The first batch of new energy car batteries retired, this problem is very “tricky”

The first batch of new energy car batteries retired, this problem is very

For a new battery, it takes about 60,000 yuan to all the flow.. “Add some money to buy a new car directly.

. “This makes the new energy owner Liu Gong a little” illusion “. After all, 5 years ago, the price of this new energy car, only more than 100,000 yuan after subsidies.

. The mileage of this car has exceeded 150,000 kilometers, and the 300-kilometer endless mileage in publicity “is now can’t run.”.

After testing, the power lithium-ion battery capacity of this car has been attenuated to less than 70%, because the warranty period has been exceeded for 8 or 150,000 kilometers of warranty, Liu Gong wants to replace the battery.. How much is the old battery depreciation? The method given by the 4S shop is very disappointed, if you repurchase from 4S stores “almost equal to white delivery”.

The staff said “You can also deal with yourself”, but how to deal with it? Liu Gong is very awkward. The recovery process of new energy vehicles used, just a small problem encountered in Liu Gong’s life, but it must solve a big topic in the development of new energy auto industry in my country..

Under the promotion of policies, capital, etc., in recent years, my country’s new energy automotive industry can be said. The latest data of my country’s Automobile Industry Association shows that January to October this year, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales are 2566,000 and 25.

42 million, with a cumulative sales permeability of 12.1%..

This means that every 8 cars sold in our country, 1 new energy car. At the same time in the new energy car production, the first new energy car put into the market, its power lithium-ion battery is facing “retirement”. The data shows that it is expected that the amount of energy of my country’s power lithium-ion battery will approach 800,000 tons by 2025.

. How to deal with retired batteries, becoming an imminent development problem for new energy automotive industries. Under the promotion of “double carbon” goals, battery recycling is a new industrial tower.

In the face of huge potential market size, how to do battery recycling and improve resource cycle use? There is still a need for a perfect industrial chain, what is “blocked”? 1. “White List”, but “Black Work Square” power lithium-ion battery is one of the three major core parts of new energy vehicles, and its performance directly determines the safety and battery life of the whole vehicle, and cost 40% of the vehicle. about.

From the life of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, the use of the power lithium-ion battery is generally 5-8 years, and the effective life is 4-6 years.. The investigation of China Merchants Securities is analyzed.

If the service life of the Dynamic lithium-ion battery 4-6 years, the power lithium-ion battery produced in 2014 began to enter the retired period in 2018.. It is expected that from 2021, my country will usher in the first batch of powerful lithium-ion battery retirement period.

Where should the battery after retiring? Ideally in the recycling mode of powerful lithium ion battery has two paths: ladder utilization and recycling of raw materials. The former is the unfair-retired power lithium-ion battery to disassemble the reorganization, applied to the field of battery energy density on battery energy density; the latter is the price of cobalt, nickel in the scrapped cell. Metal material.

According to Guo Wenhui, Zhuhai Zhongli Xin Energy Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager Guo Wenhui, when the battery cannot meet the performance requirements of electric vehicles and retire, by evaluating the battery form, performance, etc.

, and on this basis, corresponding reforming processing After that, it can be used to use other scenes that are not high in battery performance, and there are common grid energy storage, low-speed electric vehicles, etc.. The power lithium-ion battery that has not been destroyed, and the regeneration utilization is its last destination.

The battery module is subsequently split, and then the electrode crushing device is put into which a metal material such as nickel, cobalt, lithium is extracted, and a product such as lithium carbonate can be used, which can be used for new battery production, and achieve resource recycling.. In order to ensure the recycling of power lithium-ion battery, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced in 2018, the Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling, requiring automobile production companies to undertake the main responsibility of the recycling of dynamic lithium-ion batteries.

. Since 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced two batchs of 26 companies to enter the list of “new energy vehicles used to use the comprehensive utilization of industry standards”, commonly known as “white list”. But the reality is “whitening list” against “black workshop” – retired dynamic lithium-ion battery flows into small workshops and other informal channels, bringing safety and environmental hidden dangers.

How to “find” retired dynamic lithium-ion battery recycler? Science and Technology Daily reporters at Baidu, Taobao and even idle fish and other network platforms tried multiple keyword search results, “car chassis recycling” finally surfaced. Most of the seoubted cover images are a stacked pile-intensive power lithium-ion battery module. The recycled phone number and micro signal are covered, and the merchandise margin is very different, but in the details, it can be used to recycle all kinds of motivation in the country.

Lithium-ion battery, “price quantity from excellent”. Web screenshot reporters advancing some of the merchants in Liu Gong’s new energy automotive battery models. Most merchants have said that specific quotations should be dependent on the battery.

One of them gives no less than “100 yuan.” The price of “exceeding the 4S shop to Liu Gong. But there is no exception, all merchants are not in “white list”.

According to 2018, the total amount of power lithium-ion batteries retired in the year reached 74,000 tons, but the five “white list” companies in the country in that year only total recycled about 0.50,000 tons of power lithium-ion batteries, the rest 6 More than 10,000 tons of dynamic lithium-ion batteries “fallen unknown”, most of which flow to the company outside the “white list”. One power lithium-ion battery recycling practitioner describes the scene of the company to handle the power lithium-ion battery to the reporter: The power lithium-ion battery module disassembled from the car is placed in an open open space in the open space.

