Subsidy how to resurverse the power of lithium battery technology?

Subsidy how to resurverse the power of lithium battery technology?

On the 26th, the Ministry of Finance and other four submissions jointly announced the “Notice on Further Improvement of New Energy Automobile Promotion Application and Financial Subsidy Policy”, clearly proposed to release stress, down-regulate subsidy standards, compared with 2018, this subsidy average More than 50% of the slope. At the same time, “Notice” also improves the technical threshold, puts forward the energy density of the new energy vehicle power lithium battery system, moderately improve the energy consumption requirements of new energy vehicles, improve the miles of pure electric passenger car. The increase in subsidies and technologies, the development of the power lithium battery industry has brought higher challenges.

. 遨 遨 动 动 动 动 动 上 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景 背景. “So, in this context, how do the technology route in the power lithium battery industry go to the bottom? Aluminum plastic film battery can achieve the ability to” notice “to refer to the energy density of the power lithium battery system, pure electric passenger vehicle power The mass energy density of the lithium battery system is not less than 125WH / kg, and the energy density of non-fast-filled pure electric passenger cars is not less than 135Wh / kg.

. According to the relevant person in charge of the Swipe Company, in the current battery material technology system, the soft boiled lithium battery has become one of the most promising product systems required to reach the national power lithium battery capacity density, aluminum. The plastic film is the most critical core material for soft bag lithium batteries.

. However, due to the strict requirements of barrier, cold punching, gas-resistant, chemical stability, and insulation, the production technology barrier of aluminum plastic film is high, and its technical difficulty exceeds the positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte, Known is one of the three major technical problems in the lithium industry industry. “Aluminum-plastic film requires extremely strict on the appearance of materials.

Xiao Zhihong, director of the Xincan Science and Technology Strategic Development, introduced that the aluminum plastic film for the soft boiler battery cannot be broken, wrinkles, stains, bubble pin holes, etc., and requires a flatness of the section less than 1 mm. Secondly, the aluminum plastic film has a clear defined in terms of tensile properties, peel strength, heat sealing strength, stamping performance, punching strength, friction coefficient, and electrolyte performance, etc.

. In fact, in recent years, domestic aluminum plastic films have been continuously updated and improved in terms of equipment, technical industries, materials, etc., product consistency, quality and electrolyte properties have achieved great development.

. Nonetheless, Xiao Zhihong is stranched, and the domestic aluminum plastic film is still more obvious..

What is gratifying, Xinmin Technology has broken through these technical short boards. It is currently improving production, and realizes domestic production as soon as possible in power lithium batteries. Xiao Zhihong believes that the soft bag lithium battery aluminum film has a complete technical evaluation standard.

With the advancement of technology and the release of production, the future will speed up domestic production. It is reported that Xinyi Technology has expanded the mainstream power lithium battery manufacturers including Fu Can Technology, Micro-macro, Jiewei Power, China Corporation, Qianjiang Lithium Power, China Corporation, and End Applied in Beiqi, Chang’an. Cure, Jinlong, Zhongtai and other domestic important new energy automobile companies in various models.

Developing lithium manganese material power lithium batteries under the pursuit of higher energy density, lithium manganese based materials with high voltage, high capacity advantage have been the hotspots of lithium-e-commerce research. “From the path to the energy density of the power lithium battery, the power lithium battery is gradually transitioned to the gel electrolyte and solid electrolyte from the liquid electrolyte, but after the subsequent era, even when the subsidy is completely exited, the economics economics Will be placed in a more critical location. “A group believes that there is a must for developing low-cost, high-energy density and high security performance.

. The birth of lithium manganese is in the study of the manganese-based material, as Li2MNO3 discovery is developed, the lithium-rich manganese-rich battery has energy density and price compared to conventional lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials. Low advantage.

However, the mass production of lithium-rich manganese-rich battery is also facing many industrial problems, for example, the first charging efficiency is low; irreversible deoxidation and electrolyte decomposition; poor conductivity and supporting electrolyte higher than currently common electrolyte electrochemical windows, etc. All affect the actual performance of lithium-rich manganese battery, etc..

In the view of Ai, oxide coating is an effective way to improve the performance of lithium manganese-rich material.. She revealed that after eight years of successful development team, she used a variety of interface protection methods such as material-doped modification and high voltage electrolyte to apply special additives, and coated with material nanochemical and carbon layer.

Use a variety of composite conductive agents (such as graphene, carbon nanotubes such as graphene, carbon nanotubes) during the production process.. It is understood that the lithium-rich manganese-based power lithium battery of 遨 遨 遨 动 上 并且 并且 并且 通 通 通 上 上 上 上 并且 并且 并且 并且 上 上 通 通 上 通.

“In terms of the direction of the positive electrode material, lithium manganese based materials have high operating voltage high and the capacity of gram, and the cost is lower than the ternary material.. “A group believes that with the maturity of the high voltage electrolyte technology, the lithium manganese based power lithium battery will become the mainstream product of the future high ratio of lithium battery.

Continuously upgrading how the positive material is pursuing more energy density and enhances the endless mileage under the premise of effective control costs? In the Piencougong, Vice President Zhang Xuequan, Vice President of the Jaguo Research Institute, to continue to upgrade the positive material. It is reported that the positive material of the electric vehicle battery life, the positive material of the power lithium battery is one of the core difficulties needed to be broken..

Since the energy density of the current negative electrode material is much larger than the positive electrode, the positive electrode material becomes a “wooden barrel’s short plate” – the lower limit of the energy density of the lithium ion battery depends on the positive electrode material, so it is necessary to increase the energy density.. Zhang Xuequan believes that there is three ways to improve the energy density of power lithium battery from positive material materials.

. First, improve the content of nickel in the high nickel ternary material, which is related to the development of high nickel materials, from the 523 and 622-high nickel materials produced from mature applications to small batch production of 811-high nickel materials, energy density boost path Important is through new nickel content. Second, through the development of high voltage, improve energy density improvement.

Third, it is to use high-density precursor materials to increase the energy density of the power lithium battery.. Combined with this high-density positive electrode material to further enhance the energy density of the material.

Of course, in the increase of energy density, it is necessary to take care of the effects of other performance indicators of the powertrain, especially the cycle life and safety performance.. “When nickel remains unchanged, properly reduce the cobalt content, improve manganese content can effectively improve thermal stability and reduce costs.

. “Pension analysis, the doping technique of positive material can effectively improve the thermal stability of the high-nickel material, and the structure of the stabilized material in different or different elements, thereby appearing high temperature and high pressure resistance..

Further, the prepared three-dimensional material can also effectively improve the compaction density of the material, reduce the specific surface area of ​​the material, improve the energy density of the battery, high temperature storage, cycle and safety life.

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