The electric car is still a subversive, but also to Toyota, Solid State Battery is over 1,000 kilometers

The electric car is still a subversive, but also to Toyota, Solid State Battery is over 1,000 kilometers

About the car, Toyota really has one hand, the resource lack of national background, lean production model, the persistent craftsman spirit, let Toyota occupied multiple first, including new energy vehicles. Toyota is the earliest and mixed, but also the first to launch a hydrogen fuel car, but these two roads are difficult to travel in China, and Toyota’s mix is ​​not belonging to the new energy car catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The hydrogen fuel car is more difficult to popularize Come.

Recently, the Japanese media reported that Toyota and Panasonic signed a strategic agreement will enter the pure electric car.. It can be seen that Toyota will have to pass the plug-in mixing car, directly introduce pure electric cars, and the Japanese media revealed that Toyota will use solid-state batteries as car power lithium batteries.

. In fact, in 2010, Toyota has created a solid-state battery car, but it could not be mass production because the cost is terrible..

At present, the mainstream power lithium battery is a three-dimensional ion battery. Taking TSLA as an example, the endless mileage is about 500 kilometers, while Toyota’s 2010 solid battery car battery has exceeded 1000 kilometers, which is derived from the energy density of the solid battery. Three-yuan lithium ion battery twice.

However, the cost of the solid-state battery is too high, but it is not possible to form a commercial scale. It is assumed that a smartphone uses a solid state battery. The cost reaches $ 15,000, about 100,000 yuan, you can imagine a solid battery used in a car.

Will not be less than 10 million. However, the advantages of solid-state batteries are very significant, small in size, light weight, can be bent, there is no short circuit, etc., energy density is high.

. Toyota is clearly expressed, and the purpose of the Panasonic is to solve the battery problem. If the solid-state battery can reduce the cost of the solid-state battery within 5 years, it will subvert the electric vehicle industry.

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