The fire is frequent, ‘smelling electricity changes’, switching 811 batteries is a blessing?

The fire is frequent, 'smelling electricity changes', switching 811 batteries is a blessing?

Some time ago, many self-ignition events were exploded, and the safety issues of electric vehicles were once again become the focus of the automotive industry, and the start of the spontaneous combustion is no doubt.. Whether it is TSLA not responding, do not recall, do not apologize “three non-policy”, or the limited charging of the standard is not true, it is impossible to fundamentally solve the pain point for electric car battery.

. However, under such status, whether it is the battery factory or the host factory, it is also developing higher density and higher battery products. “811 batteries” also became a noun that was mentioned in the power lithium battery industry in the past year.

. About 811, the current public opinion presents two different sounds, one believes that the battery with the most energy density of 811 will continue to improve the battery life, want to break through 500 kilometers, 600 kilometers or even the endurance bottleneck, development 811 is In no two methods; and another, the current battery pack protection technology is not enough to ensure that the 811 thermal stability battery, battery factory and host factory “Allin” 811 still need to be cautious. Then, 811 batteries, this power lithium battery is the power lithium battery, which is the power lithium battery, which will be an angel.

It will bring bright or haze to the new energy auto industry? What is 811? Want to understand what is 811 batteries, you must first understand the current power lithium battery two mainstream products: iron phosphate ion batteries and ternary lithium ion batteries. The so-called lithium iron phosphate and three lithium refers to the positive material of lithium ion power lithium battery. As the name of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is a battery with lithium iron phosphate as a positive material, it is a category of a relatively three-membered lithium ion battery earlier to electric vehicle power lithium batteries, and the advantage is that the thermal stability is good, the safety is high.

The cost is relatively low, and the disadvantage is that the energy density is low, the weight is large, and it is difficult to use the lithium iron phosphate ion battery in the market.. The ternary lithium ion battery is important to refer to a lithium ion powertrain battery with nickel-cobalt manganese as a positive electrode, and a nickel-cobalt aluminum battery used by TSLA, its advantage is that the energy density is high, and the disadvantage is stability.

Low, low safety, manufacturing cost relative to lithium iron phosphate ion battery. So what is 811 refers to? 811 refers to the ratio of nickel-cobalt manganese or nickel-cobalt aluminum in the positive electrode material of the triple lithium ion battery is 8: 1: 1, so the 811 battery is a divided type in a three-dimensional ion battery..

At present, more 333 and 523, 622 have been applied to 333 and 523, 622 in the ternary lithium ion battery, and 811 has just started. Although some car companies have planned to be equipped, the use of 811 batteries in formal listing only There is a BMW X1 plug model. Advantages and disadvantages of 811 In the above model, the first number is also “5” in “8” and 523 in 811 refers to the specific gravity of the nickel element, and the higher the specific gravity of nickel, the higher the battery energy density, but Nickel is also an element that is high metal activity, so its weight is, the lower the safety of the battery.

. The cobalt element also plays a crucial use in the ternary lithium ion battery. Cobalt elements can increase the stability of the battery while adding a cycle life of the battery, but the price of cobalt is the most expensive in three elements, so Battery “less cobaltization” is a trend.

It is reported that the three-dimensional cell produced by 811 materials can be used in unit cost, which can decrease by about 7% compared to 523, which is calculated as a battery pack cost, and the cost of the integrated unit will decrease by more than 8%.. It is worth mentioning that TSLA has launched the first car in 2013, which has been used in Songlian R & D.

The three-dimensional lithium-ion battery has been used, and my country’s new energy vehicle is generally using phosphate. Lithium-ion battery, this is why TSLA’s battery life has maintained absolute leading reasons for many years..

Who is producing 811? Safety is a probability event, but the battery is an absolute lifeline. When the hard requirements of the electric car on the battery life, the high-density 811 battery has become a big potential. Although there is currently no large-scale investment in the market, many battery packs have completed or started production and development of 811 batteries.

