Talking about electric vehicle charging lithium battery solutions

Talking about electric vehicle charging lithium battery solutions

Electric cars is a mainstream trend in the solutions such as energy, environment, urban transportation, and an important direction in the future development of automobile industry.. The current situation, the hybrid car, pure electric cars have been put into use in large areas; electric bus, patrol car, reception vehicle, van, shuttle car, etc.

, have been widely popular in various industries. Fuel Power Battery Cars, Bio Energy Vehicles, etc. Clean energy cars have been in full swing, the future will become mainstream.

Policy my country’s new energy vehicle development prospects are unlimited. In the past 10 years, the State Council has continuously increased its investment, including technical advancement, technical transformation fund, support key automobile production company, etc..

All cities are also constantly being continuously promoted in policies, development planning, infrastructure construction, consumption subsidies, etc.. The traditional car industrial chain involves more than 100 industries, and the new energy vehicle is extended on the basis of traditional automobile industry chains.

. At present, most countries will focus on developing pure electric cars..

The upstream important newly added lithium-ion battery, motor and control system, car vehicle control system, downstream new recharge, battery recycling, etc.. In the cost of pure electric vehicle (EV), the power drive system (including the power lithium battery system and motor drive system), accounting for more than 50% of the vehicle.

. Among them, the lithium-ion battery is one of the key, so there is a voice of “lithowably to the world”. The adhesive is one of the core factors that achieve power drive system stability, efficient, lasting, and safe work.

. Car power lithium battery introduction At present, mainstream automotive power lithium batteries is: three-dimensional lithium and lithium iron phosphate ion battery. The ternary lithium-ion battery has a high energy density, good low temperature performance, high reliability, long life, and battery life, but the cost is high; and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is low, easy to manufacture, battery easy Recycling, safety is higher than three yuan, but the battery is influenced by three yuan lithium ion battery.

1, soft boiled lithium battery (1) Good safety: soft boiled lithium battery is packaged in the structure, in the case of safety hazards, the soft bag lithium battery will only costly, not like steel shells. Explosion occurs like aluminum shell cells. (2) Weight light: Soft boiler lithium battery weight is more equivalent to a steel shell lithium-ion battery light 40%, a lithium ion battery than aluminum shell is 20%.

(3) Capacity: 20% more than 20% of soft packages, 50% more than capacity. (4) Internal resistance: The internal resistance of the lithium battery is small than that of the lithium ion battery, which can greatly reduce the battery’s self-consumption..

(5) Design flexible: the shape of the shape can be made thinner, can be thinner, can be customized according to customer needs, develop new battery core model. (6) Poor consistency. (7) The cost is higher, and the production is solved by scale production.

. (8) Leakage, to solve the quality of aluminum plastic film. 2, cylindrical battery (1) automated production process mature, high product raise rate, low PACK cost.

(2) High consistency with cylindrical battery pack, battery pack energy density. (3) Small battery, large heat dissipation area, better heat dissipation performance. (4) The production process is mature, and the battery is consistent.

. (5) People generally worry that there is a problem with one battery, which will affect the power supply of the whole vehicle, and the lighter causes electric car armpits, causing various accidents..

3, square battery (1) housing adopts aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.. (2) Strive to the electrical cells from aluminum plastic film batteries, and the electrical core safety has a large improvement in cylindrical batteries.

. (3) The housing has caused limited energy density of the battery pack, low automation, low product yield, poor consistency. Dynamic lithium battery adhesive solution adhesive on the four major uses of the power lithium battery: 1.

For the power of the power lithium battery supply protection effect; 2. Implement a safe and reliable lightweight design; 3. Heat management; 4.

Help the battery to respond more complicated Use environment. Bonding – structure bonding substrate between cells and cells: Aluminum plate and outsourced PET film requirements: bonding positioning, thermal conductivity, and PET film and aluminum binder good solution: two-component polyurethane structure glue Component silicone two-component silicone product features: two-component polyurethane structural adhesive: high temperature resistance, flexible, low shrinkage resistance, high impact resistance, high impact resistance. Single part of the thermally conductive silica gel: convenient coating, good adhesion, but large area is used to cure or internal non-cure.

