Sodium Ion Battery Walking nearly 30 companies layout sodium ion batteries

Sodium Ion Battery Walking nearly 30 companies layout sodium ion batteries

In recent years, it has benefited from the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, and the dynamic lithium battery market has been fully explosive. In addition to the mainstream of the wide application represents the lithium-ion battery, the sodium battery is born, and the new battery market is heated again..

Recently, the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, indicated that a series of measures will be taken to promote the health and orderly development of new batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, sodium ion batteries.. Under the policy is added, the new track of sodium ion batteries has also ushered in many senior players.

. Tang Wei, general manager of Sino-Sciencea Sea: The sodium ion battery has received much attention, in a rapid development period. Tang Yu told reporters that the sudden fall of sodium ion batteries and the Department of Industry and Information Technology in the Industrial and Information Department will propose to support sodium ion batteries to accelerate innovation.

. Previously, CATL and other industry giants announced that the sodium ion battery industry will plan to achieve basic industrialization in 2023..

The reporter learned that the production process of sodium ion batteries and lithium-ion batteries are very similar, which can quickly switch. At present, some domestic lithium-ion batteries are also prepared for the industrialization of sodium cells. Nearly 30 companies have been layout for sodium ion battery technology at home and abroad.

. In addition, local governments such as Jiangsu, Shanxi, Guangdong are also accelerating the layout of the sodium battery industry, in some industrial parks have launched the construction of relevant projects..

How long is the sodium ion battery seizures the sodium ion battery industry from the low-speed electric vehicle market? What is the future application field? What changes will it bring to the battery industry? The reporter is ordinary: in a industrial park in Jiangsu, the sightseeing demonstration vehicle of this sodium ion battery, unlike ordinary sightseeing vehicles, it is equipped with a sodium ion battery, the storage capacity reaches 8 degrees, can carry out 100 kilometers At present, the industrial chain of sodium ion batteries is still in the early stages of commercialization.. It is understood that the sodium ion battery is gradually industrialization, and the development cost is rapidly dropped.

The energy density is about 4 times the lead-acid battery, which is expected to achieve gradual replacement in the field of lead-acid battery applications.. Kanglin, the manager of the Sodium Sea Sodium Application Development: Electric two-wheeled cars and sightseeing vehicles can be used with sodium ion batteries, as this is relatively easy to replace lead-acid battery applications.

. In addition, the reporter saw in the industrial park, a sodium ion battery energy storage device is running, using Valley Storage and electricity in the evening, and use electricity peaks in the day to discharge, use the electric price of the peak difference to realize commercialization..

Hu Yongsheng, a researcher of the Physics Research Institute of my country, launched the world’s first 1 MW soda ion battery energy storage system in June this year, which is the world’s largest, in these aspects, we are in the international leading position.. In the Physics Research Institute of my country, staff demonstrates the latest sodium ion battery products.

. Yin Nai, the staff of the Physics Institute of my country, Yin Ni: Soft Package Battery Important Application In low-speed electric vehicles, cylindrical batteries are now important to electric bicycles, aluminum shell batteries in the energy storage power station..

According to industry insiders, after the sodium ion battery industrialization, it will form a hundred billion-level market with its performance advantages in the field of energy storage.. Fan Xiuwen, Researcher, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, is expected to develop rapidly in low-speed electric vehicles, family and industrial energy storage, data centers, 5G communication base stations, smart grids, etc.

, and promote the competitiveness and influence of my country’s energy storage technology.. The battery industry “Sodium Dance” or a reality, the price of lithium-ion battery core raw materials continued to rise, from 40,000 yuan rose over 140,000 yuan per ton, under cost pressure, the lithium-ion battery will not Will it be replaced by a sodium ion battery? Is it “sodium lithium” or “soda dance”? In the Jiangsu Yanyang, a sodium tonic ion battery production line, the staff showed the latest sodium ion battery positive and negative materials.

Zhang Qingzhong, head of a sodium ion battery production line in Jiangsu, Jiangsu: The positive material of the sodium ion is the positive material of sodium ions, and the negative electrode is carbon, which forms a basic core, this core is in the battery housing, injecting the electrolyte, Welding the cap forms the basic unit of the battery. Industry experts tell reporters that compared with lithium-ion batteries, the price of the core raw materials of sodium ion batteries is cheaper, and the reserves are richer..

Hu Yongsheng, a researcher of the School of Physics, my country: The underground reserves of sodium are six, which are widely distributed. Salt Lake and large sea are sodium, unlike lithium high concentrated in Salt Lake in South America..

Northern Energy Technology Investment Company North America District Director Kang came: Sodium is not only safe and rich, and it is expected to reduce battery cost than 30% compared to lithium.. In addition, the sodium ion battery also has a characteristic of anti-low temperature, suitable for integrated mixing in new energy vehicle power lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries.

. Jiang Qian, deputy general manager of the Secretary of Catl, in the low temperature environment of the -20 ¡ã C, also has more than 90% of the discharge retention ratio. Mix the sodium ion battery and lithium ion battery in a certain proportion, integrated into the same battery system, expand more application scenarios for lithium sodium battery systems.

. On the other hand, the reporter learned that the energy density of the sodium ion battery is 20% lower than the lithium ion battery, which is difficult to replace the lithium-ion battery in new energy vehicle power lithium batteries and mobile phones..

Fan Xiuwen, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University: sodium ion battery and lithium-ion battery will be at the same time, common development, partial alternative, mutual supplementary relationship, lithium-ion battery can focus on high-proportion energy storage field, sodium ion Battery can play its cost and scale advantages.

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