The backup order reaches 125 billion US dollars LG chemical transcendence CATL into power lithium battery leading sheep

The backup order reaches 125 billion US dollars LG chemical transcendence CATL into power lithium battery leading sheep

According to foreign media reports, Korean battery manufacturer LG chemistry said that the company has orders worth 150 trillion won ($ 125 billion), which will keep it busy in the next five years and will help them. Popular crisis. The strong performance of LG chemistry also makes it surpassing my country CATL and becomes the leader of this year’s battery industry.

. Currently, LG chemistry is increasing production to meet orders in Europe and my country’s market..

SHINHAK-CHEOL, CHINHAK-CHEOL, Chemical CEO, “We will succeed in the epidemic, because our battery orders are still new. We have to expand production to deal with backlog orders. “(: Lg chemistry) based on the data of SneerenArch, this year five months, affected by the epidemic, the global electric vehicle battery sales decreased by 24%, but in Tslamodel3, Renault Zoe, and Audi E-Tron, the support of the best-selling models, LG chemical battery sales increased by 70%.

Therefore, the market share of LG chemistry has also increased from 10.8% last year to 24.2%, exceeding CATL (22.

3%) and Panasonic (21.4%). LG chemical stock price has also been doubled in the past four months, close to the highest point in the past 10 years.

. LG Chemical in the epidemic is largely attributed to its localized supply chain. In addition to domestic plants, the company also has a factory in my country, Poland and US Michigan, and is currently establishing a factory in Ohio to supply General Motors.

. SHIN said, “During the epidemic, our regional manufacturing center played an important purpose..

The company has almost no experience, and the supply of raw materials is sufficient.. “LG chemistry also has a joint venture with the company’s car manufacturer Geely, which also begins to supply battery to TSLA Shanghai Factory this year.

. Shin said, “my country’s battery manufacturers have a larger sales, lower prices, but we still lead them two years in technology..

Technology development is our lifeblood, we will continue to increase research and development investment to expand technical differences between other competitors.. “Although the epidemic eruptions forced LG chemistry to cut 9% this year’s capital expenditure, to about 6 trillion won, but the company plans to increase capital expenditure next year, and put 60% of the new part of the battery business.

This year, the company plans to use 1.3 trillion won (4% of sales) to R & D, about 40% of which will be used in electric vehicle batteries..

SHIN is expected that the global electric motor market will rise at 35% per year. By 2024, the share of electric vehicles in the overall car market in the world will rise from 2.8% last year to 15%.

. “Under the promotion of Europe and my country more strict environmental regulations, the global electric motor market will continue to rise quickly. Europe and my country will account for more than 70% of the global electric motor market.


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