The charging lithium battery sector is again strengthened, what is the industry rise logic?

The charging lithium battery sector is again strengthened, what is the industry rise logic?

Yesterday, A-share lithium-ion battery concept was once again strong, Qianjiang Motor (000913.SZ), Yiqi Lithium (300014.SZ), Peng Hui Energy (300438.

sz) Daily and Swisbandry, Pantai (, Cold Cobalt (300618.SZ), Huayou Cobalt (603799.

sh), CATL (300750.SZ) rose, over 5%. (Source: Dongcai Choice Data) Message, Important Germany has introduced strong new energy charging pile policies and domestic automotive manufacturers’ sales data in the nearly month.

. A few days ago, German Chancellor Merkel said that the German Federal Government will join hands in the automotive industry to promote the transformation of traveling methods; Merkel In addition to the investigation of the automotive industry, the automotive industry transformation on employment is concerned, there is a topic. In 2030, Germany hopes to build 1 million charging piles, and want to promote the development of new energy vehicles.

. And in my country, my country has launted the first time in the world’s new energy auto production, and the size of the world accounts for 50% of the world..

In terms of policy, since 2009, my country has introduced more than 60 new energy automobile industry policies, and the new energy subsidy policy for early development is a Popular policy, which is intended to cultivate new energy auto market.. The German government force pushes the development of new energy vehicles or sees the necessity of industrial development, and my country is a further action in China’s new energy car big country, causing market guess layout.

From the field of lithium-ion battery segmentation applications, the traditional 3C digital market has gradually slowed down. The composite increase rate in the past five years is 6.05%; the energy storage market has increased rapidly, and the composite increase rate in the past 5 years is 31.

57%; The lithium battery field is driven by the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, and has become the most powerful segment of the rise, and the composite rate of complex increase in the past five years has reached 66.87%..

In conjunction with data, the new energy vehicle power lithium battery and battery cells contributes important forces for lithium-ion battery market revenue.. In the first three quarters of 2019, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales volume is 808,000, 8.

72 million, up 20.9%, 20.8% year-on-year, and the dynamic lithium battery or affected by the new energy vehicle subsidies.

Directly It has led to a sharp drop in the amount of installed in the third quarter, according to the China National Authority announced that domestic new energy automotive production and sales data, the sales volume decline in the third quarter, the previous three quarter production and sales have dropped to 2%. However, according to the 13th Five-Year Plan, it is expected to reach 2 million yuan to 2020 new energy auto production. It is expected that the demand for dynamic lithium battery is expected to over 100GWH.

In the past two years, the industry composite growth will reach 33%.. In addition, recent lithium-ion battery concept is discredient or related to the recent rise of cobalt prices.

. From the perspective of cobalt price in recent years, since 2016, the market gradually fell after 2017..

Today, after the adjustment of one and a half years, the cobalt price index is again close to the lowest level of history.. As the small metal of cobalt, the application range is relatively narrow, as long as the application has a sharp rise, it will be clear that the demand for its demand will be obvious.

In the case of the long-term development of new energy vehicles, the cobalt at the bottom of the cycle is undoubtedly A target that is worthy of attention, this stock price neither or usher in the market another wave of speculation. In addition, superimposed recent news surface, Jianeng can further decline in cobalt production in three quarters, showing its Congo (gold) copper-cobalt asset operation status clearly deteriorated, 2020 Cobalt industry supply and demand pattern will show a tightening situation, stimulate cobalt price further rise. The current cobalt price is a short time callback, the price is 267,800 yuan / ton level, but the broker firmly optimizes the price of cobalt continues to rise to 350,000 yuan / ton level under the current price, the price of cobalt is expected to improve.

In terms of positive material, market demand is gradually improved. The power of three yuan batteries is not slow due to the expected recovery progress due to the expected recovery, but in terms of nickel and cobalt raw materials, the price of subsequent three-yuan materials will continue to rise..

It is reported that the new energy subsidy policy is currently gradually promoting new energy automotive technology progress. At this purpose, the trend of brokerage understanding policies will gradually improve the proportion of high-end products on the future new energy industry chain..

In the current maturity technology, only the ternary battery can meet the requirements of 2020 energy density reached 260Wh / kg, so the battery manufacturer has more preferential ternary architectural battery layout, and future dynamic lithium batteries will be important from ternary battery demand. rise. It can be seen that the lithium-ion battery industry has a raw material cobalt, nickel and other industries, a new energy vehicle, mobile terminal, and other industries, and during the period, with the increase of cobalt prices, the cost of power lithium battery is increased, and the price is mentioned.

It is possible, at the same time, with policy intensity increases the possibility of expanding the production and distribution of power lithium battery production in the amount of policies.. In addition, from the overall scale of the global market, the market is still broad in the future market.

. According to the International Market Research Institute, AdroitmarketResearch reported that the global lithium-ion battery market is expected to rise in 14.3% of the compound annual rate of 14.

3% in the predictive period of 2018-2025, and the scale of the global lithium-ion battery market will exceed $ 100 billion in the 2025th. The high growth rate of the market will also lay a certain foundation for the rapid development of lithium-ion batteries in my country..

Relevant development report points out that the current industry competition is increasingly fierce, the integration of the industry is continuous, market or will further focus on the head company, thereby caught the head company such as CATL, BYD, and Yip Lithium, can continue to be concerned. .

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