And other companies in the United States built battery factories continue to rise, the US lithium import has risen nearly double. “We have to find some ways to develop important minerals in US domestic minerals, as these resources are critical to the US national security and economy..

“Northaka Senator, US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission, John Huffeng in a statement. It is understood that Lisa Murcoski, chairman of Huffen and the US Senate Energy Commission, has been invited to participate in the above meeting..

In addition, officials of the US State Council, Energy, Ministry of the Interior and the US Geological Survey are planned to attend. Reuters also quoted the familiar people say that Murcoski is expected to launch an independent legislation, which is designed to simplify the approval procedures for lithium and other mineral mining, and support the research of key minerals in the United States and the federal government to encourage minerals. Recycling.

The newspaper also said that the meeting will also fill this empty default due to the wider energy legislation, and Murcowski also hopes that similar legislation can cause more extensive attention in the industry.. Currently, 5 companies, including Lithium Lithium Industry (LithiumAmericascorp.

) Are developing the United States’s lithium project, and plans to extract metal from clay, bromine or even oil field waste.. Although these crafts are not common in other places.

However, some industry analysts believe that this will affect the entire industry.. In addition, the United States explored lithium companies in South America Albemarlecorlecorp.

, Liventcorp. And other companies that are developing lithium ore companies also plan. But the value of the value is that all these lithium companies in the United States have already got financing.

. The three major car dealers planned to attend the Reuters, if the above five companies are put into production in 2022, the United States will produce at least 77,900 tons of lithium carbonate, will become one of the world’s largest lithium producing countries..

However, lithium development projects have always face many obstacles, and the number of production is far from guaranteed. According to the above-mentioned sources, representatives from TSLA, Ford Automobile and General Motors, planned to attend the meeting held in Washington in May this year, they will discuss possible policies and federal officials, which may encourage the development of electric vehicles in the United States. Mining and processing lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphene for battery manufacturers and automakers.

However, TSLA and General Motors did not reply to Reuters’ request request. A spokesperson of Ford Motor said that the company will often contact various supply chain of various supply chain frequently and stakeholders..

LiventCorp. CEO, Coloste, said: “We look forward to and focus on ensuring that the development of policy makers and industry participants in the development of the US electric vehicle industry to participate in this forum together..

“However, Albemarlecorp will refuse to review this meeting. There is a person who has been supplemented that a one-day meeting, the morning seminar focuses on discussing the problem of financing and license barriers, and the supervision agencies and company executives will host a one-on-one conference on the same day..

IONEERLTD Chairman James Carraway said: “We are working hard to ensure that policy makers understand this complex situation.. “It is understood that IONEERLTD is developing a lithium project in Nada-State, which also contains a lot of boron, used in a large number of consumer goods.

. In Arkansas, StandardlithiumLTD is developing a test project – lithium from the bromine waste from the LanxessAg chemical plant..

Akly State Governor Asa Haxinson said to Reuters: “We have a chance to take a big step in lithium production, we hope to support this. “Hapson and other US officials hope that the US lithium project remains independent without government financial support, but there is also a potential obstacle – investor usually after gaining the government’s acquiescence support Investing in new, new technologies without market verification. .

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