Skip NCM811? SKI speeds layout my country’s powertrain battery market

Skip NCM811? SKI speeds layout my country's powertrain battery market

March 2019, BMW X1 plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade version is listed, the car is equipped with CATL (300750) 811 battery cells. BMW declares that this is the world’s first mass production 811 battery. When the domestic battery manufacturer has made it possible to produce NCM811 batteries as soon as possible, Japan and South China batteries have been developing a new battery with a lower cobalt content.

. A few days ago, Skinnovation said that the world will develop as long as charging can be stabilized in the world, and will start commercialization from 2021 to 2021..

SKI General Manager Jin Jun published the development strategy of the above content at the press conference. Named “NCM91 / 21/2” in the year, that is, the specific gravity of nickel in raw materials used as a positive electrode material is 90%, cobalt and manganese each account for 5%..

Coincidentally, TSLA currently reached 90% in the battery used in its new model, only 0.5% cobalt content, 0.5% aluminum content, thereby supplying up to 300WH / kg of ultra-high energy density.

So although SKI’s NCM91 / 21/2 is very superior, it is not unique.. High-nickel battery safety problem can not be ignored that SKI announced that it will develop nickel content up to 90%, cobalt and a high-nickel battery in cobalt and manganese content, further reduce the content of cobalt in the battery, which means its energy density will be higher.

But security issues are also more prominent. The increase in nickel content and the stability of the positive electrode material are inverted: the higher the nickel ratio, the worse the thermal stability of the positive electrode material..

Important expressions are the capacity loss of circulating charge and high temperature environment capacity acceleration attenuation.. High-nickel batteries have safety hazards in high-nickel batteries when they encounter high temperatures, external force impacts.

. In addition, the high-nickel battery charging will cause the battery to be bulky problems..

Increased my country’s market investment efforts, SKI wants battery earnings this year in 2019, my country’s new energy car subsidy policy has reached 50%, and it will mention the 2020 new energy car subsidies will be completely resort, which makes Korean power lithium Battery company is particularly expected. Coupled with our Government in February this year, we welcome foreign companies in China..

According to SKI, the 2018 financial report show: SKI power lithium battery sector has a sales of 348.2 billion won, up 139% year-on-year, but due to its impact on fixed-cost cost, SKI, SKI power lithium battery sector is still not Profit, loss of loss reached 317.5 billion won.

SKI power lithium battery business department wants to achieve profitability in 2019-2020. According to Korean brokers, the three major dynamic lithium battery companies’ power lithium battery sector will achieve all the earnings in 2019, and 2020 will enter the annual profit..

It is worth noting that not only SKI, Samsung SDI and LG chemical profit plans are not about the same point to my country.. According to the statistics of the Korean securities industry, the three Korean power lithium battery companies planned investment in 2019, which will exceed 10 trillion won, which has more than 40% of the investment in our market.

. From the recent movement of SKI, SKI is moving in the middle and downstream industrial chain of lithium-ion batteries, actively expanding production: March 27, SKI announced its new materials subsidiary to establish a diaphragm plant in the Silesia area of ​​Poland. Production of lithium-ion battery diaphragm (LIBS) and ceramic coating diaphragm (CCS).

The Polish diaphragm plant will cover an area of ​​2.70,000 square meters, with a investment amount of 335 million euros (about 2.536 billion RMB), which is expected to be built in the third quarter of 2019, and mass production started in the third quarter of 2021.

. On March 28 and the subsidiary TLK of Tianqi Lithium (002466), SKI signed a supply agreement. The agreed number of basic sales of lithium hydroxide products in a single annual amount of lithium hydroxide is about Lithium hydroxide in the Ninna area of ​​Australia.

20% -25% of the year production of the construction project. On May 15th, Skinnovation announced that it decided to invest 579.9 billion won (about RMB 3.

37 billion), in my country’s local newly established a power lithium battery factory. Detailed investment plan such as new plant site selection and scale has not yet been finalized. According to SKI’s previous production plan: By 2025, Skinnovation plans to increase the production scale of the current annual output of 4.

7GWH (time) to 100GWH in 2025.. my country is currently being built in Changzhou and Hungarian Corrom Factory and the Georgia Factory of the United States will be put into use in 2022, and the production scale will increase to 60GWH.

. The amount of order balance will also increase from 430GWH in the same period to 700GWH. .

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