The charging lithium battery is widely used to synchronize recycling

The charging lithium battery is widely used to synchronize recycling

Beijing time was announced in the 2019 Nobel Chemical Award, which was announced yesterday evening, and three scientists who have contributed to the lithium-ion batteries used in almost everyone: John B. Gudarf, M. Stanley Weitan , Ji Ni, they are all intended to have domestic experts, and they work well in energy power fields.

. Renewal to make a commercial lithium-ion battery “this year awards to the lithium-ion battery is achieved. Lin Belin, Professor, Materials Science and Technology College, Shanghai University of Science and Technology.

Lithium-ion batteries put into the market for nearly 30 years, the academic circles have been high for this invention of Nobel Prize.. Why is the Nobel Prize to a lithium-ion battery this year? It is speculated that this is due to the wide application of lithium-ion batteries in mobile products such as new energy vehicles in recent years.

. In addition, it may also be related to the pressure of carbon dioxide reduction caused by global climate change..

“Our team published papers in” Joe “magazine, predict this time before 2040 will be human beings through carbon dioxide emission reduction, prevent catastrophic climate change last time windows. Lithium-ion battery is an essential in low carbon emissions new energy storage mode. “Award-winning three scientists relay make a commercial lithium-ion battery.

M. Stanley Weitan is the earliest “pioneer” of lithium ion batteries..

In 1970, he used a titanium sulfide as a positive material, and the metal lithium was used as a negative electrode material, which made the first miniaturized lithium ion battery, but because there was no choice of material, the initial lithium ion battery is extremely easy to explode.. In 1980, John B ¡¤ Gudanaf proposed that the use of metal oxides into the positive electrode of the battery, which is great to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

. However, he still did not develop a commercial lithium-ion battery. Until 1985, when the 3rd of the Note Award – Ji Ni is combined with a metal lithium and carbon material as a battery, it really solves the safety problem of lithium-ion batteries.

. Since then, lithium is really moving and changing people’s lives..

In fact, Jiang Hao, deputy director of TSLA’s latest electric cars, and Key Laboratory of Ultrafine Material Preparation and Application of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, is studying, is a positive material of novel compound “lithium nickellate”, reducing precious metals. The proportion of cobalt increases nickel ratio to 80% or even higher. However, it is undeniable that the lithium-ion battery is not fundamentally broke through the basic architecture proposed by Gudarf.

. However, Su Lin, a professor of the Energy and Power Engineering College of Shanghai University of Technology, is present that the current lithium element is very limited, and belongs to the relatively trace element. “If all the ligments of the current earth are used to produce new energy electric vehicles, they can only Meet tens of millions of new energy vehicles.

“Therefore, while the lithium-ion battery is widely used, it also needs to be synchronized for recovery processing.. Scientific research is not a day’s efforts to listen to the Chemical Nobold.

. He invited M. Stanley Witly Han to Shanghai, and went to Shaoxing to participate in the 14th China-US Electric Automotive and Battery Technology Information Exchange Conference.

. “Weitan Han and I have to see several times a year.”.

“Yoshino also invited to visit Shanghai, and I feel rapidly in the development of lithium-ion batteries and new energy vehicles, and the evaluation of my country’s lithium-ion battery manufacturer is very high.. He laughed, with the help of Japanese technology power, the lithium-ion battery has a major breakthrough in R & D, and my country’s company is also in the world, letting the lithium-ion battery re-implicit future, “despite the technique of thousands of technologies, however, The study is not the day of the day, and it is a true meaning of science and technology.

. “my country’s research team also contributes. The “Biracelium” project of the Mitailifeng team completed the “British-powered lithium battery manufacturing and its application process” project, this year won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

He said that whether it is a new energy vehicle, rail transit, logistics truck and other electric transportation tools, as well as smart grid storage system, my country’s research and development and production in the field of lithium iron phosphate ion battery applications have been in front of the world.. “A new technique is not born in the moment of inspiration, but gradually developed on the basis of the continuous exploration and practice of the majority of researchers.

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