The contradiction between Mask Open and Unique Battery Suppliers Panasonic

The contradiction between Mask Open and Unique Battery Suppliers Panasonic

Mask and a large number of people from long-term partners, competitors, empty heads, and securities trading committees more than once in the throttle. But this time the fierceness is different from. Mask is rarely disclosed and the dispute between the only battery supplier of TSLA.

Contradiction begins with two companies to adjust its expansion plan in the joint operation of the battery factory near Nevada Rino. Mask said in the pusher that Panasonic is not important to MODEL3 production..

Even in accordance with Maske’s previous act, the contradiction between this public and the largest supplier is also unusual.. TSLA once again questioned the problem of its own profitability when demand.

Data show that TSLA sells only 63,000 cars worldwide in the first quarter, and sales in the previous quarter is close to 91,000 units, and this year’s share price has also declined nearly 18%.. At this moment, Panasonic is reluctant to increase battery production will only make the outside world more doubtful for TSLA, which means that there will be greater trouble.

. Since the first time I first announced the “Gigabit Factory” agreement in Nevada, Tsla and Panasonic have been getting along so much since the first time in July 2014..

Even if you look at the countertop: One is an electric car manufacturer that is not operating by ordinary boss; the other is a conservative Japanese manufacturer who has been over half a year.. Tsla is responsible for managing Gigabit Plant, as a partner, Panasonic is responsible for the production of TSLA’s cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, TSLA puts it into a battery pack of Model3 sedan.

The goal of both parties is to 35 gigaby (GWH) batteries in 2020, which is enough to produce approximately 400,000 model3. Two weeks ago, headquartered in the Panasonic Company of Osaka shocked investment in the community, according to the day of the day, due to concerns expected to TSLA, TSLA and Panasonic were terminating the production of its production to the initial planned 35GWH. Most analysts said they believe that TSLA’s sluggish sales manifestations hinder the expansion of the battery production line.

. Another view is that Panasonic tries to take this about TSLA “unfaith”..

TSLA is currently building a super factory in Shanghai, and has been in contact with many local suppliers, including CATL.. Tsla refuses to comment on Mask’s essay.

At the same time, early warning investors expect net income in the first quarter, will be lower than the “negative impact” of expected delivery and multiple price cuts.. Tsla will announce financial report on Wednesday.

In fact, this is not the first efforts of the two companies to coordinate production rhythm.. Panasonic president Kazuhirotsuga said in the interview of Bloomberg in November that in 2017, Panasonic was dragged by the TSLA automation production line.

In 2018, Panasonic did not follow the rhythm of the car production.. Tsuga said that the production of both parties is close to the beginning of November, and two additional battery production lines will be added.

. Analyst Owen said that any permanent separation is impossible for the level of cooperation with these two companies..

He said that Panasonic wants Tsla to bring a stable battery business, and TSLA cannot supply battery without pine.. Analyze, Ito, which is the MorningstarinvestmentmentServices, said that the public contradiction now shows that Panasonic may worry about TSLA’s future.

Ito said: “Since the sales of TSLA did not rise as expected, Panasonic became more and more reluctant to take risks, the two companies were blessing and total, but it was obvious, Tsuga started to classify the line, hoping to keep the distance and TSLA. Masque is not happy. “.

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