Standard is difficult to have a low-speed electric car before the road?

Standard is difficult to have a low-speed electric car before the road?

From the date of birth, domestic low-speed electric vehicles are crowned with “fish mixed beads”, “road killer” label, always in the policy and not love, mainstream new energy mutual car company does not “cold” awkward. Even so, this does not affect the market pattern of the low-speed electric vehicle production and sales..

In the absence of subsidies, low-speed electric vehicles rely on market demand.. The data shows that last year, only 600,000 low-speed electric vehicles in Shandong Province last year were over 50% year-on-year.

. Although there is no authoritative data in national sales, it is estimated that Shandong’s production and sales volume accounts for approximately 50%. The nation’s new low-speed electric vehicle has reached millions of scale.

. Compared with the new energy vehicle 500,000 annual sales, low-speed electric vehicles are significantly advantageous. The industry is generally believed that the future low-speed electric vehicle market has great potential.

“Under the current technical conditions, only low-speed electric vehicles are most likely to industrialize. “my country’s Mini Electric Automotive Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, General Luo Chao Ming said that low-speed electric vehicles have low operating voltage, small current, light weight, distribute battery, small size, improve congestion, convenience convenience and other advantages. Today, including Beiqi, Chery, Chang’an, and knows more and more new energy car brands, which started to force low-speed electric vehicle market.

. Among them, Beiqi new energy announced the EC180, and positioned the target market in a three-four-tier city household car; while Chery will officially launch Chery small ants next month. This is the third micro, QQ3EV launched.

electric car. Therefore, Luo Hui Ming boldly predicts that as of 2020, the annual sales volume of domestic low-speed electric vehicles will exceed 3 million, form a hundred billion-level market..

“The low-speed electric vehicle industry is very stubborn, has a strong market roots, and the key to rapid development is the development and effective leadership of national standards to promote the health, long-term and stable development of low-speed electric motor industry.”. Technical route disputes continue to currently, two important controversy around low-speed electric vehicles are: What is the classification? In the end, it is attributed to motorcycle categories or a passenger car class, or establishes new categories, which makes more meticulous and perfect collation; the second is for the purpose of safety and environmental protection, the low-speed electric vehicle should Use a traditional lead-acid battery or an emerging lithium-ion battery? Industry insiders have the following results for different categories of low-speed electric vehicles: first is subsidies, if they are classified as a passenger car, they should consider whether to enjoy subsidies; followed by driver’s license, if you want low-speed electric The car driver has a passenger license, and the difficulty of getting the driver’s license will be increased; the last is the insurance problem, the low-speed electric car needs to include the intersection, the third party liability insurance, etc.

. With regard to companies that produce low-speed electric vehicles, it is advantageous to pay low-speed electric vehicles to passenger cars. If this is, it is expected to get government subsidies, mitigate costs.

The draw is that the driver is very likely to have a driver’s license, and this is about the low-speed electric vehicle driving population of 50 years old.. Some industry insiders believe that if low-speed electric vehicles are divided into passenger cars, it is estimated that more than 80% of low-speed electric vehicles will die.

. In addition, this will definitely touch the interests of relevant new energy motors, thus being opposed. For consumers, it is easier to accept low-speed electric vehicles to motorcycles.

After all, the motorcycle driver’s license is better, and it will not have additional expenditures for the insurance.. This is also unfortunately the drizzle group of low-speed electric vehicle standards, the Secretary-General of my country’s Automobile Industry Association, “How to formulate the standard of low-speed electric vehicles, may be the most complex, most difficult problem in my country’s auto industry.

This problem is not complicated in technology, and it is difficult to gain the game, especially the interests of local governments, leading to standard delay.. In addition, whether to completely use lithium ion batteries to replace the lead-acid battery is another battlefield.

On December 30, 2016, the low-speed electric vehicle standard formulation departed that low-speed electric vehicles should be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, refused lead-acid batteries as the power source of low-speed electric vehicles, and clearly restrictions on the size of the body and speed. And this provision, in the industry set off an uproar. Dong Yang said that the status of the current standard is not allowed to use lead-acid batteries for low-speed electric vehicles.

The reason is that the national lead-acid battery recovery is poor, more lead pollution, children’s blood lead over the standard, etc.. Although individual companies are well managed, they are just a few.

Therefore, the standard group can only make a low-speed electric vehicle can only take the choice of lithium-ion battery route according to the national universal conditions.. However, this statement of Dong Yang has been opposed by the academician of the Academy of Engineering.

. In his opinion, from the two aspects of the environment and safety, supporting the use of lead-acid batteries. “Lithium-ion batteries are not completely green in the preparation and waste battery treatment link, and the pollution in the lead-acid battery industry chain can also be governed.

. Compared to lower lead-acid battery safety, battery cost is more than 1-2 million yuan lower than lithium ion battery. He also called for the government to control the pollution problems of lithium-ion batteries and lead battery industries.

. In the case of the current low-speed electric car subsidy, the low-speed electric vehicle should use lead-acid batteries..

“Lead acid batteries are in use, why not let low-speed electric vehicles? my country’s low-speed electric vehicle standards should not limit lead-acid batteries, and the market should be a referee.”. Despite this, the new national standard tends to use the lithium ion battery, but many low-speed electric vehicles are also short-speed electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries.