A thick layer of dust, electric drill, screwdriver, wrench scattered four weeks; first is the dismantling of artificial violence, then the more simple and crude crushing process, the dust is full of workshops, three three two workers are busy in the world, no Safeguard. In addition to the safety of the job, it is necessary to be vigilant that some experts represent a 20 gram mobile phone battery to make the land of 1 square kilometers of land for more than 50 years, more heavier electric vehicle power lithium-ion batteries, with nickel, cobalt , Manganese and other heavy metals, lithium hexafluorophosphate in the electrolyte can easily hydrolyzate harmful substances such as pentafluoride and hydrogen fluoride in the air environment, which may bring greater threat to the environment..

During the disassembly and fragmentation of the power lithium-ion battery, some small workshops do not process the exhaust gas, waste liquid, waste residue, even any emissions, and the dismantling process also has explosion risk.. “If you don’t improve the recycling supervision system as soon as possible, strictly control the scrap-of-action lithium-ion battery flow, will bring environmental protection, safety hazards, and even affect the healthy development of new energy automotive industries.

. “The person in charge of the powerful lithium-ion battery manufacturer Ningde Times said in an interview with reporters..

2, the regular army “eat unsaturated” earnings is difficult to do the regular army “Can not play” small workshop? In fact, becoming a “white list” company is not simple. In the dismantling process, the battery pack intelligent disassembly system, battery automatic cutting device, and 2-3 absorption tower, cloth bag dust collector, exhaust gas incineration system, wastewater treatment facilities ..

. 锋 科技 有 有限公 公司It is the company on “White List”, and his person in charge, Xie Shaozhong, to the reporter’s investment in standardized treatment..

High-cost investment also leads to the recycling end, regular companies cannot compete with small workshop companies. Regular company’s technology, environmental investment accounts for a lot of environmental investment, rather than standardizing companies, small workshops almost zero in this regard, can buy battery with higher prices. “We have to meet more than 50 review conditions before you can enter the ‘white list’.

In 2019, we only spent millions of yuan for the upgrading of the factory.. “Blue Valley Wisdom (Beijing) Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. Director Wang Xiaopeng’s direct words. Zhang Qinhong, the recycling industry team of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Department of Departments, deputy researcher Zhang Qinhong.

According to him, the most often uses a centralized way to apply the battery to handle the battery.. But usually only larger companies will conduct qualification reviews for recycling companies participating in bidding; small companies generally do not strict requirements, “” Who may be whispered in price? “.

The above-mentioned person in charge of Ningde Times told reporters that the vehicle currently entered the scrapped period is an electric bus, taxi, etc. who have entered the market, and the taxi, etc. have reached the operation vehicle.

. Previously, the processing mode of retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries is the company or individuals to replace the battery to a higher price..

This causes the regular army “eat unsatument”. “At present, there is no gap in my country’s powered lithium-ion battery recovery.”.

“Bao Wei, one of the general manager of Zhejiang Huayou Circular Technology Co., Ltd., one of the” White List “, one of the” White List “Company Insufficient production, but the number of batteries that can be recovered.

According to Bao Wei’s statistics, only 5 companies in the list “White List” have reached 600,000 tons, and there is more than 20,000 tons of scrap volume.. Xie Shaozhong also agreed to this point, “Most of the powerful lithium-ion batteries currently derived from the scrap cells in the front of the battery plant, and the new energy car retired battery can be obtained.

. “But Guo Wenhui believes that the expansion of the market size is a morning and evening. chain”.

Guo Wenhui and others look forward to the true retirement tide. “The early dynamic lithium-ion battery industry is small, and has not been entered into the country trace management and control system. After entering the market, multi-circulation has led to most of the waste dynamic lithium-ion batteries, which has not returned to formal recycling channels, which greatly affects battery recycling regulations.

Business development. “Ningde Times said the above person in charge. He also emphasized that the powerful lithium-ion battery currently recovered is based on the lithium iron-free battery of the phosphate, and its price is low, and the recovery is low, and there will be the possibility of loss; and three yuan lithium ion battery Contains a large amount of price-variable metal and materials, the recovered economic benefits are good, but the time to enter the market is still short, and there is no evasion period.

. These factors jointly lead to the formal battery recovery company’s profitability, and have not entered a benign development track..

3. Tesla, Ningde Times, BYD and other giants have been rubbed, jumps to try. On October 12, Ningde Times announced the announcement, its group controlling subsidiary, “White List”, one of the Guangdong Bangpu Circular Technology Co.

, Ltd., and its holding subsidiary, intended in Yaojiagang, Yichang City, Hubei Province Garden Tianhe film area investment construction Bangu integrated battery material industrial park project, the total amount of project investment does not exceed RMB 32 billion. In the recycling end, in addition to cooperating with automotive manufacturers, multiple companies are also intensifying the layout construction of their own recycling system.

