Subversion experience of graphene batteries ‘on the car’

Subversion experience of graphene batteries 'on the car'

After the BYD blade battery, GAC new energy is bright in the field of power lithium battery.. On May 13, Guangqi’s new energy announced that the “super fast charging” “Super Express Charge” has completed the relevant test work.

. At the end of this year, Guangzhou Automobile’s new energy Yama model will carry relevant technical achievements..

According to the new energy of Guangqi, the “Super Express Charge” is charged with real-in-vehicle charging test. It takes only 8 minutes to charge the battery to 85%..

Charging time and traditional fuel cart fuel time is quite. Industry insiders said this is the first time in China, which has car companies announced in mass production passenger cars..

“Despite the details of the announcement, this represents the determination of my country’s car enterprises and swords, dynamic lithium batteries and new energy vehicles.. “6 years of technical exploration is understood, as early as 2014, Guangqi Group opened the development of graphene technology, after 6 years of exploration, gradually mastered the preparation and application of three-dimensional structure graphene (3DG) material with independent intellectual property rights.

Technology. The graphene power lithium battery has the characteristics of high unit storage, fast charging, long life, etc., but does not have advantages in the cost and application scale.

. In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formulated the “Special Plan for Science and Technology Innovation in the 13th Five-Year Materials”, which placed graphene material technology as a key development area..

In November 2019, Guangqi independently developed the “super fast charge” (3DG) material based on the “Super Express Charge”. As of now, “Super Express Charge” developed based on GAC 3D structure graphene material has completed the test of the battery, module, battery pack sample, and carrying a large-capacity power charging test, battery life And safety has reached the standard. According to the Beijing News reporter, not only the Guangzhou Automobile Group, many companies have added graphene materials in the dynamic lithium battery research, but the results are very good.

. Previously, there was a message to hit a graphene material battery in the P40PRO model to improve mobile phone life, but it was confirmed to be a fake message..

Therefore, GAC’s new energy source in graphene technology will be a breakthrough. Regarding the problem of endurance, service life, etc., May 13th, GAC’s new energy general manager Gu Hui will respond to the interview with the media: “We will have a series of introduction, there will be a lot of publication.

information. “The king of the material in the laboratory is in fact, the graphene material is considered to improve the battery charging speed due to ultra-light, ultra-high intensity, super strong conductivity, and is considered to improve the battery charging speed and promote the technological advancement of dynamic lithium battery technology..

And at the same time, with the improvement of the new energy vehicle life, the test of the performance of the dynamic lithium battery is also more stringent. At present, the mainstream three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology has not appeared in a short period of time. Revolutionary breakthroughs also created the wide test experiment and rise of graphene materials on dynamic lithium batteries.

On May 13, an industry in which a material studies studied, reported to the Beijing News reporter, now the “graphene battery”, which is generally studied, refers to the application of graphene materials to the battery negative, and the battery is still migrated by lithium ion. Sulf or combined with the storage and release of electrochemical energy, and there is no “graphene battery” in strict significance..

“The application of graphene material engaged in Guangqi new energy in the dynamic lithium battery, no extraterobarian is a negative electrode material, or as a positive electrode additive, conductive agent, etc.. “The industry said.

High charge, high-speed, high-specific capacity, there is a reason to attract power lithium battery research and new energy car enterprises, but it has a high requirements for the charge and discharge platform, the initial capacity is faster, and it is still to overcome the difficulties.. There is still a heavy difficult care of the industry in the later stage to believe that the graphene materials need to truly go out of the laboratory, become a key material in mass production, still need to overcome cost, technical integration, etc.

. According to the Beijing News reporter, due to the different preparation methods and technology, the price of graphene is different, the quality is poor to tens of dollars, the purity can also be sold to thousands of yuan. Therefore, if the graphene material is an important substrate material in the battery, the cost problem will be a big problem, and it will be difficult to control.

. On May 13th, a powerful lithium battery head company engineer was in the interview with the Beijing News reporter, and there were still many processes of “Super Express Charge” in Guangzhou, such as charging efficiency. How is its endless mileage; how to use life; how to guarantee security; cost accounting, etc.

. In fact, a breakthrough of a technology is not simple..

The problem proposed by the engineer is also the problem of the development of the industry.. Although Guangqi new energy is currently only announced, it arms the attention of the external technology related technology related technologies.

. As the industry’s insiders mentioned, graphene materials as a “king of new materials”, there is a certain study value in the performance improvement of dynamic lithium battery, and most of them are still in the experimental research and development stage, but the future may. .

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