The company’s gross profit margin is less than 10%, Japan and South Korea’s attempts, the powerful lithium battery ‘winter is

The company's gross profit margin is less than 10%, Japan and South Korea's attempts, the powerful lithium battery 'winter is

With the influence of excessive structural surplus and subsidies, many dynamic lithium batteries suppliers are in the predicament of profit shrinkage.. “In the past two years, the government’s subsidies are with a speed of 30% per year, and the pressure of the power lithium battery industry is very large.

. In the past, the vehicle factory basically contacted the price of the power lithium battery and how much subsidies can be directly retracted. After the subsidy is completely retired, the vehicle will transfer the pressure to the power lithium battery company.

. “Guoxuan Quanke (002074) Engineering Research Institute of Engineering, Cai Yi, who had been in the interview with reporters..

In fact, the power lithium battery manufacturing company has already felt the chills brought by the subsidy.. Data show that CATL (300750) sales gross profit margin dropped from 43.

70% in 2016 to 36.29% in 2017; as of the third quarter of 2018, CATL’s sales gross profit margin has further dropped to 31.27%.

. Yip Lithium (300014) gross profit margin in the first three quarters of 2018, a year-on-year decrease of 7.73%; Guoxuan’s high-tech gross profit margin was 32.

08%, down 2.24% from the previous month, 50.92% year-on-year.

Dynamic lithium battery gross profit margin is due to whether the industry is “cold winter” is coming? The company’s gross profit margin decreased on December 16th, Wantong Real Estate (600246) announced the notice, decided to end the acquisition of Lithium-ion batteries Xingheng Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xingheng Power”) 78.

28% shares, the reason is The parties in the transaction failed to reach an agreement on important legal and commercial arrangements such as transaction optimization and subsequent improvement measures.. The plan was previously seen as a cross-boundary transformation plan of Wantong Real Estate, tried to build a real estate + new energy dual main industry development pattern.

And now Wantong is self-sufficient. According to industry analysts, Wantong real estate terminates the complex industrial background behind the acquisition of Xingheng power, with the effects of power lithium battery production, and subsidy, many dynamic lithium battery suppliers are facing profit shrinking. From the current performance of many new energy auto industrial chain, the chain response caused by the subsidy is continuously fermented between the downstream of the industrial chain, and the industry’s pain effect is still continuous.

. “After the subsidy, the customer is difficult to accept the price, the service is inconvenient and the use of limited products. “Sun Xiaodong, Chairman of Anhui Light Lithium Battery, said that in this case, the battery company’s living space will be further compressed, from multi-feedback information, 2018 dynamic lithium battery company gross profit margin has declined, some hair Interest rate or even less than 10%.

Technical and policy lack of unmatched lithium battery companies are being gradually engulfed, and the willingness of compressing costs in a short time is very strong.. my country’s Chemistry (601117) and the Secretary-General of the Physical Power Industry Association, Liu Yanlong predicted that the battery company will try our best to make up for the increase of the scaling of the septum, the compaction of the electrolyte company, and improve standardization, scale production.

. It is understood that Guoxuan’s high school has made related layouts on the upstream industry chain of the power lithium battery, including battery production plants, battery recycling plants, battery copper foil factories, and battery film factories..

“The biggest challenge at present is to reduce cost and printing, and further develop a passenger car market.. The volume of the passenger car is very limited, in order to new endless mileage, energy density improvement is necessary.

“Cai Yi said that in addition to technical consideration, the thinking of business model is not less. “Combine new energy vehicles and storage and ladder use recycling, you can reduce costs in whole. But this is very research and development investment.

We plan to invest 1 billion in R & D in 2019, improve the consistency of the battery while increasing energy density, and reduces costs. “And in the domestic power lithium battery leader CATL, domestic battery company wants to spend the winter, in addition to the company’s own efforts and preparation, the national help is also the top priority. “The company has to rely on technology, product, and system to obtain consumers’ recognition.

The company should speed up investment, accelerate technical breakthroughs, create high-quality new energy vehicles, high-quality batteries, especially to improve new energy cars.. “CATL chairman of the chairman of CATL said,” But the government should also strengthen the construction of the management system in the market, such as whether the tax adjustment can last 3-5 years; whether the support of the use end can be further improved, such as increasing charging convenience, Parking, etc.

, in this way better to promote the development of electric automotive industries and power lithium battery industry. “Be alert” Japan and South Korea’s part of the “cold winter” at the time of subsidies, Sun Xiaodong, chairman of Anhui Livi Power Lithium Battery, believes that the future dynamic lithium battery market trend is electric vehicle and energy storage “double Wheel drive. “Company if only staring at electric car is very hard, profitable will be very difficult.

“” New Energy Car’s development is inseparable from policies. Yang Xiaowei, Vice President of Santon’s New Energy, said that my country’s pure electric technology, including power lithium batteries, battery equipment, upstream materials, vehicle companies, etc., important markets are still my country.

“my country’s automotive market is huge, the prospects and new formats are quietly changing, and they will face the elimination.. Only marketization can make the ultimate industry route, technology route regressive.

“It is worth noting that in the domestic market, the company is struggling to seek ways to seek ways, Japan and South Korea is also in the huge market share of my country.. “Japan and South Korea aimed at the time point of my country’s new energy car subsidies, hoping to be able to divide a piece of power in the power lithium battery market after two years.

At that time, it will cause huge impact on my country’s existing power lithium battery market with low cost, refined manufacturing.. “Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance is analyzed, on the one hand, and the international giants, it will inevitably trigger a new round of self-innovation in the power lithium battery industry; on the other hand, the self-power lithium battery brand of” care “is also separated.

It is bound to face a more brutal international competition.

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