Soft package charging lithium battery market continuous aluminum plastic film speeding import replacement

Soft package charging lithium battery market continuous aluminum plastic film speeding import replacement

Lithium-ion batteries can be divided into cylindrical, square, and soft bag according to the form of battery packages. Since the soft bag form can increase the ability of the power lithium battery in the prior art level, more weight and volume, Soft lithium-ion battery demand continues to rise under high energy density requirements of consumer electronics battery and new energy vehicle dynamic lithium ion batteries. And the key material of the soft bag lithium-ion battery – aluminum plastic film, due to its high-tech barriers, the market is monopolized by Japan and South Korea; with the development of my country’s new energy automotive industry, the driving lithium-ion battery high rise drive, domestic company Continuous layout, aluminum-plastic film market will speed up import replacement, demand penetration will further expand.

The new energy car, a decline in my country’s overall sales growth in 2018, decline in the overall sales of China, according to the China Automobile Association, the sales volume of the automotive monthly increased growth rate has been 6 months to expand the trend. From July, its growth rate was transferred to -4.17%, and it was -3.

78%, 11.63%, and 11.63% respectively.

. Among them, the number of passenger cars is more serious, and it has been negatively rising than 4 times in 2017, and its falling situation is more rapid compared to the overall car..

Since July, its growth rate is from 2.31% of June to -5.30%, and it is -4.

55%, – 12.04%, and 12.98% respectively.

. Compared to the overall sales growth rate of automobiles, new energy vehicles can be said that they have protruded from all over-arm, and the sales volume is basically around 50% year-on-year, and the growth rate in 3- May this year has continued to exceed 100%..

The soft bag lithium-ion battery continues to rise according to the “long-term development plan of the automobile industry”, 2020 movement lithium battery monomers will reach 300Wh / kg than energy requirements, strive to achieve 350Wh / kg, system is more than 260Wh / kg. At present, commercial power lithium battery is generally 160-180Wh / kg, and the system is 90-130Wh / kg, and there is also a large distance from policy requirements..

Since the soft bag lithium-ion battery has a large energy density, the ability to cycle life is widely used in consumer electronics and new energy vehicles and energy storage areas.. Among them, the penetration rate in the consumer electronics is close to 70%, less than 15% in the field of power lithium battery, huge increase in space.

It is estimated that by 2020, my country’s new energy vehicle sales reached there about 2 million, and the demand for powered lithium battery is expected to reach 94.5GWH..

Due to the high rise in production and sales of new energy vehicles, high-energy density requirements will boost the development of lithium-ion batteries in my country’s new energy automobile new subsidies.. Aluminum plastic film is widely used as a key material of a soft bag lithium-ion battery, an aluminum plastic film, a composite material composed of an outer nylon layer, an intermediate aluminum foil layer, an inner heat sealing layer, has a light, thin thickness, shape design Flexible, etc.

, about battery light weight, in terms of safety, specific capacity, internal resistance, etc.. At present, aluminum-plastic film soft bag lithium batteries have generally applied to consumer electronic products, and is being used by electric vehicles.

. Aluminum plastic film accelerated import replacement due to strict requirements in blockage, cold press resistance, gas-resistant, chemical stability, and insulation, high-aluminum plastic film production technology barriers high, it is far more difficult to exceed the positive, negative electrode, diaphragm, Electrolyte. Because of the lack of production process technology, my country’s aluminum-plastic film products produced in China are unmatched with high-end product demand, which cannot meet the demand for high-end products, leading to about 90% of total consumption.

The mainstream process is a large Japanese printing and thermal method and Showa electrician dry, and the market is important by Japanese manufacturers.. However, in the cost of the lithium-ion battery of the soft bag, the cost of aluminum plastic film accounts for 18%, second only to 30% of the positive electrode material, and the high profitability and rising space, the domestic company begins.

Continuous layout, speeding up a domestic process. With the advantage of the performance ratio, the difference between aluminum plastic film at home and abroad is 20% -30%. With the advancement of materials, processes, technology, domestic companies have improved products and quality, basically occupy low-end consumer electronic battery market, gradually Enter the high-end consumer electronics market.

Dynamic lithium battery in terms of high energy density, subsidized surrendering, the rise in the lithium-ion battery is obvious, affected by cost pressure and demand, domestic company is more close to the manufacturer users, after-sales service is more perfect, domestic aluminum plastic film is expected Accelerate import replacement. .

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