The aluminum battery “hit” is to subvert the industry pattern? Caution is coming …

The aluminum battery

“Will thoroughly change electric vehicles and energy storage. “This is located in Saturnose website, Delaware, USA. Do not use precious metals such as cobalt, nickel, no dendritic, no heat loss, 1200 kilometers, car, car service life is as high as 15 years.

This is the enhanced aluminum ion battery announced in Saturnose (ENHANCEDALTEREDALUMINUMION, “EAI”), “EAI” “EAI”, “Battery Industry New Rui”. Giving the new energy car and puts the amount of the 1221 lithium-ion battery, no two. At the end of the year, the aluminum ion battery suddenly passed through the world, the excellent indicator on the paper, “spike” lithium-ion battery in terms of battery life, safety, cycle.

Not only that, it is reported that aluminum ion batteries even plans to realize commercialization in 2022, slowly replacing a lithium-ion battery with high price ratio.. Is the lithium ion battery to fall “throne”? The aluminum ion battery is “paper talk” or revolutionary technology? “Daily Economic News” reporter launched an investigation.

Suddenly, Saturnose, who had been in the past, leading the battery industry to advance the leader of Tesla, Ningde Times, BYD, such as CTP technology and sodium ion batteries in Ningde Times, BYD blade battery, and Tesla recently. 4680 battery. This time Saturnose launched EAI paper data is perfect.

But about Saturnose, may not understand most of the battery industry. Saturnose official website shows its reports in Delaware, USA, which describes it as an Asian company, they are a group of Indian researchers supported by Saudi Arabic capital..

According to reports, Saturnose launched the EAI battery, which was originally served by DanaVentureFund, Saudi Arabia, and has been in the “invisible development” in the past five years.. The commercialization of the technology also supports the support of the Indian government, plans to build a technical center in Delhi, India, intended to cooperate with German THMFraunhofer.

. In addition, there are fresh Saturnose related reports in other channels..

The “Daily Economic News” reporter learned through the global base of the smart bud, Saturnose did not have an aluminum ion battery related patent.. By searching for keyword “aluminum ion batteries”, the United States applied for aluminum ion battery patents, is a company named Everon24, Inc.

, a total of 16 patent applications. Interestingly, the reporter further queried Everon24 related information, but has not been able to find the official website of the company. In the end, I found out the Everon24 related information at the SEC (US Securities Regulatory Commission) official website.

. Everon24 was established in Masa, Massachusetts in 2015, with branches in Delaware, and the company type is foreign company (ie non-US capital). The reporter learned from the PITCHBOOK website that the patent of Everon24 is related to the aluminum ion battery, including the first application “Charging Aluminum Ion Battery” in October 11, 2016, a number of water-type aluminum applications in March 2019 Ion battery patent.

Recently, the “chargeable aluminum ion battery” held by Everon24 is also authorized in my country.. The Patent Star website shows that the Patent Application Day is October 11, 2016, the authorization of the date of November 2, 2021.

In addition to my country, the United States, this patent is also registered separately in Europe, and South Korea can also be said that the patent is almost protected almost importantly in the world’s important battery production area.. It can be seen that “chargeable aluminum ion battery” is the earliest application, and it is also a more core patent.

. One of the inventors of “Charging Aluminum Ion Battery” is Rahulmukherjee, which is called Rahulmukherjeeph.D in accordance with the Pitchbook website.

. The reporter was inquiry on LinkedIn, and Rahulmukherjee was basically Indian and Indian..

Compare Saturnose official website, which has multiple similarities with Everon24. Everon24 branches are also in Delaware; Everon24 core patents are “chargeable aluminum ion batteries”, while Saturnose disclosed aluminum ion batteries are also charged; Everon24 core technicians may be Indians, Indian, Saturnose also deep India background. Perfect aluminum ion battery data can be seen, whether it is Saturnose or EVERON24, it is a small company that is not passed by the battery industry, which causes a huge impact of the industry, or because the data released by the Saturnose official website is too tempting, and perfectly Many defects in lithium ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are the most ill, although there are now 500 kilometers, 600 kilometers now.. But in winter, the life will underven.