. Xie Shaozhong said that his company will plan to establish a recycling outlet in the national scope, and establish a recycled demolition outlet in the Pearl River Delta, North China, and Southwest, and disassemble the battery to disassemble the battery. After the raw materials, thereby preventing the safety risks and capital costs of battery long distance transportation.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that as of the end of September this year, 171 new energy automobile production and comprehensive utilization companies have set up a recycling service outlets 9985 in 31 provinces and cities across the country.. Power lithium-ion battery recycling industry coverage, industry chain length, up to battery manufacturer, and under the terminal utilization company, involving numerous.

To effectively develop this Blue Sea, you need to force upstream companies to force. Zhang Qinhong believes that the current “various words” phenomenon in the current industry has caused uncertainty in the safety and reliability of dynamic lithium-ion battery, “this hinders the promotion of the product market..

“In response to the problem of dynamic lithium-ion battery data information sharing, Bao Wei calls for the industry to unite,” the upper reaches of automobiles, battery manufacturers should use the company to share battery data, improve recovery efficiency “. It is reported that many related companies have begun joint action, maintaining industry ecology. On July Sixth, 9 new energy vehicles and battery production key companies, including Geely Group, Zhejiang Tianneng, Zhejiang Chaowei, announced the joint statement, calling for “resisting small workshop”.

They indicate that the bidder will be the “white list”, to put the “White List”, put an end, the small workshop company participates in the bid; at the same time, the national new energy vehicle and power lithium-ion battery manufacturers are called to comply with them together, standardize the waste Dynamic lithium-ion battery flow channel. This is considered to have officially started to form the power lithium-ion battery recovery of the small workshop company to “declare war”. 4.

Relevant policies still to refine the implementation of Guo Wenhui as a chance of “double carbon” goals, “one of the power lithium-ion battery recycling industries is to reduce carbon emissions, the powerful lithium-ion batteries of the industry recycled, manufactured The fewer new batteries, the less carbon emissions. “. Xie Shaozhong also believes that “double carbon” context will usher in further development, and there will be a large number of retired dynamic lithium-ion batteries, will also take the road to standardized treatment, which is related to relevant companies.

It means huge market potential; at the same time, he also hopes that the future will gradually mature with the relevant mechanisms such as carbon trading market, and standardize the company to take advantage of the “carbon” economy.. Zhang Qinhong said that under the goal of “double carbon”, the value of the power lithium-ion battery recovery industry can not only look at the eyes.

. “In the current market environment, the environmental protection value in the industry has not been reflected, leading to the weakest competitiveness of the industry..

However, as the ‘reduction of carbon, its future industrial value will gradually appear, this should give appropriate guidance, support. “He said. In addition, the rapid development of the new energy electric vehicle industry will make the rapid development of lithium, cobalt, nickel, “my country’s cobalt resources, 95% of its demand, relying on import, most Used for manufacturing power lithium ion batteries.

“Zhang Qinhong believes that in this case, it is developing the recycling industry of the dynamic lithium-ion battery, promoting the circular utilization of metal raw materials, reducing the dependence on the source mineral resources, which is more important.. At present, the relevant departments have published a number of policy documents, and the direction of the power lithium-ion battery recycling industry.

At the beginning of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission and other ministries and other ministries will announce the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the” Tenth Five-Year Plan “Circular Economic Development Plan, and proposes the recycling action of waste dynamic lithium-ion battery, strengthening new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery traceability management platform construction, and improve New energy vehicle dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling traceability management system. On August 19th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments were jointly issued the “Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Storage Battery” to encourage upstream and downstream companies in the industry to strengthen information sharing, and asked the company to power lithium-ion batteries in accordance with given standards and actual data Test, evaluate the surplus value, improve product performance, reliability and economy. In addition, Luo Junjie, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Rhunjun, director of the operation monitoring and coordination, recently said that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the recycling and utilization of new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries from regulations, policies, technology, standards, industries.

And improve the regulatory system, establish a recycling system, strengthen technological innovation, etc.. The policy has been introduced, but the effect is still needed.

. Some of the industry insiders receiving interviews seem to be in the case of encouraging, guiding, not only lacking mandatory constraints, but also to further refine the implementation..

If you have been troubled by the company’s standard problem – how much is the battery capacity, how long is the ladder use, Guo Wenhui indicates that these must be assessing the standards, “Now there is only a small amount, scattered standard for company reference, Not only immature, some are not scientific “. Guo Wenhui also hopes that the government can lead the relevant industry associations to establish more comprehensive, scientific standards, and promote the development of industrial regulations..

The emerging industry has started early and developed quickly, still in the barbaric growth stage, and the government is waiting for effective guidance.. “But how do you further conduct effective management, reasonably build a dynamic lithium-ion battery recycling system, and effectively implement the full life cycle traceability management, guide the industry chain upstream entity to perform power lithium-ion battery recycling responsibility, these must combine the market, Industry test, planning, co-ordination.

“Ningde Times said the above person in charge. (文 刘 功 为 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发 发.

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