Super 70% lithium stocks half a year of reporting net profit increased in the second half of the year, it is expected to continue to strengthen

Super 70% lithium stocks half a year of reporting net profit increased in the second half of the year, it is expected to continue to strengthen

The performance of lithium stocks is red, which is a highlight of the season in 2016.. At present, there are many lithium-life companies such as lithium-rich industry, multifluoro, Shanfu, Xinxiang, etc.

. Research institutions generally expect the performance of lithium-e-commerce listed companies in the second half of this year to rise. Super 70% lithium stocks half a year reported in the lithium-ion battery concept 53 listed companies, there are currently 46 companies disclosed the interview or interim results, including 35 net profit achievement to a certain degree.

Data display, 23 lithium-ion battery concept companies have more than 50% of net profit. Among them, when the technique, multi-fluoro, the net profit of Tianqi lithium industry is more than 10 times; Tianci materials, the front lithium industry, BYD, Ok shares, Jiangte motors, Xinxiang, etc. 12 -5 times; 8 companies in the pilot intelligence, South Power, and Chengfei integration, 8 companies are expected to increase in more than 50%.

Specifically, the promotion of the promotion of 553 million yuan in the first half of the year, up 62.14%; net profit is 365.26 million yuan, up 3715.

77%. Oak Shares turned into a profit in the first half of the year, achieving total operating income of 1.78 billion yuan, up 33.

75%; net profit 319.851 million yuan, up 228.56%.

Multi-fluoro is over half a year of operating income of 1.279 billion yuan, up 29.02%; net profit of 250 million yuan, up 2532.

78%. Tianqi lithically, the company’s operating income was 170.06 billion yuan in the first half of the year, up 125.

71%; net profit of 747 million yuan, up 1722.50%. New energy car production and sales outbreak lithium product quantity rose from the industrial chain, from the first half of 2015, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales volume broke out, so that the power lithium battery occupied a new value added of lithium ion battery production, This brings huge market opportunities to lithium ion battery diaphragm, especially for lithium ion battery separators of power lithium ion batteries.

. Tianqi lithium industry said, during the reporting period, due to the increase in sales of lithium products, the proportion of lithium chemical sales revenue also has a large increase, the company’s business income has risen sharply; and the same period of Jiangsu Tianqi In a full discontinuation, it is an important reason for the full-load production state from normal maintenance..

According to the statistical data of the lithium industry, the average price of lithium products in the first half of the year is 133,000 yuan / ton. The battery-grade carbonate is 162,000 yuan / ton, the lithium hydroxide is 153,000 yuan / ton, respectively, the same period of the previous year. 3.

2 times, 3.4 times, 3.4 times, lithium-ion battery downstream industries have a good development situation, and the lithium price is long and optimistic.

. In the first half of the year, lithium stocks in the first half of the year is expected to continue to strengthen this year. Lithium stock stocks have come out of stage, and there are many bull stocks.

. Such as Tianci materials, from March to June 3 months, the big rose nearly 3 times, from the minimum 20.81 yuan rose up to 79.

98 yuan. From the development of the newspaper, the agency still optimists will continue to strengthen. Southwest Securities believes that at the new energy automobile industry development symposium, the relevant departments have read the inspection report on new energy car fraudulent behaviors.

. Relevant persons require that the relevant punishment of illegal companies will conduct serious circumstances as serious as the circumstances, the policy will be introduced to replace the financial subsidies, which will contain average fuel consumption regulations and integral trading mechanisms..

Southwest Securities expects that national subsidy policies will maintain continuity in recent years. Once the new subsidy policy is introduced, the car enterprise in the wait-and-see is expected to rapidly, and the production of the power lithium battery is increased, and the high rise expectations of the lithium industry are maintained..

Continue to optimize lithium-ion batteries Two Daddy Guoxuan High Class and Duiru Fire. Huaan Securities believes that the main base of the future market will return to the trajectory of fundamentals. TSLA Super Factory officially opened, and the future produces 500,000 lithium-ion batteries in the future, and domestic new energy car giants BYD has also increased capital of 6 billion plus lithium-ion battery business.

The two giants will continue to force upstream materials in the lithium-ion battery. The company continues to rise rapidly, continue to recommend it to the technology, Zhangzhou Pearl, Dupero, Shi Dashenghua and other standards. .

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