Especially this year’s burst red lithium iron phosphate ion battery, and the degree of winter attenuation is especially. But on the data released by Saturnose, the battery life is not worth mentioning..

At present, it is a high-nickel-binary lithium-ion battery in the lithium-ion battery. Recently, the high-tech high-tech disclosure, its high nickel-three lithium ion battery monomer energy density reached 302WH / kg, and realizes mass production. Further enhance the battery energy density after high nickel ternary, and the industry is generally optimized to solid state batteries.

. In January 2021, a solid-state battery with high energy density up to 360Wh / kg was announced..

However, it has not been disclosed to disclose the solid state battery supplier.. Saturnose disclosed aluminum ion battery energy density, not only far more mature high-nickel ternary, but also a large-scale lithium-ion solid battery that is not yet mature.

. EAI battery is currently 550-750WH / kg, future route map is 1800Wh / kg. According to the lower limit of the energy density, the EAI battery is 1.

53 times that of the Solid State battery, which is 1.82 times that of the National High-tech High-tech..

According to the upper limit of the energy density, it is 2.08 times that of the Solid State Battery, Guoxuan High-tech High Ni-Nickel Triple, 2.48 times.

Source: Saturnose Lithium Ion Battery Another big defect is safe. The thermal instability of the lithium ion battery is an important reason for the fire and combustion..

Saturnose pointed out the drawbacks of lithium-ion batteries in the official website, which said: “Safety is the biggest problem in all lithium-ion batteries. Most lithium-ion batteries fire and explosions are caused by short circuit. When the separator is faulty and allows the positive electrode, the battery will start excess, and the chemical substance in the electrolyte ignite.

“Saturnose believes that traditional 18650 lithium ion batteries use flammable electrolyte, and EAI batteries are all solid electrolytes. According to this, Saturnose said: “Compared with all the lithium-ion batteries in the world, our full solid aluminum batteries are: safest, lighter and more heat. “In addition, Saturnose also refers to the selection of lithium ion batteries in the choice of negative electrode materials, the number of cycles, and the dependence of expensive metals, such as the use of cobalt, nickel, nickel, nickel.

And the number of EAI batteries reached 30,000 times and the cost is lower.. Saturnose said: “(Aluminum ion) battery is 50% lower than the current cost of lithium ion batteries.

“What is the lithium-ion battery faucet? The cost is lower, the battery is stronger, safer, longer, really have such a perfect battery? Saturnose gives the data given by its official website really realizes? Without technical reserves? On December 8, “Daily Economic News” reporter contacted Tesla, Ningde Times, BYD and other industries. Regarding whether there is an aluminum ion battery-related technique, Tesla does not evaluate, Ningde Times staff said: “We have a layout of” valuable technology. “.

“And the Siberi’s secret office staff said that it is not concerned about technical issues, and should call the investor relationship department.. The reporter 投 关 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话 电话.

Is the aluminum ion battery really valuable? Through the smart bud global patent database search keyword “aluminum ion battery”, the patent application is ranked for Everon24, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Hangzhou High Ethylene Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Beijing Jinlu Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd. Shenzhen Bolita New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, etc., patent applications are 16, 14, 12, 10, 6, 6, 5 and 5. The reporter noted that the company has a large number of domestic patent applications.

. On December 8, “Daily Economic News” calls high-alone technology, and its staff said: “We now have some technical accumulation, but there is no industrialization..

If you want to know more details, you can contact the developed colleagues.. “Subsequently, the above staff sent a public number article to the reporter through social APP” Zhejiang University Super Probilization Team: Low-cost expansion graphite positive to improve the magnification performance of aluminum ion battery “.

