The battery never-fire is to electric car safer

The battery never-fire is to electric car safer

The safety of new energy vehicles has received attention. In recent years, the self-ignition cars in recent years have enabled national issues to address new energy vehicles, and continuously strengthen supervision..

Now, with the technical breakthrough of core parts, the safety era of smart electric cars is expected to be unscrupulous.. At the relevant meeting held in mid October, Chairman, Chairman, Director, demonstrated a video at the speech, said: “Our 811 three-yuan battery system we design, easy to pass hot diffusion test, time is not 5 minutes, and It is never a fire “.

Previously, BYD also announced the blade battery of “needle thorn”, two head companies’ heavy attack, causing sensation in the industry. It can be said that when these “never-fire batteries” have entered the mass production car stage, it is a syndicate change of the new energy automobile industry..

Battery security upgrade: “Never get fire” really achieve? Previously, CATL’s star product NCM811 battery has caused a number of new energy vehicles to spontaneous combustion events, pushing this industry giant into the tip of the wind, and the market value has also evaporated for 40 billion yuan.. More new energy vehicles, self-ignition, also argue around the route of the 811 battery.

In the face of market dispute, CATL has sacrificed the “never-fire” 811 battery, in order to disregard the market doubts, consolidate the stamp. This time, Zeng Qun’s exhibition, also rapidly attracted widespread attention: Does the power lithium battery “never start fire” can really be realized? The full media reporter pays attention to the high energy density, and the safety is unstable has always been concerned with the industry..

Currently, in addition to CATL, foreign head battery companies do not choose high-nickel 811 or even higher nickel content battery technology route – Korea SKI, LG chemistry, Panasonic battery and other companies, is also vigorously developed 811 battery pack. According to my country’s national standards, in order to protect the safety of driving passengers, the thermal diffusion test experimental requirements of the simulation of batteries, must be left at least 5 minutes to rescue escape. In the video played in Zeng Qun, there is no phenomenon in the fire.

. However, Zeng Qun added, current battery high energy density, high security has no problem, just low cost still time solution. And before this, BYD has handed over a more secure “blade battery” at the end of March this year.

. According to the experimental results and pictures announced by BYD, the three-dimensional ion battery is very intense after being accepted, and even a fire and explosion; the ordinary lithium iron phosphate ion battery also occurs heat out of control in the experiment, housing The high temperature is fried with eggs..

However, BYD “blade battery” is not fired after penetrating, smoke-free, the temperature of the battery is only about 30 ¡ã C ~ 60 ¡ã C, and the eggs on the surface of the battery have no change, preventing “thermal out of control”, and the safety is extremely advantageous.. At present, the first production line of BYD power lithium battery project is also officially put into production, and the blade battery starts.

. This means that the battery technology of the two giants is promoted, and it is leading the new energy car to enter the safer era..

Survey: The “811 battery” raised in a recent electric new car listed in a nearly Japanese, the most often hear is that the car uses CATL’s 811 batteries, CATL power lithium batteries in the current domestic new energy car market share Perspective. According to the incomplete statistics of the reporter, now, Wei Ma, Guangzhou Automobile, Brilliance BMW, Beiqi New Energy, Xiaopeng, Zero Run, etc., has a high-end new energy car, which is equipped with CATL’s 811 battery, such as adopting The CATL811 battery’s escort has accumulated more than 45,000 units this year.

. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the domestic new energy vehicle produces approximately 352,000 units in the first half of 2020, and the domestic power lithium battery powered lithium battery is about 17.5GWH.

. CATL has a battery installed capacity of 8520 mGh in the first half of the year, and the market share is nearly 50%, and it is the sum of the 2-15 installed machine..

Only the amount of CATL battery in September this year is the second one of BYD’s 3 times.. From the product, CATL is important product is a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, of which the 811 model of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery is its flagship product.

. In 2019, CATL’s overall installed capacity was 33GWH, which occupied the half-Wanjiang Mountain of my country’s powered lithium battery installed, of which 811 accounted for 12%. Such huge share, CATL’s battery technology breakthrough is crucial.

However, there are also industry experts to repay the battery “never-fire” battery.. A self-owned brand technical expert told reporters that there is no sufficient data certificate in the product, there is no sufficient data certificate 811 security is completely solved, but does not exclude the product has a technical breakthrough.

. However, if Ningde will not afford the 811 product mass production, then “continuing to lead the dynamic lithium battery market basics”. Big data: The number of vehicles is decreased, but thermal management is “boss” due to battery problems, the new energy vehicle spontaneous combustion incident, which has been touched consumers’ nerves.

. Also become the “Strict Tube” of the relevant national regulatory authorities. Recently, in October, there were many electric vehicles to fire, and Weima Automobile urgently announced the official recall, and will replace the power of other battery brands for recall vehicles.

. Previously, it was also because the ES8 was frequently fired, and the recall was initiated..

This is exactly the result of strict supervision of new energy vehicles in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in recent years.. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that in 20 fire accidents in the first half of 2020, there are seven of the fire in charging, 6, there are 6 fires, and is closely related to battery safety.

. Sun Fengchun pointed out that from the charging of electric vehicles, it is necessary to attract enough attention to the occurrence of a fire accident. The new energy vehicle safety problem needs to attach great importance to the cause of fire caused by the fire.

. It is gratifying that the current new energy car’s fire accident is also in the decline, based on the conclusions of the new energy car national supervision platform big data, 2017 and the previous new energy vehicle accident rate is high. Master of my country, Director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Electric Vehicles Reference to the New Energy Automobile National Regulatory Platform, the new energy car, the fire accident rate is actually lower than the traditional fuel car.

There are 20 electric vehicles in the first half of 2020. Accident, a year-on-year declined by 31%; 28 vehicles involved, 22% year-on-year. Sun Fengchun pointed out that due to data from September 14, 2020, the new energy vehicle spontaneous combustion accident, there are many vehicles in the motor vehicle, in the fire vehicle, the static state accounts for 31.

4%, and the driving status accounts for 40%, charging State accounts for 17.1%, unknown 11.4%.

Industry experts pointed out that although domestic electric vehicles fired a decline in the same period from last year, industry security issues still cannot be ignored. In addition to battery reasons, there are new energy vehicles sold on the market, and there are all kinds of fire hidden dangers with traditional fuel cars..

[Observation] At the beginning of the initial stage, new energy vehicles encountered various problems and questioning in development, and the traditional fuel cars have also experienced such a stage.. It can be said that with BYD, CATL’s succession technology pushes new, “never does not afford fire” battery achieves a lot of production, the pattern of electric vehicle market will inevitably change, the number of new energy vehicles will inevitably reduce, new Energy car reliability will also progress.

Before this, you must say that the new energy car is still a safe travel tool.. The data of the new energy car national regulatory platform can be explained: my country’s new energy car fire probability is 0.

49. According to the data released by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security, the annual fire accident rate of traditional cars is approximately 1 to a poor..

In contrast, the rush of new energy vehicles is significantly lower than traditional fuel vehicles.. With regard to new energy vehicles, we should use more positive attitudes to accept and meet changes, because one or two recalls “,” I think that new energy vehicles are not safe than traditional fuel cars, it is too fil.

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