Soft boiler lithium battery strength builds a new pattern of power lithium battery market

Soft boiler lithium battery strength builds a new pattern of power lithium battery market

The huge demand for soft boiled lithium batteries is from two major markets. First, in the digital field, the other is the new energy vehicle area..

As of now, the market size of the digital field has tended to be saturated. With the rapid rise of new energy auto market, the power lithium battery gradually became the leading power of the lithium-ion battery industry..

In 2016, the new energy vehicle is equipped with a total output of 28GWH. The soft boiled lithium battery accounts for 12%. With the improvement of the subsidy policy to the battery energy density standard, the soft bag lithium battery is light, the capacity is large, and the internal resistance is small.

The advantage is sought after by the market.. Under the policies and market for double-wheel drive, the power lithium battery enters the high-speed development period.

. In recent years, mainstream electric vehicles such as Dongfeng, Zhongtai, Beiqi new energy, etc. have also begun to try soft bag power lithium batteries, and important suppliers come from multifluoro, micro-macro power, China Aviation lithium battery, etc.

. In addition, many companies including Shanghai card to new energy, Nandu power, Peng Hui new energy, etc. have also begun to build a soft bag power lithium battery production line.

. Zheshang Securities believes that with the development of the battery route, the penetration rate of soft bag in the new energy vehicle market will continue to increase, and it is expected to over 50% in the future..

Zhang Haolin, Zhang Haolin, Shanghai Card NaCH, said that from the perspective of national policies and customer experience, the current soft boiled battery has two major development trends, one is the improvement of battery specific capacity, performance Import and innovation on materials; the other is the improvement of power, performance in high rate charge and discharge efficiency. He also said that Qi Xin Energy will reach 220Wh / kg this year, next year to 250Wh / kg next year..

Industry insiders believe that soft boiler lithium batteries have always been one of the important development directions of dynamic lithium batteries. Many years of development makes soft bag lithium batteries have sufficient technical heritage..

According to the person in charge of Fu Can Technology, the company involved in the power lithium battery industry in 2002. After more than ten years of accumulation, the security of the Qi Can Technology soft bag lithium battery can fully meet the national standard, driving through the simulated car on the Pack package. Close to automotive characteristics; at the same time, the performance of the water supply, waterproof, etc.

, the cycle life can reach 3,500 charge, fully meet the new national policy standards. With the large-scale investment of market capital and research and development, the production process of soft boiler lithium batteries is mature, and the monomer battery is also growing up to the large capacity and high magnification..

At the same time, with the acceleration of aluminum-plastic film localization, the soft bag dynamic lithium battery began to mass production, the cost advantage of soft boiler lithium battery will gradually highlight. In this context, its market share in the field of power lithium batteries will be further increased. .

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