The ambition and helplessness of the king: the battle behind the power of TSLA

The ambition and helplessness of the king: the battle behind the power of TSLA

On the first day of 2021, when the domestic TSLAModely was in the price reduction, the test was also coming – under the rumor of “10 hours of orders of 10 hours”, the output of TSLA will directly affect Timely delivery of new cars. On January 2, the 21st century economic report reporter learned to a TSLA sales personnel, “If now immediately place an order, Modely delivery is the first to wait until the end of March this year..

“And Tsla my country’s official website shows that Model will start this month.. In recent years, TSLA has been regarded as “price killer” in the industry.

. The market response caused by a new car pricker is even more exciting in the domestic modely: more than 100,000 prices are lowered, becoming a “big ceremony” in many consumer ports..

After tsla dares to fight the “price war”, it is precise due to its rapid decline in battery costs in recent years.. However, TSLA can dare to seize the vehicle orders due to the battery, but it may also be further expanded by the battery supply is not in time.

. On the TSLA “Battery Day” last year, the company’s CEO Elon Mask admitted that TSLA often matures due to new cars and battery design and manufacturing processes, and missed production objectives..

The king of catching up Beijing time in the early hours of September 23, September 23, Masque, in front of 270,000 users. At each time, he introduced the future plan of TSLA, especially sharp reduction of battery design and manufacturing costs..

Therefore, the outside world refers to this announcement for TSLA “battery day”. However, this announcement does not meet the exhibition of the company for the company..

Even the direct evaluation after some institution is, “Some expectations have fallen.. “On the same day, TSLA stock price fell, the market value shrinks more than 150 billion yuan.

The TSLA “Battery Day” is subject to an external attention, which is the king of a new energy car, but it is still a chasing person in the dynamic lithium battery.. This is the pain of Mask’s heart, it is also the largest ambition that Tsla is currently being condensed: realizes the self-production of new batteries.

. According to the plan, TSLA will achieve self-production of 100GWH power lithium batteries in 2022, 2030, this number will rise to 3TWH. “If this goal is achieved, TSLA can not only solve the battery supply to which you have, but can supply battery to other automakers.

. “A new energy car industry analyst told the 21st century reporter. In fact, TSLA is now accelerating your own pace.

. On December 29, 2020, China A Share Listed Company Yahua Group announced that the company’s subsidiaries of the company’s full-owned subsidiary Ya’an and TSLA signed a battery-level hydroxide supply contract, which is agreed from 2021. By 2025, the TSLA supplies a value of $ 630 million to $ 880 million in battery-level lithium hydroxide products.

. This big single, directly leading to the Yahua Group’s share price to achieve two coils. It is worth mentioning that this is not TSLA to purchase battery-level hydroxide to my country for the first time.

. As early as 2018, China’s largest lithium compound producer, the Lithium Lithium, announced that he and TSLA signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and agreed from January 31, 2018 to December 31, 2020 (can be extended for three years. ), To TSLA specified battery supplier supplies battery-level hydroxide products, annual procurement is about 20% of the total output of the company’s product.

Different, the supply object of the front lithium industry is the TSLA designated battery supplier, and the supply of Yahua Group is directly TSLA.. This change, there is no “Sima Zhao’s heart”.

The demand for high-decline miles is the issue of new energy vehicles to continue to face.. On TSLA “Battery Day”, “lower cost” and “higher energy density and endless mileage” become a tone.

The ternary material prepared by lithium hydroxide is a lithium source, the particles are more uniform, which is one of the reasons why the high performance power lithium battery is gradually using lithium hydroxide.. In recent years, TSLA will reduce costs on the battery.

. On the battery technology route, TSLA adopts a strategy of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and ternary lithium ion batteries..

Some models are equipped with lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, the cost is lower, which is also a direct cause of models including Model3.. But on the homemade battery technology route, TSLA is still reported to high nickel three yuan route.

And, it announced a new generation of cylindrical 4680 batteries last year.. However, in the industry’s view, even if it denotes a self-built battery production line, the TSLA does not realize the mass production of the power lithium battery in a short time.

. “Although TSLA has a large amount of battery technology, the overall battery production line technology may not mature. “The aforementioned new energy automotive industry analysts said that in a short period of time, TSLA relies on the situation of external battery suppliers.

. The big meal of the power lithium battery “will be very busy tomorrow, Modely new car to the store, many people say that they want to see the car. “January 2, the aforementioned TSLA salesman told the 21st Century Economic Reporter, the domestic Modely used the three-yuan lithium-ion battery, this and the 12th batch of” New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommendation Type “announced by the previous Ministry of Industry and Information Technology The vehicle information in the catalog.

Modely exceeds expected hot, or will affect domestic Modely shipments, let TSLA’s production increases greater bold. According to the media earlier, there are sources that the 2021 TSLA (Shanghai) plant plans to produce about 550,000 cars, of which the Model3 model is 300,000, the ModelY model is 250,000. The 21st century economic report reporter learned that the domestic Model3 standard version of the battery capacity is 55kWh, the capacity of the long-lasting version is 77kwh.

New domestic model3 battery capacity has no change. In addition, the Mode Battery capacity released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 77kWh..

According to this, 550,000 domestic TSLA’s power lithium battery installed is up to 42.35GWH..

TSLA batteries currently important suppliers are Panasonic, LG Chemical and CATL. Among them, the battery supplier of TSLA (Shanghai) is LG Chemical and CATL..

It is certain that Tsla picked up the power lithium battery, which is currently any of the power lithium battery manufacturers.. Statistics in 2019 show that CATL, Panasonic, LG chemical dynamic lithium battery installed capacity ranked 32.

9GWh, 28.5GWH and 15.4GWH, which were still less than 550,000 domestic TSLA’s power lithium battery Max demand.

When you eat this big cake, the production supply has become an important support for each family.. Take CATL as an example, hundreds of billion expansion becomes the company’s recent events.

On February 3, 2020, CATL announced the agreement with TSLA, will supply lithium-ion power lithium battery products to TSLA, supply time to July 1 to 30, 2022, 2020. From the supply, CATL does not rate LG chemistry. But under the expectation of high-volume targets, CATL is expected to increase the battery supply of TSLA.

. In the evening of December 29, CATL has three notices, intended to build or expand three lithium-ion battery production base projects. The total investment does not exceed 39 billion yuan to further consolidate its top position in the power lithium battery installation.

. The competition of the three major battery suppliers will continue. It is reported that LG Chemical Last monthly announcement plans to supply it to TSLA to TSLA within the next year, and this battery plan is produced in the second quarter of this year and is used for domestic version of Modely and next-generation electric vehicles.

Model. In addition, the new generation of batteries announced for TSLA, external battery suppliers are also speeding up TSLA new batteries..

Recently, according to media reports, the Panasonic of the three major battery suppliers of TSLA, planning the first 4680 new battery for TSLA electric vehicles in 2021. Once the trial system is successful in advance, the opportunity to get TSLA orders will be added as soon as possible soon, this is no different from “tiger mouth to catch”. And LG chemistry said earlier, its new battery specifications and TSLA4680 batteries are completely consistent.

CATL is also actively layout the cylindrical battery production line, adding variables to future competition. .

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