Strong Solid State Battery ‘Wars’ Sir Commercialization is a fashion

Strong Solid State Battery 'Wars' Sir Commercialization is a fashion

One of the purposes of the Japanese government to increase the research and development of all solid-state batteries is to dominate the market.. In the field of car battery, Japanese company is walking in the forefront, accounting for 70% of the world’s market share in 2013, but the market share of only 3% in 2013 has been extended to 26% in 2016, while Japanese companies have reduced To 41%.

Once, the car giants at home and abroad targeted the power lithium battery.. This time, the wind direction change, the new generation of high-efficiency solid batteries become the “fragrant” of major cars.

Recently, Japanese New Energy Industry Technology Comprehensive Development Agency announced the development of the core technology of the new generation of high-efficiency batteries (solid state batteries) to start a new generation of high-efficiency batteries (solid state batteries).. The project strives to establish solid state battery core technology before 2022.

Between 2030, the cost of the battery pack is reduced to about 1/3 of the lithium-ion battery, and the fast charging time is shortened to 1/3 (ie 10 minutes). According to “Japan Economic News” – my country Electric Motors Chairman Chairman Chen Qingtai recently said: “In the field of lithium-ion battery, Japanese company has been overtaken by our company, in solid-state battery projects, Japan will raise the national power to promote research and development , Strive to recapture the hegemony of the battery industry, this competition will motivate our company to double efforts..

“In fact, in terms of solid state battery development, my country’s research and development of solid state batteries have achieved certain results before this earlier.. According to the information, the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a scientific and technological national team, in the research and development of solid state batteries, also played the use of the troops.

As early as November 2013, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been laid out in a strategic pilot project, hoping to develop some advanced materials and battery technology capable of practical application based on nanotechnology, and the goal is 300Wh / kg.. In terms of solid state batteries, the five R & D teams of our Chinese Academy of Sciences have also achieved phased progress.

. Industry insiders believe that in a short or medium term, the solid-state battery may achieve breakthroughs. The solid battery will use lithium metal as an negative electrode, improve energy density, and solve many of the problems faced by the current industry.

. Grab the “high point” When a new technology appears, it will always “ration”. The solid battery is the “wind” of the domestic and foreign car enterprises.

. Solid battery has become the target of major cars due to its feature of high safety and long life..

It is understood that BYD applied for a full solid-state lithium-ion battery positive composite material and solid lithium ion battery inventive in August last year.. In January this year, BYD said in the investor interactive platform, the company is actively promoting solid state battery projects.

There is media report that BMW will join hands with battery technology company SolidPower to develop a new solid state battery. SolidPower claimed that it has been welcomed in Solid State Battery Technology. This company mixed high-capacity metal lithium negative electrode in a lithium-ion battery, and created a new solid battery, which was the same as the same weight.

Electricity is 2-3 times of traditional lithium-ion batteries. Before it was previously, the electric car manufacturer Fisker also applied for solid state battery patents..

It has been reported that the NSKER’s patent has been described, the solid-state battery is flexible, superior energy density. The new battery will use a three-dimensional solid electrode to supply energy density equivalent to the current lithium-ion battery 2.5 times.

. There is no doubt, currently, in the automotive field, although the solid-state battery has not yet entered commercialization, the competition has also appeared “Miantou” from the lading movement of major cars and enterprises at home and abroad..

Current, CATL, Modern, Samsung, LD and other companies involve this field. An industry insiders also told “my country’s Production News” reporter, the future development potential of solid-state batteries is huge, in the next few decades, the possibility of using solid-state batteries is very large. There are currently many batteries, and the lithium-ion battery will be replaced by the new generation of products.

. According to the data, in the solid state battery, the European is more well-known is France Bolore Bollor¨¦, which uses the polymer electrolyte system..

Bologra’s electric car “Bluecar” is equipped with a 30kWH metal lithium polymer battery (LMP) produced by its subsidiar company BATSCAP with a Li-PEO-LFP material system, and these electric vehicles have put into use.. Directors of Shenzhen Solid Waste Environmental Protection Technology Co.

, Ltd. reported that in the interview with “my country Production News” reporter, the solid-state battery structure does not contain liquid, all materials are stored in solid form. Compared with solid state batteries with liquid electrolytes, the solid-state battery with liquid electrolytes is analyzed from theory and merchants.

It is the advantage that the film is small, light, and high energy density, fast charging, which greatly shortens the charging time and greatly improves vehicle. recharge mileage. Technical Sewaining According to NEDO’s statistics, the total number of patent applications related to the global and solid states in 2002-2014 is 6498.

Among them, Japan accounts for 54%, which is much higher than my country (16%) and the United States (10%), and the company with the number of solid-state cells is Toyota Motor, the company announced the earliest or 2022 commercial application of solid-state batteries.. It is understood that after this new battery is charged, it can support electric vehicles to travel 804 kilometers.

. In addition, charging time is also shortened to one minute. In terms of cost, due to the advancement of materials and manufacturing, its cost is only 1/3 of the cost of conventional lithium-ion batteries 2020.

. According to the data, the current energy density of the full solid-state lithium-ion battery is about 400Wh / kg, estimated the maximum potential value of 900Wh / kg. However, the solid-state electrolyte has a high resistance.

There are still some problems to be solved in terms of power density. From solid electrolytes, positive and negative materials, once these problems can be effectively solved, there will be a new battery revolution in the future..

Talking about the current status of solid batteries, the Dean of South China Wisdom Innovation Research Institute, Zeng Haiwei said in an interview with “my country’s Production News” reporter, the advantages of solid-state batteries are self-evident. But at present, the solid state battery is still in the preliminary stage..

Zeng Haiwei said that on the existing technology, the solid-state battery does not realize commercialization, and it is also a “Feng Ren”.. Gao Changchen believes that there are not many products and publicity of solid-state battery manufacturers at home and abroad, and there are not many products that are satisfied with consumers.

Some products are also large in practical applications.. It is not difficult to see that in many battery systems, although the solid battery is considered to be a battery that is more secure than the lithium ion battery, the electrode current density is higher, but the industry has a cautious view of the development of solid state batteries.

Nissan Research and Advanced Engineering Senior Vice President, Xiao Xiong, is expressing that although the solid-state battery is indeed useful in the laboratory, if it is large and put into the car, it is still guaranteed in terms of battery life, safety and cost. This technology has to break through. He believes that by 2025 years ago, the solid-state battery technology has not improved in electric vehicles, including cost and production difficulty.

. Gao Changchen said, referring to the domestic and foreign air battery merchants in solid state battery technology, can be said to have a thousand autumn. All businesses take long supply in solid state batteries, launch high security performance as soon as possible, fast charging speed, long service life, and solid-state batteries over 450-600 kilometers.

“In terms of solid state batteries, the state should also introduce policies that encourage support, so that solid-state batteries can really enter the market and realize commercialization.. Zeng Haiwei pointed out that with the continuous maturity, it is believed that in the next few decades, the solid battery will usher in better development opportunities.

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