South Korea battery companies reope with the dispute of LG batteries in the US case

South Korea battery companies reope with the dispute of LG batteries in the US case

According to relevant media reports, Korean battery manufacturers LG Chemistry and SK Innovation shall be intended to be incorporated by the US International Trade Commission should be included in commercial confidentiality.. LG chemistry raised trade in the United States last year, saying that the other person steals his business secret.

LG chemical trying to supply electric car batteries for TSLA and GM Cars to prevent SK from innovation in the US production of batteries, and prohibit parts required for other imports of manufacturing batteries.. SK innovation denies if there is not active.

Last month, SK innovation requires the US International Trade Commission to consider “LG chemical battery involves a series of fire and explosion, causing great concern”. The company said in the application, general and modern recently announced an electric car recall for LG chemical batteries, and these recalls also triggered public safety issues, and highlights the urgent needs of SK batteries in the US market..

The company further supplements that electric car fire events do not prevent SK from innovation in its US factory to produce batteries. LG Chemical said in response to S., this is an application for “no time, no need”, and should not be included in the US International Trade Commission.

. Because SK innovation mentioned electric car recall incident does not affect future year-type electric car type, it will not affect the company produced in Holland Factory in Michigan..

Generalized last month, after 5 fires and 2 mentally injured accidents, the company recalls 69,000 electric vehicles due to high voltage batteries.. Modern October This year, nearly 77,000 Kona electric vehicles were also called around the world, and the possible battery defect added new risks.

. The US International Trade Commission is expected to make a ruling on this matter next week..

Volkswagen and Ford are starting to produce new electric vehicles using SK innovation batteries and components. If the ruling that is not conducive to SK innovation, it may bring setbacks to these two companies..

SK innovation is building a $ 2.6 billion battery factory in Georgia, providing battery for Ford and Volkswagen. .

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