Subsidy waist 70% phosphate lithium lithium with high price ratio ‘trial’ ternary material?

Subsidy waist 70% phosphate lithium lithium with high price ratio 'trial' ternary material?

In the past year, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery known in the past year, the market dominance is taken away by the three-yuan battery of the energy density, is this a situation makes it still policy help? Today, Feng Shui Wheel is turned, and the lithium battery industry is ushered in new counterattack opportunities under the huge pressure of the power lithium battery industry in the huge pressure of the promotion.. On March 26, the four ministries will jointly announce the “Notice on Further Improvement of New Energy Automobile Promotion Application and Financial Subsidy Policy”, the new energy car subsidy policy finally landed, the 2019 subsidy policy starts from the day (March 26) Implement, and set up 3 months of transition period.

According to the latest method, the number of passengers, passenger cars, and special car cars fill more than half compared to 2018, and the cancellation of local government subsidies, overall, subsidies fell by 70% year-on last year. In the face of the pressure of the subsidy, how to fill this effect, it has become a topic that the new energy vehicle industry chain has to face..

When the weight of the subsidy is not enough to offset the cost of energy density increase, the technical route will be sloppy toward more cost-effective directions.. “The introduction of new subsidy policies will prompt the main factory to change the situation of energy density in the past.

. “Deputy General Manager of Huading Guolian Marketing Center told reporters that with the sharp drop in the subsidy, the cost pressure has increased, and the energy density did not mention the high requirements, the iron lithium ion battery was in passenger cars due to their cost and safety advantages. Market will usher in more opportunities.

The lithium iron phosphate market began to turn warm the author to combine the market share of phosphate and ferrite in the past 4. It was found that the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has been dominated by 3 years. Only last year began to be killed by a ternary battery last year.

Contrary. How long does the dominant position of the three-yuan battery continue to predict, however, from the new energy car recommended catalog in the first quarter of 2019, the market share of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries begins to rebound, and even start with three yuan. Battery chamber.

According to the first batch of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended Model Catalog”, the first batch of “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommendation Types”, 56 models, accounting for 53%, and the 48 models are equipped with lithium iron ion batteries, accounting for Bug 45%, the installed model of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery starts approaching the ternary battery. In addition, the significant improvement of the energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is also a power saving. Sir 2018 to 2019 “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended Model Directory” found / kg, and still have improved trends.

Among them, the current phosphate ion battery system energy density reached 140WH / kg, the energy density of the ternary battery system reached 160Wh / kg, which became the standard of current pure electric passenger cars.. As can be seen from the recommended directory, the main plant is different from the model of different markets in the energy density and technical route of the power lithium battery.

. “System 160WH / kg has become the designated requirements of electric passenger cars this year, but should not be 180Wh / kg, the main plant is still hesitant. “Cai Dong, General Manager of Far East, said that the high-end models still have clear requirements for energy density, but the medium and low-end models have more choices.

. In terms of A00 and A0-class models, the main plant does not have a function of improving battery system energy density, and is not limited to technical routes for three-yuan battery, lithium iron phosphate and multi-compound lithium. It is also common.

. Including Jianghuai, Chery, SAIC General Wuling, Beiqi New Energy and other host plants have declared models with lithium iron phosphate ion batteries..

On the other hand, the host factory discards the three-yuan battery on some models, and begins to replace the lithium iron phosphate or lithium-manganese acid ion battery. Different technical requirements, including cost and security are the focus of the main plant consideration. High cost-effective phosphate killer 锏 before the previous market, there is unlimited lithium iron phosphate ion battery in 2018, the important reason is that the subsidy policy adjustment is more inclined to high energy density, however, with the lithium iron ion battery energy density continues Improve, its high cost advantage is enlarged.

“In view of the relatively poor profitability of new energy car companies, the whole vehicle factory can choose room in the case of new energy car subsidies.. “Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the General Council, believes that after the new subsidy policy, the car enterprise will change the direction of operation, and give up the pursuit of higher energy density batteries to enlighten the subsidies; to change the relatively cheap phosphate ion battery to reduce costs By enhance new energy vehicle price and compressed supply chain profit to decompose and decompressed pressure.

