The car company should not have a powerful lithium battery, and the Ford CEO said …

The car company should not have a powerful lithium battery, and the Ford CEO said ...

September 1st News Tsla’s battery strategy will not be adopted by traditional car company, as the company’s CEO Jim Hachakete said that the capital migrate to its own battery manufacturer “without any advantage”. At the 2020 second quarter of the 2020, July, Morgan Stanley’s Adamjonas asked if the company considers the strategy of electric motor vehicle battery instead of purchasing a battery from a third-party company such as Panasonic and LG chemistry..

Hukte said that his team has a “deep excavation” for the self-made battery core.. It turns out that this is not good for Ford.

. “I have seen some people who have learned from the supplies..

And according to us, in fact, our entire team has conducted a real in-depth study in six months, since Mask has established his Gigafactory, the supply chain has accelerated development.. “Hackett said,” So there are many things that don’t deserve our capital to have your own factory.

. In terms of cost or procurement, ownership does not have any advantages, because Ford can learn from. “On the contrary, Ford will continue to walk the current road, that is, from the third party supplier to buy batteries, rather than research and improve the battery in the company’s global factory.

. However, TSLA found that its Giganevada plant has a huge advantage, which is responsible for assembling battery pack with the help of Panasonic..

“Forbes” pointed out that TREFIS analyzed January 2020, from 2016 to 2019, battery costs decreased by 45%, which effectively reduced the price of TSLA car with average $ 7,000.. Despite this, Ford did not shake, the company’s executives believe that they don’t currently don’t have a battery factory.

. According to the “Automotive News” report, Thai-Tang, the Director of Ford Product Development and Purchasing, said that the company has to produce 100,000 to 150,000 electric vehicles every year, there is only a reason to establish a battery pack..

“We originally did not have this quantity to prove the rationality of this capital expenditure,” Thai-Tang said, “In addition to the full-line battery electric car manufacturer like TSLA, any OEM manufacturer does not have enough scale to prove this Rationality of spending. “Thai-Tang’s statement shows that Ford is likely to change the performance of battery production in the future..

However, the company still has to add its electric product line production.. At present, he has no opinions on purchasing batteries from suppliers.

“This allows us to get the latest technologies and innovations from multiple suppliers,” he said. However, TSLA is being developed by developing its battery technology..

Many Wall Street analysts believe that the company’s battery strategy is an important reason for its success. Since this year, the company’s success since its exponential level. It is understood that Ford is still fine-tuning its electric car projects, and plans to spend $ 11 billion before 2022, it is competitive in the rapidly rising industry, and four electric cars will be announced in 2023.

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