Sword refers to power lithium battery: a feast of capital and technology

Sword refers to power lithium battery: a feast of capital and technology

Three-yuan battery, high nickel exploration, or pure carbon negative material research and development, technology is incapable; CATL (300750) and BMW cooperate, Fosun International Investment Jieji Power, BYD (002594) and Chang’an Automobile strongly join hands, big era Competitive smoke diffuse. As a very value-based subject, the dynamic lithium battery field is experiencing a fierce attack and defense. New energy automobile market, in the process of constructing the whole industry chain, the status of “heart” is essential.

From source material, to design and manufacturing, then to the vehicle application, the power lithium battery is considered a new round of grab the focus. This is not very thick, and the competition of the new energy car is more controversial, and it is true that it is better than the integrated strength. It is time to the core technical strength.

The power lithium battery is undoubtedly the most standard value.. According to the latest research data, my country’s power lithium battery installed total power consumption is close to 13GWH, which is more than 240% year-on-year.

. All walks of life, related difficult hard capital, have poured into the power lithium battery industry. During life, it is still the most eye-catching attribute in the dynamic lithium battery.

At the same time, it is also the focus and difficulties of current technology.. Even the new subsidy, it is also clearly deflected for the power lithium battery with higher endurance mileage.

. In this context, large power lithium battery companies, such as CATL, Fu Can Technology, BYD, etc., basically completed product upgrade.

. Gradually, other companies involved in the power lithium battery will also be expected to catch from battery energy density and supporting infrastructure construction, other services..

According to the first five months of 2018, the new energy car production and sales have risen more than 120% year-on-year, which is not stopped in a short period of time.. In particular, the “mileage anxiety” brought by pure electric vehicle charging period is still, and there are many restriction factors in the development of hydrogen fuel power batteries.

. Therefore, in the next few times, the industry expects the direction of the main lithium battery main attack, for example, a hot discussion of three-dimensional lithium ion batteries, such as the pure carbon negative material battery that has been sampled..

Running the main line of life, the direction of the dynamic lithium battery is more clear. Coupled with the decline in the new energy subsidy policy, the high nickel does not accidentally be an inflection point, compared with the ordinary 150WH / kg lithium iron battery, more than 160, and even a new generation of 300Wh / kg is more Expect. This is also an important choice for the increase in cobalt materials from the three-yuan battery, and turning to the high nickel ternary material.

As for the future, is it possible to discover new large-scale cobalt mineral resources, or to reduce the “reduced cobalt” becomes “same-performance-free cobalt addition”. At the same time, the discovery of pure carbon negative electrode materials points to another problem – charging time, the lithium-ion battery made by new materials is only 15 minutes to complete charging..

Once a large-scale manufacturing and application in new energy vehicles, one of the most important obstacles in the development of new energy vehicles will be removed.. Time and capital, about the dynamic lithium battery development and breakthrough.

For some strong companies, there is enough related experience, powerful team, scientific or orderly management and advanced ideology, everything is possible. If the new energy auto market has accelerated the speed of the emergence, the power lithium battery market will not be welcomed..

People are guess, who will eventually become a giant crocodile in this field. 7 years, CATL climbed from “0” to “130 billion” valuation is a typical “winner as the king”. A few days ago, CATL also reached a 31 billion coefficient of cooperation agreement with BMW car.

. BMW will purchase lithium-ion batteries from CATL, and some will come from Catl German Factory. In addition to building a plant in Germany, CATL also revealed that the entire European investment map, Hungary and Poland may be the next stop.

. Investment in the field of power lithium batteries, CATL will not be the only one. The Fosun International has just announced that through its Fuxing High School and the fund investment Jieji power, assisting its construction of power lithium battery production base.

. The latter has been favored by Star International in the R & D and manufacturing of three yuan batteries, followed by the rapid development period of production and comprehensive strength..

Furthermore, Changan Automobile and BYD have also have a new cooperation – jointly set up a powerful lithium battery joint venture company, and settled in Chongqing two rivers.. It is understood that the joint venture is important to focus on the powerful lithium battery related business, and the 10GWH production plan is implemented in phases, and constructs a matching industrialization platform.

. Moreover, Changan Automobile is synchronized into the share of BYD battery business. Change, it is also easy to send, but it is also long-lasting.

As the core component of the new energy car sector, the focus of the power lithium battery will only be higher and higher.. The racing of the charging technology is also good, the transverse power of the electric shift technology is also over, and it is the beneficial exploration of the new energy car in the new energy car.

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