This article is announced in September 2021. The article said that “the aluminum ion battery has the advantages of high negative electrode capacity, good security, rich resources, and has a very good application prospect in the field of large-scale energy storage and high power supply..

At present, the aluminum ion battery is important to use a layered carbon material (graphene, graphite) as an aluminum ion battery, has a high output voltage, excellent fast charge and cycle stability.. However, the graphel positive electrode capacity of aluminum ion batteries still has a large lifting space, and further explores the energy storage mechanism of the positive electrode of carbon material is beneficial to the rational design aluminum ion battery positive electrode “.

Qiu Xinbao information shows that high-Ethylene Technology is wholly-owned by Changxue Detene Technology Co., Ltd., and the major shareholders of decene technology are superb, and the shareholding ratio is 52.

69%.. Through the record of patented Star, it was found that high-alien technology held 124 patents, including only 1 aluminum ion battery.

. In fact, high-Ethylene Technology applies for 8 aluminum ion related patents, but 7 items are in failure..

It is worth mentioning that high-Ethylene technology not only applies to an aluminum ion battery, but the patent also includes a “a zinc ion battery solid electrolyte” “” a lithium ion battery premiene-oxide film and preparation method thereof Application. It can be seen that high allygite is not a special aluminum ion battery..

Since then, the reporter also called Shenzhen Bolita New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies with aluminum ion battery patents, but these companies are not to be connected, that is, refuse to accept interviews.

. In addition to the company, the reporter also calls relevant research institutions and scholars involved in this field, such as the Aluminum ion battery research and development center of Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute, but they have not received reply..

Dawn reproduce or a speculation? In fact, in April 2017, Stamford University, Stamford University, published a paper-related papers, which was headed by Professor Dai Hongjie.. It is reported that this aluminum battery has the advantages of high efficiency and durability, low flammability, low cost, and rapid charging, which can become a safe substitute for conventional batteries.

. In May, 2021, the University of Queensland, Australia, developed new stone-aluminum-aluminum batteries, compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, which is faster, more sustainable, and longer service life, longer service life, than current lithium ion batteries 3 times longer. Benefiting from a higher energy density, its charging speed increased by 70 times.

However, the performance of the secondary aluminum ion battery has nothing this exaggeration.. On December 7, the news was fermented in the domestic capital market, and even investors issued questions about listed companies.

. For example, * ST Hermei, on December 7th, there are investors inquiry: “The company’s aluminum ion battery cooperation agreement signed by Stanford University in 2015, I don’t know if there is subsequent progress and research and development results?” December 7 to 12 On the eighth day, Yao Yu Technology, DFC, Guoxuan High Class, Jiangte Motor, my country Baoan, Ningde Times, Xingyun Shares, Yun Aluminum Shares, Green Mei and other listed companies have investors, trying to understand aluminum ion batteries Related cases, the market is hot. In terms of capital markets, my country’s aluminum industry recent stock prices came back, on December 6, on December 7th, on December 8, it rose 10.

02%, 6.07%, 2.54% respectively, as of December 8, the market value has been Over 100 billion.

In contrast, Ningde Times decreased 4.33%, 4.30% respectively, 2.

59% from December 6, on December 6, December 7, December 7th, and the 19th Supper, Ten Falling 4.81%, 4.95%, and on December 7, with a slight increase of 1.

88%, respectively.. For the future of lithium-ion batteries, Wang Guanlin, Director Wang Guanlin, director of the ZHVH, said: “From the layout of the industrial chain, (lithium ion battery) has been very complete, high and medium-end low ends of each link are full.

From a technical point of view, it is also constantly creating the limit performance of each material, and the product derived more in line with the product.. From the perspective of capital investment, it also likes this mature product.

As long as the market demand continues to break, the capital will not stop in, and help the industry development.. Currently only need to upgrade each manufacturing process, realize carbon emissions of each link.

Therefore, the method of replacing lithium electricity is still more difficult. “.

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