. In 2018, domestic three-yuan lithium-ion battery loading volume reached 9.567 million, accounting for 78% of the total power lithium battery, compared with 2.

263 million in 2016, more than 5.587 million in 2017. Nearly double, while loading is nearly 10 percentage points from 2017.

While the three-dimensional ion battery is mainstream, 2018 is also known as the “811 first year” of my country’s battery. In the above table, there can be several battery packs that have been mass produced in the 811 battery last year. Most of the other manufacturers of 811 in this year or next year are also launched from last year to develop 811 batteries.

. In this, the Bick is the first battery factory that achieves 811 power lithium battery mass production. At present, the two giants of the power lithium battery CATL and BYD are not fast in 811, and CATL achieves mass production and loading this year, but Although BYD has announced that 811 batteries have made significant progress, the final mass production and application time is still not announced.

. Among the companies that have substantial progress in 811, it is still to talk about “boss” CATL. Although it is not the earliest layout and mass production of 811 batteries, it is the first battery factory that will load the 811 battery, and the first 811 battery is also available from CATL’s earliest partner – BMW.

BMW X1 insertion 811catl battery pack in March this year, BMW X1phev new model listing, which equipped with CATL supplied 811 three-yuan lithium-ion battery, became the first model of 811 batteries. However, after all, X1phev is only a plug model. The total capacity of the battery is only 24kWh, the battery pack energy density is 280Wh / kg, the battery pack energy is 140Wh / kg, the three data does not reach the highest level of CATL, and inserted The mixed model battery pack security is also higher than the pure tram type.

Therefore, the X1Phev mileage upgrade version of Ningde’s 811 seems to have the meaning similar to “first brigade”, and when the pure tram type of 811 batteries is officially launched The era of 811 is officially opened. 811 pure tram, who pulls up? Since 2019, there have been mainframes to express the future new energy models will be equipped with 811 batteries. From Geely Semetan A to Guangqi Chuanqi Aions, there are many new power of the Shanghai Auto Show, 811 will become a new energy contest.

Another big battlefield. However, from the current point of view, there is no pure tram type using 811 batteries, who will take the head to fight. From now on, the 811 battery capable of actually applying is important from CATL and Bike two battery plants, and the high-quality version of the CATL811 battery Aions and Geometric A is listed.

In addition to these two from the traditional host factory. Outside the product, the remainder of the 811 battery is from the new forces..

In this regard, more focusing on new energy and no new forces that Jiangshan seem more to let go of hands, and traditional car companies will have more scruples.. How does security improve? Whether it is from consumer demand or policy promotion, high-density high-end is a new energy car irreversible development direction, then in this premise, improve battery safety, and develop more advanced security technology for 811 battery packs.

Become a must-answer question. In terms of technology, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, my country Electric Motors Executive Vice Chairman Ouyang Ming has conducted a detailed analysis of the safety of high-nickel power lithium batteries, and he believes that the safety of high-nickel batteries is currently important. way.

The first is a further study of battery packs and positive electrode materials, such as using single crystal particles to replace the polycrystalline positive material, the thermal stability and safety of the battery can be improved.. Second, it is to block the thermal spread, that is, the heat transfer material is applied to the path of the lead-transmittance, and the effect of “firewall” is formed, and this technology has been applied to the BMW X1Phev using the 811 battery.

. The third aspect is the management of thermal out-of-control of “battery cancer”. CATL is currently possible in this regard 15 minutes in advance.

. From now on, the 811 battery is an important trend of power lithium batteries, and the 811 battery factory and will use 811 electric vehicles are far more than these forms listed in the form, as the most rapid development of the development of the past ten years. One, the dynamic lithium battery has achieved huge increase in a few years in just a few years from energy density to safe sexual durability.

. Therefore, although the current 811 has not yet reached the most mature state, the development speed of the power lithium battery industry can get better display, higher performance, more reliable power lithium battery in the rapid iteration in the rapid iteration. In front of the market.


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