The debt is 20 billion overdue 2 billion Watma or a powerful lithium battery shuffle first

The debt is 20 billion overdue 2 billion Watma or a powerful lithium battery shuffle first

The industry faucet is listed, the technical route is changed, the subsidy policy is changed, the power lithium battery industry will become a day! Watma, which is not turned into fast, will become the first victim of the power lithium battery industry shuffling? Surprisingly, Watma last year’s power lithium battery has exceed 2GWH, ranking third in the power lithium battery industry.. This family has made some legendary industry quarters in performance, what happened? It is understood that in September 2017, Rarewo’s 526 million limited sales stocks were lifted.

At this time, more than 5% of shareholder Changyuan began to reduce, October to December 2017. , A total of approximately 2918 million shares, reduce profit of approximately 189 million yuan. The reduction of the general institutions will raise the chain effect.

In the 3 months, the Rilevo’s power stock price has declined nearly 40%, and the market value evaporates 10 billion.. On December 18, 2017, Rilevo can no longer be calm, and the announcement of the major asset restructuring is planned.

This stop is four months, and during the period of time.. Under the trend of the paper bag, Jen Rilever can self-exposure, and the overall exceeds 20 billion, 1998 million of it has been overdue.

. Such a major negative news, Denui Voy can stage 4 days of decline. By April 8 stock price 5.

08 yuan, the maximum share price is over. As of the time of the feas, the Rilevovs have less than 5 yuan..

From the peak period, the market value exceeds 30 billion yuan, and there is only more than 100 billion yuan, and the Rilevo can market 20 billion.. The so-called shaking also Xiao He defeated, and the stock price of the parent company Rare Wo can stage the mountain car performance, behind Watma.

Tong Rilevo can rely on Waterma, Watma’s business is also highly concentrated for commercial models supply phosphate ion battery. When the policies and technical routes in the new energy vehicle industry suddenly change, Watma has become victims in the rapidly changing situation..

This makes Watma’s return cycle for a year.. However, Watma is expanding at high speed, and by more than eleven production bases in 2017, all of them have a total investment of more than 2 billion projects, and also spend 200 million to Altura Lithium Mine.

. Just is the layout production, Watma invites super 10 billion funds. Under vigorous expansion, Watma’s 2017 dynamic lithium battery output exceeds 12GWH, and its employees exceed 10,000 times.

. In the context of sales decline in new energy passenger cars in 2017, the market has declined the demand for lithium iron phosphate dynamic lithium batteries, and Watma’s production is far from being effectively utilized..

At the same time, under the competition in the industry, the price of the power lithium battery system continued to decline, the average price of the industry was 1.4-1.5 yuan / WH, the profit of the power lithium battery company was further diluted.

In fact, due to the universal expansion, the rate of power lithium battery industry has been maintained at a high level.. Some companies have seized the chance of three yuan lithium in the passenger car market, relatively stably spent the new energy policy to clean up the business car market portal.

. However, Watma misses the opportunity because of the concentration of lithium iron phosphate, there is no three-yuan lithium-ion battery products throughout 2017, lost this market..

Flower money is like water, earn money such as draw, Watma’s step by step, and does not open up more powerful financing channels, and finally collapsed on the problem.. In 2017, the domestic dynamic lithium battery industry has a significant change, and the changes in subsidy policies, the three-yuan lithium-ion battery in the passenger car market, so that this unstable industry pattern is completely broken.

With the listing of CATL, BYD began to go, Watma showed the crisis, the power lithium battery industry wash has quietly started. If the fund is difficult to turn, turn on the path of the transformation, then Watma has the opportunity to play in the power lithium battery field; if you drag in the capital mud, drag, the competitors open the horsepower production, so Wo The encounter of Tea, I am afraid it will become the first gun ring of the power lithium battery shuffle.

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