The battery cost is 20% from Panasonic? Vice Chairman CATL: Non Qu

The battery cost is 20% from Panasonic? Vice Chairman CATL: Non Qu

Recently, foreign media reports say that TSLA is planning to produce more cheaper batteries in large-scale production, and named “RoadRunner” program. If the program is reached, the cost of electric cars is expected to drop to $ 100, which also means The cost of TSLAMODEL3 or reduces about 4,000 yuan. Industry insiders pointed out that TSLA caused disagreement due to Panasonic in Panasonic, I hope that Panasonic can further reduce battery prices, but Panasonic is limited, only once to find partners and even self-producing batteries.

It is reported that Panasonic is important for TSLA supply cylindrical dynamic lithium battery, belongs to a three-dollar material, an important nickel-cobalt aluminate (NCA). At the recent CATL performance, the company’s spokesman said that it had already communicated with the TSLA team. It is expected that the delivery time is in the second half of this year, and especially emphasizes the supply is not limited to lithium iron phosphate or ternary batteries.

Market demand, not limited to TSLA domestic super factory. So whether the high-profile declaration is related to the cobalt battery innovation proposed by CATL? Sina Finance has found that the most critical material in the new energy vehicle is a power lithium battery. The power lithium battery assembly accounts for 38% of the total cost of the car, where the positive material is an important cost, accounting for about 40, accounting for about 40 %, And the supply price of lithium and cobalt from raw materials is large.

Positive material or tall nickel development battery costs to fall to the National Monarch Industrial Research Center, my country’s battery company is important to use triam material-nickel-nickellate-nickel-nickel-nickel-nickellate (NCM), depending on Ni, Mn and COs Divided into different types of products such as NCM111, NCM523, NCM622, NCM811, currently mainstream three yuan technology is 523. However, the data shows that the Energy density of NCM523 is about 160mAh / g, the cycle performance and the self-discharge are poor, and the content of cobalt content in NCM 523 is relatively high, about 20%, which is easily affected by the price of cobalt supply of raw materials..

In contrast, the NCM622 / NCM811 energy density is as high as 170 mAh / g and 190mAh / g, and the cobalt content is low, and the market is welcomed, especially NCM811.. However, its sintering conditions are harsh, high production environment, and domestic less companies to achieve production.

Recently, a CATL spokesperson said that the current three-yuan lithium electricity accounts for about 20%.. It is reported that my country’s cobalt raw materials have rely on imports, and the USGS research report said that the global cobalt reserves are distributed in the Congo (Gold), followed by Australia (17%) and Cuba (7%), etc.

, affected by the production supply and demand. Cobalt prices have risen from $ 10 / lbs in 2016-2018 / pound. China Monarch Industry Research Center said that high nickel ternary (NCM622 and NCM811) with high capacity, low price, etc.

or future development direction, battery costs have to be lowered. It is worth noting that the CATL spokesperson said at the results of the performance, the company has its own “cobalt” battery technology reserves. The development is progressing smoothly and is trying a good supply chain because it is a brand new, subversive product.

. Battery gross profit continues to decline the structure innovation hanging BYD? If the battery cost is lowered, does it mean that the battery gross profit is improved? If the domestic battery faucet CATL is as an example, due to the new energy vehicle subsidies, the powerful cargo reduction is affected, the suited securities measurement says that CATL’s power lithium battery cost has fallen from 1.33 yuan / WH in 2015 to 0.

67 yuan in 2019 / WH, the decline is 49.62%, while the power lithium battery unit has dropped from 0.95 yuan / WH to 0.

27 yuan / WH, which decreased by 71.58%, making the company’s gross profit and repeatedly decline..

However, the company spokesperson said that although the price of lithium battery has a decline, the decline will gradually slow down.. Moreover, the company is in the CTP battery pack, because the battery module assembly link is omitted, the number of battery pack parts is reduced by 40%, and the production efficiency has increased by 50%, which effectively reducing power lithium battery costs.

. It is worth noting that the innovation of power lithium battery technology is divided into innovative structural innovation and electrochemical system. The blade battery produced by BYD reported earlier report is a kind of CTP battery pack innovation concept.

. But the spokesman said that the blade battery company currently has realized mass production in 2016, and has chosen to produce and quantitatively produce several kinds of CTP structural innovations, such as CTP-0, CTP-1, CTP-2. According to BYD official website, the blade battery is launched on March 29 this year.

. Ningde announced the continuous innovation and development of the competition or existing white-heat battery advantage, but also let Catl’s layout of the CATL never stop. According to the spokesman, in the international market, from the customer jointly develop products A, B, and C samples to mass production generally experience 36-48 months, while customers are generally fixed at the second sample stage, many projects The fixed point competition has ended, the company has achieved impressive results in the form of Panasonic, Samsung, and LG in the international market.

. In addition, the company’s financial officer said that the company expects 1.8 billion euros to build a European base for continuous expanding the company’s production.

. According to the company’s announcement, the company has received many projects in the overseas market, including BMW, Toyota, Daimler, Modern, Jaguar, Land Tiger, PSA, Volkswagen, Volvo..

Figure 1: Global Power Lithium Battery – Car Enterprise Supporting Relationship With CATL to enter overseas market, Panasonic, Samsung, LG will also enter the domestic market, giants will compete. It is worth noting that the previous network is about 111 US dollars / kWh, while the cost of the CATL power lithium battery is $ 150 / kWh, more than 20% higher, the performance announcement, the company’s vice chairman said this pure Be a nonsense. .

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