Supporting models account for 70% phosphate charging lithium battery company future prospects

Supporting models account for 70% phosphate charging lithium battery company future prospects

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fourth batch of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommendation Types”, a total of 238 models, Guanxuan High-Teacher Package 20 models, supporting quantity industry second. It is worth noting that Guoxuan’s high-tech is a special car supporting 12 models, and the number of models of modeling model is first..

From the performance of the fourth batch of new energy auto recommended catalogs, Guoxuan high-class products are favored by more and more models.. This batch of Guoxuan high-class supporting models come from Jianghuai Automobile, Beiqi New Energy, Zhongtai Auto, Chery Business Car, Chu Feng Automobile, FAW Liberation, Shandong and other 11 car companies.

These new, old cars, have chosen behind the Quanxuan high-class supporting, under the lithium iron phosphate, the leading product technology of Guoxuan high-tech. As new energy car subsidies are adjacent, the performance of lithium iron phosphate regression is more obvious..

The new energy car recommended directory announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also confirms this. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued four batch recommendations. From the first catalog, the lithium iron phosphate supporting models are more and more, accounting for less than 50% from the initial shortage to nearly 70%, and lithium iron phosphate dynamic lithium battery regression is undoubtedly.

As a representative company of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, the cylindrical phosphate cells developed by Guoxuan’s high-tech unit energy density reached 190Wh / kg, which has been used in Jianghuai IEv7l.. In addition to high energy density, the battery also has low cost, long-circulating life, high security.

Future Guoxuan High Technology Plan further increases the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries to reach 200Wh / kg. With safe and reliable, high-performance products, Guoxuan’s high-tech has also created a primary river for the use of lithium iron phosphate in China, further expanding the application scenarios of lithium iron phosphate power lithium batteries..

In this batch of new energy cars recommended directory, the advantages of China Xuan’s high-tech phosphate have further appeared. According to the data, Guoxuan High-Tech has a 20 model set of 11 companies, the second place in the industry. In the special vehicle area, the company’s supporting 12 models is the top of lithium iron phosphate, and the model is the top of the model; in the field of passenger cars, Guoxuan high-tech is a lithium iron-free battery for Northern Automobile new energy, which can have a density of 142Wh / KG, the highest energy density in the passenger truck type of lithium iron phosphate.

According to industry, in recent years, with the improvement of lithium iron phosphate dynamic lithium battery technology, the current iron lithium is basically able to replace part of the three-dimensional power lithium battery.. As the technology continues to increase, the lithium iron phosphate products will have broad demand in the field of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and energy storage.

. In particular, the new energy subsidy policy gradually slides, and lithium iron phosphate is expected to further improve future demand for its significant advantages in safety, life expectancy and cost.

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