. At a new energy vehicle show held in the near future, the three-speed electric vehicle in the new energy vehicle exhibited by Weifang’s new energy vehicle is equipped with the same 18650 lithium battery as the same as TSLA. The battery is more energy reached 210Wh / kg.

. In fact, the low-speed electric vehicle market is huge, if all of them use lithium-ion batteries, the power lithium battery industry that has already had an excessive end is undoubtedly good..

Therefore, as the Chairman of my country’s Automobile Engineering Society is paid in Wuye, what kind of battery route is to go, can not take a “one knife cut” method, to leave a certain transition period for lead-acid batteries. The national standard is not able to land in Luo Shi Ming, and the low-speed electric vehicle is a new life. When you are in the exploration period, only the reasonable standard of low-speed electric vehicles can adapt to the rapid development of battery technology and vehicle development.

. Although the relevant departments have been helpless in the standard of low-speed electric vehicles. However, the real national standard has not been able to land for a long time, which also makes relevant companies understand.

As early as August last year, my country’s Miniature Electric Automotive Technology Innovation Alliance, my country Power Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, my country Power Industry Association, Beijing Power Industry Association, and is organized by my country’s Mini Electric Auto Standardization Technology Commission Drafting the “Mini Electric Vehicle Technology Condition” group standard, officially implemented from August 1. It is understood that the standard has carried out corresponding specifications for the terms and meaning, model, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, delivery, trial methods, transportation and storage of miniature low-speed electric vehicles..

Luo Chaofeng believes that the micro electric vehicle standard committee is the establishment of four-wheeled low-speed electric vehicle national standard and drafting, and has supplied good reference to follow-up standards.. In October of the same year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that the “three batches of” three batches of “three batches of the” three batches of “The Leading Comrade” of the State Council has been approved “, it is believed that the current focus is important in” norm a batch “and” elimination a batch “.

“Our department believes that the technical standards of low-speed electric vehicles will be set as soon as possible, and it is the foundation of ‘norm a batch of’ and ‘phase-out a batch.”. Since then, the National Standards Committee has reached a group of new national standard formulation, “four-wheeled low-speed electric vehicle technical conditions”.

On November 18th, the Standard Working Group on “Four Wheel and Low Speed ​​Electric Automotive Technology” standard Working Group was held, including nearly 100 representatives of various ministries, automotive associations, industry institutions, and monitoring centers and related companies to participate, meeting discussion Determine the basic principles of this standard. The national standard call, the low-speed electric car looks beautiful in the future. However, the truth is that the government’s development of low-speed electric vehicle standards is quite cautious than the hot market, and the conditions are very harsh.

Previously, the Ministry of Public Security issued a response to the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, almost a possibility that the low-speed electric car legal. Minister Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said low-speed electric vehicles, to formulate a new standard and testing conditions, focusing on highlighting safety requirements. After the development of standards, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, each line, according to the standard of motor vehicles, must go to the public security department on the public security department, the driver must take a driving license, so that it can really guarantee safety.

The industry believes that according to Miao Wei, the new low-speed electric vehicle standard must meet the standards of motor vehicles: the first is safety standards, you must go to the road; secondly, the driver must obtain a national official driving license to drive. “This new standard is not the low-speed electric vehicle that is currently selling at the market, and it is largely limited to the consumption of low-speed electric vehicles.”.

As the competent department of road traffic safety, the Ministry of Public Security is strict than the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.. Li Wei, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security attending the topic, said that from the perspective of public safety, the smaller the low-speed electric car, the better.

The roads in some big cities in our country have been very congested, if this kind of car is allowed to come in, I am afraid that new problems will be brought to urban traffic.. Zhou He Liang, director of the primary machinery industry, to hold different opinions, he believes that the scope of driving of low-speed electric vehicles can be used in urban and rural areas, and in large cities, they must be limited to residential area, park, school Waiting and other places, absolutely unable to travel on the highway.

As long as the management is properly managed, the low-speed electric car will not cause obvious harm to traffic safety.. Dong Yang analyzes, low-speed electric vehicle standards are delayed, and important reasons are politicalized: supporting low-speed electric vehicles believe that energy conservation and environmental protection, is technological advancement, considering the extension of low income people; and opponents believe This is illegal production.

At the same time, this problem involves multi-sectoral management, and there is inconsistency: some emphasize authority, I hope to do it in accordance with my own opinion; some hope to deal with it, do not want to add management difficulties; some intend to develop, it is recommended to treat. Although there is no support for national standards, the market demand in low-speed electric vehicles is huge, and the future of digestive dynamic lithium batteries plays a very important use..

The government and its restrictions on its development, it is better to define the product with standards, give corresponding road rights.. It should not be simply believed that the management is not approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

. And the company must strive for low-speed electric vehicles beautiful prospects with technological innovation. With regard to the formulation of the standard, Yang Yosheng put forward the following recommendations: 1.

Organize production according to the requirements of “Standard”, continuously improve product quality; 2. Adhere to low speed and micro-phase combination, adapt to the broadest mass needs; 3. Adopt new technology new materials Develop new products from different grades; 4.

Pay attention to European and American standards, actively explore the European and American and emerging national markets, promote the establishment of low-speed electric vehicle driving license system, improve traffic safety. .

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