Sword refers to power lithium battery, Evergrande ‘luxury’ R & D team first exposure

Sword refers to power lithium battery, Evergrande 'luxury' R & D team first exposure

It is well known that the powerful lithium battery is quite high in the manufacturing cost of new energy vehicles, reaching 40% to 50%.. However, low-end output, high-end yield is still the current situation of the industry, to a certain extent, constraint development of new energy vehicles.

In fact, for the vehicle factory, it has already been “bitter battery for a long time”. Tsla has occurred several times due to production problems; BYD has also affected the sales of “Han” due to the production of the blade battery; , The phenomenon of domestic vehicle factory queues to buy CATL power lithium batteries is more uncommon. Because of this, there is a mass of 1.

1 billion euros to enter the country Xuan high-tech, Daimler to share the shareholders of the company, the whole vehicle factory and battery manufacturers have established a lithium-ion battery factory.. Regarding the determination 3-5 years, it has become the world’s largest, strong new energy automobile group, how to firmly understand the core technology of the power lithium battery in his hand is more critical.

. On December 7, with the Chairman Xujiaying, Chairman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, visited Shenzhen Hengda Global Battery Research Institute, the luxury “scientific research team” of the Hengda Battery Research Institute also exposed. 800+ Deluxe Battery Research Team First Exposure Heavy Great Global Battery Research Institute has built an over 800 people, collecting the research and development personnel and executives of international giant battery manufacturers such as LG, Samsung SDI, SK innovation.

The luxury of lineup is amazing, highlighting the “car” determination. Industry and even play, Evergrande Japanese and South Korea battery outstanding scientists do their own. It is understood that the Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute has a wide range of batteries worldwide scientists or technologies.

For example, Li Wei Xiu, the Dean of the Hengda Global Battery Research Institute, was previously the Dean of the South Korea SK Group Battery Research Institute, which is an internationally renowned battery scientist.. Others are also the well-known technological big cows.

If the executive vice president Zhang Wei is the original Japan Yamaha engine battery R & D director; Vice President Jin Jiaan is the original Korean modern Mobis general manager, South Korea SK innovative battery technology director; Dean Assistant Li Gui Original LG Chemical Battery Pack Development Center General Manager; Dean Assistant Jin Yumu is the original LG chemical dynamic lithium battery ESS Asia general manager …

Evergrande Global Battery Research Institute also hired “Lithium-Ion Battery’s father” Xiaoze and Code Professor, the world famous lithium Ion battery scientist Fang Ranni is fortunate to be the famous dean; the Japanese battery industry “The first person” of the production of school research “is the deputy dean of the Japanese Institute, the world famous electrolyte scientist An Department is the chief scientist, these are world-renowned batteries. Field scientist. The core talents are from the Japanese Industrial Technology Comprehensive Institute, Sony, South Korea Samsung, SK Group, LG Chemical and other world-renowned companies and research institutions.

. In addition, global famous research institutions and colleges such as the University of Sciences, Harvard University, Japan, Germany, and the collaboration, accelerating the research and development of cutting-edge technology, further enhance the strength of Evergraver R & D..

The development plan of Hengda Battery is in such a powerful scientific research team, and Evergrande announcement strives to build Evergrande battery technology into the world’s leading level in the second half of next year.. To achieve this strategic objective, the Hengda Battery Research Institute focuses on lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, battery materials, BMS, and next-generation battery technology, with material synthesis, electrolyte research, solid electrolyte synthesis, mold 40 professional R & D and test laboratory, including Pack R & D, thermal management, more than 15,000 test points, one of the world’s largest battery test laboratories.

Specifically, Evergrande is based on the development, production and sales of lithium batteries in terms of three yuan soft bag, and also actively conduct all-round layout in the fields of lithium iron phosphate, solid state batteries, hydrogen fuel power cells, and BMS systems.. At the same time, the battery produced by Hengda R & D has significant advantages such as high security, long-lasting, long-lasting life, especially in safety performance, Evergade per battery has passed national standard safety test certification, overcharge, over, short circuit, squeezed Under extreme conditions such as pressure, fall, heating, low pressure, etc.

, the battery is not leaking, does not afford fire, not exploding. Safety performance is in the industry leader. Currently installed battery products to achieve safety zero accidents.

In the future, Hengda will also build multiple battery superfoils, and implement global integration research and development models, focusing on new energy industries, focusing on building a complete industrial ecological chain of business sections such as power lithium-ion batteries! Everbright battery will be committed In order to create a powerful lithium battery industry national brand, promote the world’s largest, strong new energy automobile group, which is the largest, strong new energy vehicle group in the world, and promoting the 180,000 production and sales of 2025, 2035 production and sales 500 The grand goal of 10,000, helping our country to move towards the auto power from the automotive country! Evergrande new energy, future period!.

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