Two-component silica gel: to apply the rubber equipment, if the small package is used, the cost is high, but the bonding can be cured inside and outside the large area.. Cylindrical Battery Assembly Glue Patients 1) Bonding substrate for conductive sheet and module housing: PC tablets and nickel sheets / aluminum tablets / aluminum sheets and ABS / PC requirements: bonding positioning, temperature-resistant -40 ¡ã C ~ 85 ¡ã C fast positioning; recommended products: fourth-generation acrylic structuring high temperature hot melt glue product features: fourth-generation acrylic structure: low odor, suitable for small space, good fatigue, high temperature hot meltle: Timely bonding performance is excellent, but to be a specific sizing equipment; 2) Electrical core potting requirements: thermal conductivity, fixed battery, shock absorption, flame retardant, new security, low-density product recommendation: two-component thermally conductive silicone products Features: Organic silicon conductivity dispensing glue, flexible glue layer, good shock absorption, adjustable thermal coefficient, but overall potted new battery pack weight, and add costs.

3) Adhesive fixed line beam barrier barrier barrier isolation plate, solder joint position protective adhesive requirements: flame retardant, low odor, copper, aluminum, PVC, PP, silicone material without corrosive material, and curing as much as possible. Product recommendation: flame retardant yellow gum, UV glue, epoxy protective glue product characteristics: yellow gum: The flame retardant level can reach V0, which has good viscosity for multiple substrates, but the dielectric loss is high, it is solvent glue, not environmentally friendly. UV glue: quick curing, transparent and beautiful, good for metal and plastic, but the flame retardancy reaches V0 is difficult.

Epoxy gel: heat resistance, electrical characteristics, good resistance, excellent bonding properties, but the curing speed is affected by many factors. 4) Cylindrical battery stent fixed performance requirements: excellent aging performance, flexible performance Good product recommendation: acrylic structural adhesive performance characteristics: low odor, high toughness, fatigue, high bonding strength, good adhesion to multiple substrates. Square Battery Assembly Glue Patients 1) Housing Adhesive Substrate: Aluminum Alloy Housing / Aluminum Plastic film Cover PP / Aluminum / PC Requirements: Fast positioning, good bonding between substrates; product recommendation: High temperature hot melt Equation product characteristics: good start, fast positioning, good bonding, but special sizing equipment 2) PA requirements: bonding strength between the two substrates is above 5MPa, vibration, at -40 ¡ã C Within the temperature range of ~ 85 ¡ã C, the impact resistance is good.

Operation time control within 30-40 minutes. Product recommendation: Epoxy structure adhesive fourth-generation acrylic acid structure glue product characteristics: epoxy structure glue: good toughness, good impact resistance, suitable for bonding of multiple materials; fourth-generation acrylic structure glue: low odor, fatigue, Suitable for small area. 3) Conductation requirements between the bottom plate and the battery: It has a good thixotropic, thermally conductivity, and it can be quickly cured at room temperature; product recommendation: epoxy structure adhesive fourth-generation acrylic structuring characteristics: epoxy structure glue: toughness Ok, the impact resistance is good, suitable for the bonding of a variety of materials.

. The fourth-generation acrylic structure: low odor, fatigue, suitable for small area. Automotive power lithium battery Other rubber points BMS battery management system 1) Circuit board coating requirements: single group, brushless, no flow, long operation time.

Product recommendation: single component silicone product features: single component silica gel suitable for shallow coating, moisture solidification, long operating time, but not every family has BMS system. 2) Box seal requirements: low strength, easy to disassemble, slow gates, higher elongation. Product recommendation: single component silica gel, MS glue product features: single component silicone: slow table dry, fracture elongation, but not easy to disassemble.

MS glue: elastic glue, adhesive is better than the silicone of the single component, but the water resistance is different from the silicon, it is difficult to disassemble. 3) Battery thread locking requirements: can meet the requirements of vibration, mechanical impact, fall, flip, simulation collision, etc..

Product recommendation: Anaerobic thread locking rubber product features: multiple models, can meet different bond strength requirements, vibration resistance, temperature resistance. 4) Nameplate bonding substrate: Most of the aluminum alloy and surface treated steel pieces. Requirements: Vibration, the rubber layer is tough, the initial viscosity, the adhesive has a certain thixotropy, good to the substrate adhesion.

Product recommendation: acrylic structure glue, low temperature curing epoxy adhesive. Product Features: Acrylic Structure Glue: Colloids can be formed to apply gelatin, and the vibration resistance is good, it can be very good to the substrate, but the cost is higher..

Low-temperature curing epoxy rubber: can be cured faster at lower temperatures, and chemically resistant chemical resistance is good, but the rubber layer is bia.

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