In fact, in terms of the choice of batteries, the market has begun to pay attention to investment opportunities from lithium iron phosphate ion batteries.. “Currently, the ability of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries can meet the basic requirements, the cost is 10% to 15%, and the medium and low-end models have obtained 0.

3 to 0.6 million yuan in cost savings by replacing the iron lithium ion battery..

“Cheng Yusong said, whether in performance, or in price, iron lithium ion batteries have certain attractions. This is also recognized by the downstream host factory..

“The activity of iron phosphate cell material is low, the structure is stable, the battery has a superior number of cycles and life, basic and vehicle and other life, reaching 8-10 years. Wang Xiaoyang, general manager of Guoxuan High-class Passenger Car Division, said that the Jianghuai generation car is in the 2011 launch market, many users are still in use, fully illustrate the safety, reliable lithium phosphate ion battery. “With the continuous advancement of technology, our phosphate ion battery pack is comparable to energy and ternary 622 system, and the lithium iron phosphate system can continue to increase energy density, expected to reach 200Wh / kg or more.

“Wang Xiaoyang calculates an economic account.” The ordinary A-level car fuel consumption is calculated by 7L / 100km, the cost is 52.5 yuan, and the electricity consumption of the Jianghuai IEV7L is 12KWH, the cost is 6.

7 yuan, the difference between the two hundred kilometers is 45.8 yuan. If home, take 15,000 kilometers per year, 8 years can save about 55,000 yuan.

If used to operate, calculate it by 100,000 kilometers a year, 5 years can save about 230,000 yuan. “In addition, compared to pure electric automotive type, the reasons for replacing lithium iron phosphate ion batteries are more. Experts have analyzed that the price of the plug-in mixing model is fixed, not affected by the energy density of the battery; in addition, the intercourse type charge 12KWH to 16KWH, ​​less than 100 kilograms of weight, and replace the lithium iron phosphate only 10 kg, Smaller impact on the whole vehicle.

The German nano listed industry faucet stepped up expansion and lithium iron phosphate company German nano recently successfully IPO passed, but also allowed market to enhance confidence. The publication shows that in 2007, it is important to develop, production and sales, production and sales of nano-grade lithium-ion battery materials, and nano phosphate is an important product of the company..

The IPO, Germanyan nano landed in the entrepreneurship board, fundraising 995 million yuan, used for the construction of iron phosphate phosphate and other projects. Backrest CATL, BYD and other quality customers, Defang nano’s lithium iron phosphate material has continued to rise, and the revenue and net profit rise rapidly, and has become a strong competitor in the field of lithium iron phosphate materials..

“Defang nano’s listing has played a strong intensive needle for companies that do lithium iron phosphate materials.. “Senior investors who are familiar with lithium-ion battery positive materials tell reporters that the influence of subsidies is getting better, and more powerful lithium battery companies will focus the cost and reliability, and the spring of lithium iron phosphate is very fast.

. “In 2018, my country’s lithium iron phosphate material shipments were 58,400 tons, while Germanyan nano 2018 phosphate iron-based materials shipped in the forefront. “The above investors said that Germany nano success IPO indicates that it has strong competitive strength.

. In fact, BYD, Beitry, Pertry, Penett, etc., from last year, it has begun to expand the expansion.

. “With the expansion of production and the continued deposit of raw materials, the price of lithium iron phosphate has been quite competitive. It is expected that the supply price of 2020 may reach 50,000 / ton.

. “Internal people who do not want to be famous, Northern University, said that the company has judged that the financial lithium-ion battery will open up a lot of potential markets in the future, and today, the subsidy adjustment promotes lithium iron phosphate will usher in a clear supply and demand structure. reverse.

The leading industry leader in the primary phosphate is also actively expanding. There is a familiar person who is familiar with the positive material material revealed that BYD’s lithium iron phosphate demand is still nearly 2,000 tons / month, and its self-production is far from meeting practical demand, most still have to be out. In the future plan, BYD’s monthly demand is expected to reach 3,500 tons / month, whether in order to ensure the supply of its own products, it is considered that the security of the raw material source is considered.

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