The front foot is profitable after the foot of the feet! TSLA is behind the Save the ‘Upderection “?

The front foot is profitable after the foot of the feet! TSLA is behind the Save the 'Upderection

Tsla is also off, this is the second official drop in TSLA since May this year, in May this year. At November 22, TSLA official announced news: from now on, Tslamodels sold in my country, 12% -26% lowered by Modelx electric car. And at the same time, TSLA officially announced the price of Model3, of which the long-range battery dual motor full-wheel drive version was 540,000 yuan, and Performance high performance full-wheel drive version was 5.

95 million yuan.. “Due to the third quarter TSLA, this part of the official landing is that TSLA has taken some profits to make subsidies to my country.

. “One TSLA staff told NBD car. It is understood that this time the TSLA price cut is the highest, TSLA said this: “Price cut, is the biggest sincerity.

“But behind sincerity, Model3, who has just announced my country, is facing” unsubscribe “that has been priced too high.. Model3 caused “unsubscribe”, it is understood that the price of Modelx adjustment is 11.

893 million yuan, and it is reduced by 392,900 yuan to become a model with the most price reduction.. To understand, shortly, the tariff adjustment, most imported brand price reduction is only more than ten thousand yuan.

“This whole price reduction is better impulse in the end of the year, of course, in order to better promote Model3 in our market.. “The above TSLA clerk told NBD cars,” this officially reduced the end of December.

“. A few days ago, MODEL3 reserves the order mail received by the user, Model3 supplies long battery full-wheel drive version and high performance all-round drive version, of which the long-range full-wheel drive version price is 588,000 yuan, high performance allometh Drive version price is 6.98 million yuan.

According to this TSLA official, the market price of Model3 is reduced, but it is still too high compared with Model3 in the price of the US market.. NBD cars saw in the US TSLA official website, Model3 minimum life-fired rear-drive version of 317 million US dollars (about 2.

22 million yuan), and the current domestic launched long-term drive and high performance full-floating version is 387 million US dollars, respectively. (268,000 RMB), 497 million US dollars (about 345,000 yuan). It can be seen that Model3 is still twice the price of my country’s price.

. It is worth noting that the above price is the price of bare cars..

Plus insurance and optional price, Model3 will sell more than 700,000 yuan, this and TSLA’s official website showed only $ 35,000 (about 243,000 yuan) publicity.. Since then, my country’s consumers buy TSLA’s fantasy.

After receiving the order mail, many owners said that they will be returned, and they say that this is “official persuasion”. A reservation customer told NBD car: “The price and expected gap are too much. After receiving the email, I declap the reservation for more than two years, and the 8,000 yuan returned.

. “In this regard, the above TSLA staff said:” At present, the price of Model3 has been like the price of Models, and the customer of the car can purchase Models first..

“How much is TSLA’s chance? It is different from” Retreat “in my country, and Model3 is very bright as the cheapest TSLA model.. Data show that in September this year, Tslamodel3 sold 222,200 vehicles, ranking first in the US pure electric car sales, and far more than the second and third sales.

. Therefore, more than TSLA fans in China can be significantly reduced after hoping that the TSLA is hoped..

According to recent TSLA, the company’s third quarter of China, the company, said that the company will transfer some Model3 production to my country next year, which is more than 2 years than expected or will be in advance.. At present, TSLA Shanghai Factory has begun “recruiting troops” and enters the construction stage.

. It is understood that the “figure” of the 2018 Lingang Industrial Zone in the 2018 Langang Industrial Zone held at the end of November..

According to the announcement, TSLA is proposed to openly recruit production managers, production assistant managers, production supervisors.. In addition to TSLA in the intensive layout of my country’s market, all major cars companies also accelerate the land of my country’s new energy plan.

. For example, BMW IX3 is the first pure electric car type, which will introduce the domestic market in 2020, which has been implemented in China..

In addition, as the first quantitative pure electric SUV under Mercedes-Benz EQ brand, EQC will become the first pure electric vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz, which uses the domestic battery and localized production, and will be at the end of next year. Bring to market. In addition to the whole vehicle factory, the new power of the domestic car is already in the rain, and the TSLA is no longer a show, and consumers will have more choices.

. So, how much is the opportunity to stay to TSLA? Can the TSLA after domestic production? “These things are not good, they can only wait until the factory is completed..

“The above TSLA clerk said helplessly. .

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