The car market is down, but the opportunity of self-contained battery companies

The car market is down, but the opportunity of self-contained battery companies

Since the fall of 2018, the “car market cold wind” is still not stopped.. According to the data joint data, in July, the national passenger car market retail 14.

85 million units, down 5% year-on-year, decreased by 15.9% from the previous month, and the retail of the narrow passenger car decreased by 8.8% in July this year.

. Despite this, the retail drop in July is less than the annual cumulative amplitude, but only the limited improvement of the decline is clearly not enough to let the company put down the annual concerns..

After that, the decline in production and sales of last few months, and the profit of most car companies has reduced or even losses.. The latest data shows that the profits in the first half of 2019 in the first half of 2019 have different degrees of decline in the first half of 2019.

. Not only that, “car market cold wind” has been infiltrated from the front end to the entire industrial chain. Under the cold wind, the small companies in the automotive parts field “Sithers tremble”, even the big companies are also proud, in order to get through the cold winter, it should be, the factory is closed.

Of course, we don’t have it to be partial, because there is a bad environment, there is always a company has your own way of life and chips.. Take an autonomous parts company as an example, although you may not be able to admit it, long-term, due to technical and foreign parts companies, the existence of autonomous parts companies has been not strong, even after the accumulation of certain strengths, The concerns given by the vehicle enterprises seem far to.

In short, about self-employed parts, “Not afraid of people can’t see, I am afraid that people don’t look at”. Nowadays, the challenges in the car market will not say that the challenges faced by the autonomous parts companies are self-evident, but in turn, with the increase in the profit stress of the car, this may make the car enterprise to more cost-effective independent zero Components have more attention, some autonomous parts companies or can take the opportunity to break through. Followed is a good thing! Recently, in the relevant research of Gaiu Automobile, the research results of this topic show that “you think it is concerned about whether car companies will add to the autonomous component company”, 67% of the participants believe Car companies will add new concern about autonomous parts companies, only 12% of people think that they will not add attention.

As we all know, whether it is worried about the technical strength of the self-employment company company, it is still based on the “pursuit” of the big brand, and the domestic car enterprise, including independent brand car enterprises, more choices in key components. And products using foreign parts companies, it is difficult to get the corresponding access opportunities..

This has formed a malignant cycle: self-employed company company technology is not strong, the vehicle company is not willing to give it an opportunity, and the independent parts company has no opportunity to support it, it is difficult to strong. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced in 2018 showed that in the full-class supporting system, only 20% of the market share of 20%, most independent parts company products were generally low. In the low-end market; the foreign-funded capital of 50%, 3% of China and foreign joint ventures, and occupy the high-end supporting market.

And when the car market is down, the cost of the car enterprise and the increase in profit stress increase. Under this situation, in addition to the lower pressure of the existing parts supplier costs, naturally look for more cost-effective suppliers, this time, self-employed parts will naturally be in the candidate. Despite some insiders believe that the cost advantage of autonomous parts in recent years is weakened, but they have to be recognized that they are still relatively advantageous.

. Of course, the concerns of car enterprises are not only because of the pressure of external environment. In recent years, some achievements obtained from independent parts companies have also been expected to expect industry.

. For example, according to the “US Automotivenews” 2019 Global Auto Parts Suppliers Suppliers, the number of my country’s company has increased year by year, and in this year’s list, there are 7 Chinese companies. On the list, including Yanfeng, Beijing Haina, CITIC Daika, DC Motor, Sensit Group, Wuling Industry and Anhui Zhongding Seal Co.

, Ltd.. Regardless of what, when the new car company has added attention to the independent parts company, it means that it has the opportunity to obtain more access opportunities or the cultivation of the vehicle company, and once there is an opportunity, their growth is also Faster.

In this survey, it is concerned that “what you think will be independent parts company to take the opportunity”, nearly 7 years, “there is, but less”, and nearly 2% of people think “there, and a large amount”. Whether it is more or less, it can be determined that some self-autonomous component companies have the opportunity to “tiger mouth”. It is to stay, rely on yourself! In the near future, the film “which” is “,” I don’t help you from the sky, it is the magic of the fairy, I have said it myself “, touched countless viewers Inner heart.

And the author should say that the independent parts company should have such awareness: the car is floating, it is to stay, rely on himself! According to “my country’s auto parts industry development research”, only more than 2,000 statistics Home auto parts, output value (sales) is generally in the case of 440 (21%) in the body, the output value is 1227 billion yuan; 612 power systems (29.1%), the output value is 614.7 billion yuan; 148 suspension systems (7%), the output value is 173 billion; 131 brake systems (6.

2%), the output value is 147.6 billion yuan; the aluminum wheel 54 companies (2.6%), the output value is 145 billion yuan; 175 steering systems (8.

3%) ), Output value is 122.5 billion; 68 new energy automotive systems (3.2%), output value size is 122.

2 billion yuan; 22 air conditioning systems (1%), output value size 34.6 billion yuan. It can be seen that in terms of traditional auto parts, my country’s best is the car body and external decoration, followed by the power system, the sales of other sectors are lower.

. This is also relatively consistent with the survey results of the Heli Automobile..

From this survey results, in the car core components, the autonomous parts companies have made progress in engine, chassis, body, and gear, have improved in the traditional auto parts of these auto parts, including the progress of the vehicle, and the engine. Recognize, but overall, these aspects have not protruded enough. In contrast, more ginsengers believe that autonomous components are faster and more obvious in electrical equipment, three-power systems, and ADAS, and independent parts companies will also be more chance to achieve these major aspects.

Replace. In fact, it is true that from the three-power system, under the support and guidance of a series of policies, domestic new energy vehicles desire to achieve core technologies such as corner overtaking, battery, motor and electric control..

The maximum example of the power lithium battery should be CATL. The CATL trend from the ATL power lithium battery industry is extremely fierce. Since its establishment in 2011, my country has become the opportunity of China’s largest new energy auto market in the world.

In 2017, he not only rushed over BYD, but also squeezed the pines, and became the champion of global lithium battery shipments. Of course, in addition to, Guoxuan high-tech, billion lithium energy is also rapid development.

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