The first energy storage industry policy does not do technology route to choose battery companies still have ‘machine’

The first energy storage industry policy does not do technology route to choose battery companies still have 'machine'

On October 11, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Energy Administration have announced the “Guidance Opinions on the Promotion Technology and Industrial Development” (hereinafter referred to as “” Guidance “” “. However, how much will this policy-related battery industry closely related to electrochemical energy storage? Can you meet the battery company? “Social Guidance” includes overall requirements, key tasks and safeguards, including guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, etc..

After the author, I found that the part of the battery company is closely related, this is also the chance of battery companies.. Encourage the construction of the distributed energy storage system file on the user side to indicate that it is necessary to study the access policy and technical standards for the establishment of user-sideways, guide and standardize the construction of user-side distributed electric storage systems, and improve user-side energy storage systems.

Support policy. The document also emphasizes that it is necessary to support the storage energy storage in the microgrid and the network area, encourage the development of energy-applicable energy storage systems to solve or optimize the power supply of power supply..

Added new energy storage system to pull the demand for electrochemical energy storage batteries. From the global point of view, in various applications, the distributed power generation and microgrid sections have the same year-on-year growth rate, 698%; in my country, distributed power generation and grid-connected fields increased year-on-year increase The maximum speed is 727%. From the technical route of the battery, in the field of distributed power generation and micro -net fields in China, the battery has the largest load specific gravity, and the country encourages the development of economic applicable energy storage systems to solve the power supply mode of the powerless population, the battery is in the energy storage capacity.

Non-space in the field. Core core energy storage technology and materials strengthen the basis, common technical research, surround low cost, long life, high security, high energy density, carry out energy storage principles and key materials, units, modules, systems, and recycling technology, Focus includes various new materials preparation techniques such as chemical storage, etc..

The document emphasizes that it is necessary to strengthen the research of electrochemical storage battery materials and techniques, the requirements of the target and power lithium battery are basically consistent, but the side focus is different from the document, we can find this subtle change – energy storage battery The side weight of the indicator is: cost, life, safety, energy density. Of course, safety is not important, the author understands that the battery is used in the energy storage than the safety risk of the power lithium battery to be slightly smaller, and the energy storage of battery costs and life is more urgent..

Therefore, to develop new battery materials, storage capacity, material and technology. Key promotional battery and product documents pointed out that to experiment demonstration, promote a batch of energy storage technology, equipment and products with industrial potential, for different application scenarios and needs, development separately for long-lived capacity, short time Energy storage technology equipment applied by capacity, distributed, and high power and other modes. The focus of the document includes 100MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system, 100MW full vanadium flow battery energy storage power station, high-performance lead carbon capacitor battery energy storage system, etc.

. Improve the energy storage product standards and test certification system documents also emphasized that establishing and internationally launching, covering standard systems, energy storage products, performance, security, etc., establishing national energy storage test certification bodies.

Battery standards in the energy storage area are constantly improving. Not long ago, the energy storage of lithium-ion batteries IEC62619: 2017 “Lithium-containing or other non-acidic electrolyte lithium battery and lithium battery pack, the safety requirements” of the lithium battery pack, etc., in addition, national quality The General Administration of Supervision and Quarantine, the National Standardization Administration Committee also approved the “Technical Specifications for Lithium Intli Battery Management System for Electrochemical Industrial Stations”, which will be implemented on February 1, 2018.

. In fact, international standards such as UL, ASTM is also doing this work and strive to promote my country’s battery standards and international battery standards..

Promoting the dynamic lithium battery ladder by “energy storage guidance” pointed out that the energy storage application of dispersible battery resources such as electric vehicles should be expanded. Actively carry out electric vehicle intelligent charge and discharge business, explore energy Internet control and energy storage applications such as electric vehicle power lithium batteries, communication base station batteries, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)..

Improve the full life cycle supervision of the power lithium battery, carry out the use of the phase-out of the dynamic lithium battery. my country’s standard system has been continuously improved. In 2017, the standard size, coding system, and dismantling norms were introduced in 2017.

. However, some people believe that the dynamic lithium battery ladder is a pseudo-proposition, and the important reason is unsafe, uneconomical, and as the coding system is implemented, and the dynamic lithium battery ladder is further developed..

“Instructions”, “Guidance” does not do technology route, my country’s storage and development is rapid. According to the incomplete statistics of Zhongguancun Energy Industry Technology, as of the end of 2016, my country’s power storage capacity is approximately 24.3GW, which accounts for 1.

5% of the power assembly machine, including electrochemical energy storage 243.0mW. Since 2016, my country’s chemical energy storage projects have entered the accelerated construction stage, with an annual increase rate of more than 70%.

There is also a shortage of energy storage, for example, my country’s energy storage industry policy system needs further improvement. At present, there is only an individual energy storage technology standard, which has not yet formed an industrial standardization system. This not only restricts the standardization and scale production of the energy storage industry.

Reduce the enthusiasm of market users to use energy storage technology. “Sports Guidance Opinions” is the first national energy storage industry policy issued by my country, which has milestone in the field of energy storage, indicating a positive attitude towards the energy storage development..

The purpose of developing this document is to promote energy transformation and energy marketization. This document has built policy frameworks, financial and tax preferential policies, compensation mechanisms, etc. need to be further formulated.

. It is important to emphasize that “energy storage guidance” is a directional policy document, focusing on creating a fair competitive environment and designing a fair competition mechanism to guide the development of the energy storage industry, but does not do the energy storage technology route choose. For battery companies, the development of electrochemical energy storage means opportunities, also synonymous with “hope”.


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