Tang Weiping: my country’s aerospace entered a new ‘lithium era.’

Tang Weiping: my country's aerospace entered a new 'lithium era.'

From 7 years ago, I gave up the foreign excellent treatment home back to my country, Tang Weiping has never stopped from the road to “lithium” thought.. “Lithium is used as a clean energy, more and more use in all fields, will also benefit our descendants.

. According to reason, my country’s lithium resources is quite rich, but 70% of lithium resources exist in salt lake brine in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, because of the lack of extracting lithium technology without effective use. “Just joined the space power supply, Tang Weiping aims at the” lithium resource extraction “high-tech field.

He has mastered the “lithium” core technology in Salt Lake, which has been introduced four times in the year of Ji Nail, Qinghai. In the hour, then drive to the salt lake for more than 4 hours, not only more than 20 hours of trek, but also to withstand a strong plateau, and the 20-year-old guys have begun to have a headache. , But when you go to the local, Tang Weiping does not take a rest, immediately go to the scene to conduct inspection.

That year, he has already fifty. I dare to dare to do it, it is a uniform evaluation of “Tangbo” in the team..

Under his leadership, the lithium-ion battery technology research and development team is stepped by step by step.. For the mobile phone battery explosion, Tang Weiping and colleagues in recent years have developed a full solid-state battery, “” “” “” “” “” “” And the solid battery is higher than the energy density, that is, our mobile phone standby time will be longer in the future.

. “In addition, we have also developed a full solid-state thin film battery. Its thickness is like a piece of paper.

This battery will be used in the intelligent card, sensor, and the electronic tag of the smart card, sensor, and the medical industry. We have introduced equipment, In the second half of the year, it is necessary to invest in the production! “Talking about these, Tang Wei is not self-confidential, and the spirit is flying..

Despite the busy business, as long as you return home, Tang Weiping always likes to learn together with the children.. The big son has graduated from universities, engaged in new energy automobile development; the little son in the first middle of the school uniforms found the inkprints that could have been washed, and the father and son jointly developed a photocatalytic agent.

And received second prize in Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition. “It seems that our ‘lithium’ wants to succeed!” Tang Weiping said with a smile.

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